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vendredi 26 novembre 2021

Leck of sleep , Chinese young people feel depressed

 According to a Chinese Sleep Research Society (CSRS) report, it takes Chinese people now two to three extra hours to fall asleep. The epidemic over the past year has caused sleep disorders to spread to more than 300 million Chinese. People are spending more time at home over the last year due to the epidemic. However, the average time to fall asleep is now two to three hours longer, according to CCTV.

Young Chinese workers are more likely to prioritize leisure time than sleep after long work hours, even though it is unhealthy. This behavior is a result of what?

Three years working on China's notorious 996 schedule: from nine in morning to nine in evening, six days per week. Rao, originally from Nanjing moved to Shanghai five years ago to join a multinational pharmaceutical firm. It quickly became her full-time job.

She says, "I was almost depressed." She says that she was almost depressed after her shift. After she finished, she only had a few minutes to shower, eat and get to bed. Rao used to stay up late surfing the web, reading the news, and watching videos online until the early hours of the morning. source

Rao was engaged in what the Chinese call 'baofuxing' or'revenge bedtime procrastination'. , which can also be translated to'retaliatory staying awake late', was quickly spread on Twitter after a post from journalist Daphne K Lee. The phenomenon is when people who are unable to control their daytime lives refuse to go to bed early to feel more free in the late-night hours.

It is not known where exactly this term originated. Although the first mention was made by this reporter in a blog posted on November 2018, it is likely that its origins predate this date. Guangdong man, the author of the post, wrote that he felt "participated" to another person during work hours and could only "find him" once he was home and able to lie down. He wrote that he suffered from procrastination at night, and it was a sad thing. However, he felt that he gained a little freedom.

Although the phrase may have originated in China, the phenomenon described is probably widespread. Over-stretched workers around the globe are known to put off bedtime to make room for their personal time, even though it's not healthy for them.

More than 300 million Chinese suffer from sleep disorders. 

Nearly one-third of these people cannot fall asleep before 1 am.

Netizens have been paying a lot of attention to sleep issues, with many stating that they have problems sleeping. Topic "epidemic has prolonged overall sleep time by two to three hour" was viewed more than 470 million times on Sina Weibo in China. There were approximately 410,000 netizens participating in the discussion at press time.

many startup for sleep are popular in China, from bed to techsleep etc explain this member of this business club. 

Zhu Guangquan, a TV host, said that he felt "sleepy all the time except bedtime". This comment evoked great sympathy from netizens. Many Weibo users agree that this is a very sad comment. They feel tired at work, but can't sleep at night. Others commented that they sleep until 2 AM, and not as late as the night before.

Some netizens joked that "Don't stay up too late, it's really bad to your phone."

Wang Jian, director of the Guang'anmen Psychological Department, said in an interview with CCTV, however, that eight hours sleep is not essential. It is not important to get eight hours of sleep. You should have four to five cycles of sleep.

China has set minimum sleep hours for teenagers and children 

China has set minimum sleep hours for teenagers and children to reduce sleep deprivation that can affect their growth and development. This was announced by the Ministry of Education at a press conference held April 2.

Lyu Yugang,

Lyu Yugang, a ministry official, stated that primary-school students should get at least 10 hours sleep per night, while middle- and high school students should get nine to eight hours, respectively. China likes to sensitive the population with Guideline, more than law, explained this lawyer in China. 

He was briefed on a circular about recent efforts by the country to improve the quality of sleep for students enrolled in primary and secondary education.

Chinese Students were advised to sleep no later than 9:20 p.m

Students were also advised to sleep no later than 9:20 p.m. for primary-school students, 10:00 p.m. for middle-schoolers, and 11:00 a.m. for high school students.

Lyu said that primary school students sleep an average of 9.5 hours per night, while middle school students sleep 8.4 hours. Lyu also noted that some students have been affected by the high curriculum load.

The official stated that students must have quality sleep through the use of video games, off-campus counseling, and homework.

According to the circular, education authorities will use technical measures to ensure that no video-game service is made available to minors between 22:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

dimanche 7 novembre 2021

Living in China

 living in China 

Know the cost of living in China

Shanghai was recently named the most expensive city in Asia for expats. However, transport is inexpensive there (0.57 cents per metro ticket on average, 1.85 € the minimum daytime taxi ride), as is the food if you adapt to the local food. Apart from Shanghai, Beijing or Hong-Kong, you can find well-equipped and decent accommodation for € 200 per month. Overall, life in China is cheaper than in Europe. On the other hand, it is necessary to be well informed about the costs of insurance, schools, health, which can quickly become very high.

The expat position in China today

Generally, expatriates have a higher salary than a Chinese in the same position as well as many advantages: company housing, medical coverage and school fees for their children paid by the company. However, more and more foreigners are hired under local employment contracts, and work under the same conditions as a Chinese employee. Under local contract, your vacation days, your working hours will therefore be the same as an employee. Chinese Taxation is not the same according to an expatriate contract or a local contract. It nevertheless remains advantageous for a French national thanks to a bilateral agreement between France and China. It is therefore important to negotiate the nature of your employment contract and prepare for a change in lifestyle.

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vendredi 30 juillet 2021

China Media news August 2021


Please find good article of the week. 

China’s real estate sector is a major driver of its economy and contributes a large portion of China’s GDP. This sector, which is booming, has experienced steady growth over the years thanks to market opening and government stimulation. Salchie

Foreign internet companies are having a hard time with the Chinese government. 

