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dimanche 4 août 2019

How to attract Chinese Tourists Using WeChat

they usually have a list of apps installed to navigate a new city, find restaurants, book transit tickets, and more. WeChat, the most popular chat application in China, has been designed to claim this location through a new strategy that integrates all of these features into a collection of destination-specific apps.

Led by Tencent, the second largest technology giant in Asia, WeChat is a "super application" defined by the multitude of services it hosts, ranging from food to food delivery to e-commerce and payments. Its efforts to dominate China received a huge boost in 2017 with the launch of "mini programs", easy-to-download applications that offer both simple and essential features. Millions of these lightweight applications now serve one billion WeChat users, and WeChat now adds travel to the list of needs it meets.

Attract Chinese Tourists Using WeChat

When it comes to advocating for marketing to a Chinese audience, we prefer to let the numbers speak. For example, to understand the opportunity in China, take a look at these surprisingly favorable facts:
Some important reasons for this growth in outbound trips:
International travel is rapidly gaining popularity among the middle class - international travel, and especially visits to famous places and monuments, is a symbol of status among the Chinese population The dramatic increase in the number of luxury travelers and Y / Y generation aged 35 and under (with substantial disposable income) is considered a key element of Chinese tourism trends around the world.
On the cultural side, gifts are a very popular practice among Chinese people, which has made shopping very popular. Many Chinese travelers choose to travel in economy class and look for hotel deals to be able to spend more on gifts and experiences. Countries like the United States offer great opportunities to become an ideal destination for Chinese travelers. According to estimates by Goldman Sachs, the number of Chinese visitors to the United States will reach 5 million by 2025. Facilitation of the visa appli

In the past half decade, China’s former social media giants used to live in the shade of the Vatican. Rennon, “China’s Facebook” has seen its pricing in the fifth part of 2013, because consumers blocked more prominent apps. And watch, as long as unusually unusual, since we have fallen on the basis of large groups of VAT. 

cation is an important motivation for the development of Sino-US tourism. Chinese travelers can now get a 10-year visa in the United States, which saves them from having to apply for a visa every time they want to travel. in the USA WeChat: the essential tool to touch and influence Chinese tourists

WeChat is not just a messaging application: in the few years since its launch, the application has grown by leaps and bounds and is now an ecosystem in itself. Users can not only use it for messaging, but also share photos and content via a Facebook style timeline called Moments.
An entire ecosystem of products and services allows users to play games, transfer funds or share "Red Envelope" money with friends and family, take a taxi, pay for movie tickets , have meals delivered, make an appointment with a doctor, pay utility bills and shop at the brand's stores within the app. They can even declare taxes and buy wealth management products via the chat application.
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Reach Chinese travelers before leaving China

Outbound Chinese buyers make the majority of their buying decisions before the trip, which prevents brands from influencing sales in the field. If not, how to reach these millions of Chinese netizens? Here are some proven methods that will bring brand visibility:

1. Partner with KOL 

2. partner with OTA in China 

A recent survey revealed that the three most important factors influencing the choice of the Chinese traveler agent were personalized travel services (70%), expertise (57%) and route planning (54%). ). Of these, most travel agents were poorly rated for their ability to book flights (28%), to plan a route (27%) and to make arrangements for catering (27%).
Global brands in the hospitality, retail and entertainment industries can easily partner with Ctrip or eLong to offer attractive promotions or discounts during their trip, as well as to plan itinerary, booking flights and booking hotels. WeChat Wallet launched a few weeks ago a booking channel that allows the reservatio