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lundi 9 septembre 2019

WeChat for Tavel Agencies in China

Start by this great video to explain WeChat to our audience.

WeChat Marketing Explained

WeChat Followers Acquisition and Engagement is not an easy Job in tourism in China.
You should know that  Competition is more and more fierce and 10% of the Wechat account get 90% of the views, interactions.

Develop your Wechat Visibility for travel Agencies or Hotel is not cost effective at all and Engagement of your Community is the key (and is one of the hardest jobs for Marketers in China)

China is the world's first outbound Tourism market 

with more than 120 million Chinese traveling abroad in 2015.

Some important reasons for this growth in one-way trips: International travel is rapidly gaining popularity among the middle class: global travel, and in particular visiting known places and places of interest, is a status symbol among the Chinese. A dramatically increasing number of luxury travelers and the Y / millennials generation of 35 years or less (with considerable disposable income) are considered key to the trends of Chinese tourism worldwide.
Culturally, giving away is a very popular practice among the Chinese that has resulted in purchases becoming very popular. Many Chinese travelers choose to travel economically and look for hotel deals to spend more on gifts and experiences. Countries like the United States have great opportunities to become an ideal destination for Chinese travelers. According to Goldman Sachs estimates, the number of Chinese visitors to the US. UU. It will reach 5 million in 2025.

An important motivation for the development of Chinese-American tourism is the facilitation of the visa application: Chinese travelers can now acquire a 10-year visa for the US. UU.,

Chinese Tourists Shoppers

Which frees them from the burden of applying for a visa each time they wish to travel to the U.S. WeChat: the indispensable tool to reach and influence Chinese tourist shoppers WeChat is not just a messaging application: in the few years since its launch, the application has grown by leaps and bounds and today is an ecosystem within itself. Users can not only use it to send messages, but also share photos and content through a Facebook-style timeline called Moments. An entire ecosystem of products and services allows users to play, transfer funds or share “red envelope” money with their friends and family, take a taxi, pay movie tickets, receive food, book an appointment with the doctor, pay utility bills and shop at branded stores within the application. They can even file taxes and buy wealth management products through the chat application.

Reach Chinese travelers before they leave China

Chinese issuing buyers make most of their purchase decisions before the trip, making it difficult for brands to influence sales when they are on the ground. How else to reach these millions of Chinese Internet users? Here are some proven methods that guarantee brand visibility: 1. Partner with OTA A recent survey revealed that the three most important factors that influenced the choice of Chinese travelers' agent were personalized travel services (70 percent), experience (57 percent) and itinerary planning (54 percent) . Of these, most travel agencies had a low rating on their ability to book flights (28 percent), plan an itinerary (27 percent) and make meal arrangements (27 percent).

Global brands in the hospitality, retail and entertainment sector can easily partner with Ctrip or eLong to offer attractive promotions or discounts during the trip, as well as to plan the itinerary, book flights and make hotel reservations. A few weeks ago, WeChat Wallet launched a reservation channel that allows the reservation of accommodation and travel products through OTA eLong.

samedi 7 septembre 2019

Great video : How startups can get into the Chinese Market?

How startups can get into the Chinese Market?


Read also that https://startupcradles.com/how-startup-can-do-business-in-the-chinese-travel-market/


Language obstruction: numerous Chinese elderly Individuals don’t communicate in English so they need a manual for guide them
– Dread of experience: most old and poor Chinese individuals have never voyage abroad until the ongoing decade, so they are less anxious to investigate alone.
– Gatherings: In the Chinese culture elderly individuals are accustomed to getting things done in gatherings.
– Value advantage: going with a movement organization is a lot less expensive than going in a solitary or little gathering, and at a cost delicate society like China, it is one of the driving elements for gathering travel.

mercredi 4 septembre 2019

lundi 2 septembre 2019

Top News about Chinese Market (Summer 2019)

Focus on Chinese Tourists Wallets 

really interesting article
Struggling US retailers are embracing mobile technology to help them open the wallets of visiting Chinese travellers, a market that reached US$33 billion http://www.amunraventures.com/business/chinas-e-commerce-giants-are-reaching-for-the-wallets-of-overseas-chinese/

From US retailer to Travel operator Caesar , the aim is to get a piece of the 10 of billions of USD spent by Chinese travellers in North american who often "shopping"  simply by tapping a QR code on their smartphones.

Shopping Trends Chinese Outbound Tourism Market 

According to Euro-International, China's total watch market sales reached 65.8 billion yuan (RMB) in 2016. The Chinese watch market is expected to reach 79.4 billion yuan by 2020


Smart Watches Market in China

In recent years, smart watches in China  have increased in demand due to lack of innovation and uniformity.
However, the growth rate of smart watches in China is still rising and demand is strong

Chinese Tourists are Real Estate Investors