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samedi 11 mars 2017

Live Streaming in China , a new trend for Marketers

Live-Streaming is a latest trend that is gaining popularity all over the world and the Chinese are also enjoying this feature so much to share their activities and keep up with their friends and family.

China's new fashion for live broadcast is has become the main trends and the young generation is above all this feature to engage with their societies. Now people want to commit to their families and friends and want to share their live activities what they are doing. Live-streaming is also gaining popularity in the television and entertainment industry and giving new trend to the Chinese to get involved and see what is happening live. YY and Six Rooms are the most popular live streaming providers in China, but Tencent is still at the top of the list. Marketing specialists in China are now choosing to adopt the modern way of convincing people around the world. Products and services can be well described through online sessions. Live-streaming is helping people share their thoughts and answers to questions quickly.

Which Live-Stream service is popular in China

Kuaishou is an application of the Chinese video exchange which is very popular in the young Chinese generation to take their live broadcast.


Kuaishou is the use of China's number one live video broadcast which has much popularity all over China. This is the perfect shared video application that has a lot of user-friendly features that impress the society involved a lot. The community response attached to this application is impressive. Many people are committed to this system and their travel experiences, their stories, dirty toys, live parties, etc. The live business is much appreciated by the Chinese government and is encouraging people to adopt the resources and important tricks to act upon it to use for positive purposes.
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Tencent is China's largest social media platform where live streaming is also catching the attention of people. Getting the most virtual gifts and great devotion from the fans through streaming online is possible in the name of possible connections and careful planning of the user. The tilt of the machine is also a modern management tool for utilizing the energies and goals of a product or marketing service.
source : http://dubaimediacity.biz/new-advertising-way-in-china-the-streaming

The madness of China's live apps

The Internet has provided the world's largest communication source to connect people from all over the world. It has made possible the inability to interact between people. Social media such as face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus is not available in China, but Chinese still has different unique social media websites that meet all the requirements of what other services offers. China's live broadcast industry is progressing day by day and this proportion is encouraging the technology industries of a new resource with improved features that can appeal to Chinese public. China's craze for live personal transmission runs much more in different cities and the Chinese government is increasing the amount of the Internet to do faster and faster. More than 100 companies are offering live streaming services in China and users are doubling compared to last year's analysis. Total revenues of US $ 3 billion have been generated with this service.