The ruling party blocked YouTube’s (video-sharing website), Facebook’s social network, and Twitter’s microblogging in 2009 to stop dangerous ideas from spreading. After a dispute with Chinese censors, Google also shut down its services a year later. Chinese citizens who wish to access other social media platforms must use VPN’s. This is a finicky process and could be illegal. louisascafe.com

Foreign VCs are left to lick their wounds after China bans for-profit tutoring read more

jeudi 24 juin 2021

Focus on Iran - China Relationships

 A month after the signing of a twenty-five-year "strategic cooperation agreement" between Iran and China, almost no details of its contents have been released. If some, in the United States as in Iran, pointed out, alarmed, a "major geopolitical change", sign of the pivot of Iran towards the East and of a rapprochement of the two countries vis-a-vis the United States, this partnership non-binding and still symbolic at this stage hardly constitutes a major development in Tehran's strategy. In the eyes of analysts, this partnership offers above all "a rhetorical" and "political" victory for Iran at a pivotal moment, as negotiations are underway in Vienna to save the Iran nuclear deal.


“So Iran can say to the West, 'Look! You will never be able to isolate us as you have done in the past ”, analyzes Dina Esfandiary, specialist in the Middle East within the think tank International Crisis Group. But the signing of this bilateral framework agreement does not exempt neither Tehran nor Beijing from the imperative of reaching a compromise with Washington on Iranian nuclear power. Its genesis is also linked to the nuclear "deal" signed in 2015 by Tehran with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany. The denunciation of this "deal" by Washington, in 2018, and the reinstatement of American sanctions had brought an end to the talks started in 2016 by Beijing and Tehran on this partnership. The signing of the China-Iran deal, during the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Tehran on March 27, came at the same time as the relaunch of nuclear negotiations.

photo @Chinesebusinessclub.fr

The success of these negotiations depends on the implementation of the partnership between Iran and China. The extent and timing of contracts that can then be signed between the two countries also depend on the progress and ultimately the outcome of the Vienna talks. Already in 2019, due to US sanctions, Beijing was forced to withdraw from the South Pars development project, a huge gas field in the Persian Gulf. "This framework agreement with China is for the moment mainly symbolic," argues Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, an economist specializing in Iran and founder of the Europe-Iran Business Forum. If the US sanctions were lifted [following a deal in Vienna], we would go from symbolic to real implementation of contracts and bonds. In that case, Iran could finally reap significant economic benefits from its deal with China. "

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mardi 18 mai 2021

China and space expansion.

 China and the space expansion. 

On the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921, Beijing gave itself a beautiful gift: its first landing on Mars. Perched on a small platform, his rover Zhurong (name of a fire deity in Chinese mythology) touched down on the Red Planet on Saturday, May 15 at 1:18 a.m. PST. President Xi Jinping immediately addressed a word of congratulations to the team responsible for the mission, saluting, with grandiloquence, this crucial success for China's solar system exploration program, which leaves "the Chinese footprint on Mars for the future." first time… The motherland and the people will always remember your exceptional exploits! "

After spending three months around Mars in the company of the Tianwen-1 mission orbiter - the time to analyze the terrain and select a suitable site - the lander-rover pair therefore succeeded in overcoming all the difficulties encountered. 'involves entry into the Martian atmosphere, an obstacle course dubbed "the seven minutes of terror" by NASA. Since Mars is currently 320 million kilometers from Earth and a command, even traveling at the speed of light, takes almost eighteen minutes to travel that distance, the whole maneuver must be done. automatically. One failure and that's the crash guaranteed, as the European Space Agency bitterly experienced in 2016, with the failure of its Schiaparelli demonstrator.

Until this day, the United States was the only nation having succeeded in placing astromobiles on Mars: Sojourner in 1997, Spirit and Opportunity in 2004, Curiosity in 2012 and Perseverance in February 2021. Zhurong therefore breaks this “monopoly”, while waiting for the European rover Rosalind-Franklin of the ExoMars mission to try its luck in 2023. NASA has also shown itself to be a good player through the voice of its scientific missions manager, Thomas Zurbuchen, who congratulated on Twitter the Chinese space agency for its first Martian success. “Together with the global scientific community, I welcome the important contributions that this mission will make to the understanding of the Red Planet.

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lundi 10 mai 2021

Top news from Blog in China

 What s happen in China from popular blog . 

As the world rises up out of the Covid emergency, rivalry to arrive at the highest point of the attractive objective rundown among Chinese outbound vacationers will be savage. This harvest time, the entire world will be battling for a lot of this enormous and rewarding business sector, urging the Chinese to return for Golden Week, Chinese New Year, the May National Holiday, and, obviously, Summer 2021.


A Digital Population International Colleges & Universities enjoy a good reputation in China. With nearly 600 million Internet users, China is, ahead of the United States, the country with the highest number in the world. source M2C


China & real estates agents 


samedi 10 avril 2021

China movie and entertainement industry trends 2021

 China’s movie market sees blockbuster month with $1.7bn in sales

With the coronavirus well under control in China and cinemas running at half capacity, moviegoers are smashing China’s box office records, with domestic productions far outpacing their Hollywood competitors. source

Indeed digital ad spent in China reached $40.42 bn in 2016, a 30% increase on the previous years spent. Ad spent in China is expected to reach over $80 bn by 2020. The numbers speak for themselves, this is a lucrative arena in terms of spend and ROI  source : 

Film about Chinese society’s preference for boys beats Godzilla vs. Kong at mainland box office
My Sister follows the story of a young woman pressured to raise her younger brother after her parents die. But she is torn about pursuing a budding medical career
The movie has set off a conversation about the preference for boys in Chinese society source

Every cinema in China must schedule and actively promote at least two screenings of propaganda films per week beginning this week until the end of the year, Chinese authorities have declared, announcing the first batch of eligible titles Friday. source