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mardi 30 décembre 2014

Who are the Chinese tourists?

Over the past 10 years, the Chinese outbound tourism has literally exploded, going from a mere 30 million in 2004, to a staggering 100 million per year. 
Its number of Chinese tourists is not the only thing that has drastically improved. The other worth talking about is definitely its relations with other countries. 
Today, we will catch a glimpse about how the two are inter connected and how they put China into a positive circle that will only keep spinning faster and faster within the next decade. 
First, to completely understand how things were, how they are and how they will be let's take a look at the Chinese tourists themselves

Who are the Chinese tourists?

vendredi 7 novembre 2014

Paris is the number one favorite destination of Chinese tourists abroad

In France, tourism represents about 7% of GDP. Paris is the number one favorite destination of Chinese tourists abroad.

But they often idealize the city. And as petty crime is increasing in the French capital, city officials and travel agencies are concerned about the slowing growth of Chinese visitors 


More information about how Chinese travel in France on

mercredi 5 novembre 2014

Hong Kong Policeman Denies Mainland Chinese Tourist

Hong Kong Policeman VS Mainland Chinese Tourist 

This Hong Kong Policeman isn't going to put up with the Mainland Chinese tourists that just caused a 7-car pile up. The drunken man says he's a Communist, thinking it will get him off like it would do inside of Mainland China. But this is Hong Kong, and this guys is in for a little culture shock. Hong Kong police don't care

VIDEO Chinese tourists in Hong Kong 

by Cindy


Why Chinese tourists are disapointed about Paris ?

Paris is a nice city but... not for every tourists who dream about a better trip.

Paris the dream of Chinese 

It seems that Chinese tourists are now walking the path already traveled by the Japanese, who were already a familiar sight in the palace, gardens and shops of Europe - while China was still too large for poverty mounted many of its citizens to go on excursions abroad. Now, however, Chinese travelers are increasingly found in these glamorous and glitzy places as Dubai, Venise, and, of course, Paris.

The city of love is often represented in China (as is often worldwide) as a place dripping with beauty, culture and romance. It seems that you can not lift a brick without hitting a grand old monument, an incredibly chic Parisian or Gregory Peck riding a Vespa (bad town, but you get the idea). That, at least, is what we are told in books, movies and billboards, and that is what many of us (in China, at least) have come to believe.

Impression about Paris

Having only been to Paris when I just peed, I do not have a lot of impressions of the city, and I recognize that I too am guilty of romanticizing a certain extent, so perhaps the predominant influences on I think the way the city is the old, old impressionist paintings produced there are more than a century. This is, of course, far from ideal.
Now it is true that it would be a little frivolous to suggest to me that most Chinese share my delusional fantasies of Paris as a city of gaslights and hansom cabs people sliding on top hat and voluminous dresses, but it will show how the places we get our information regarding the "City of Light" is, shall we say, less than perfect when it comes to glean a realistic impression of modern Paris and its inhabitants. And the gap between reality and expectation is often shocking.

Japanese experiences

Many Japanese have experienced this, much to their detriment. Having never met a victim of "Paris syndrome" now famous, I can not speak with authority on this point, but supposedly the condition is that the terms of the BBC a 'psychic collapse "in the face stress disillusionment and hope disappointed. After being fed the image of the city as a supremely beautiful metropolis, highly educated, rude encounter with a local or a block of rubbish strewn have the potential shock factor to trigger symptoms severe enough, and the Embassy of Japan to Paris supposedly a 24 hotline dedicated to people suffering from "Paris syndrome". Fortunately, there is only one average occurrence rate of 12 cases per year, but is still quite remarkable when you consider that the only reason seems to be dashed expectations.source

You can try different way of discover Paris express Paris Shopping Tour CEO 

Many Chinese tourists now seem to be the same.

According to China News:
You'll find numerous shops and shopping places far from inevitable typical Parisian sights. Also, your guide takes you to cafes, restaurants and bars French!
A professional shopping with you one day in Paris. You will discover French boutiques, jewelers, shoes, children ... according to your wishes and without queuing
 price discounts, gifts and tax free with all our partners. Discover the best brands in the moment through our expertise.
The guide we provide you with adapts to the language you have chosen. Also, the questionnaire you fill out beforehand will allow us to best meet your needs.

Chinese people idealize France

"Chinese people idealize France, they know the French literature and French love stories," said Tracy, president of the Chinese Association of travel agencies in China. "But some of them end up in tears, swearing that they will never return. "
Now, you might find it a little surprising, because, in a sense, the factor "shock" may seem intuitively to be higher for the Japanese, who, with their public spaces immaculate manners and social interaction often formalized might well find some of Paris' poverty, unrest and occasional fighting particularly disconcerting courtesy.

For the Chinese, however, who come from a nation where poverty, restlessness and courtesy are the bread and butter of civic life, one might think that such behavior would be less shocking.

Well maybe so, but the indisputable fact is that some Chinese are prey to the same syndrome. It should also be noted that Chinese tourists against crime was on the rise. On the surface, therefore, the syndrome may seem a little strange, even ridiculous, but to go in a city presented as an almost heavenly summit of Western civilization must be eliminated in an alley somewhere and robbed blind would, I think, something of a shock to everyone.

see also travel in Paris different way 

It's not just Paris, either; or, at least, the "Paris syndrome" is not limited to this city in particular, as applied to similar destinations throughout Europe, or perhaps even Europe as a whole it -even. It is unclear, however, whether any cases of people suffering from Chinese syndrome Paris regarding other destinations took place, but with the volume of people who start to visit this part of the world, I would not be surprised.

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mardi 4 novembre 2014

World wide tourists VS Chinese Tourists

Despite a crackdown on graft in China, the conflict between Russia and the West on the sick-man economy of Ukraine and Europe, the global luxury spending is still on track to increase 5% in 2014, according to a report released Tuesday by the consulting firm Bain & Co. Bain, whose projections are closely monitored by the luxury industry, also stuck to its forecast that the global luxury goods sales will increase 4% and 6% per year between 2014 and 2017. So with all the madness going on in the world right now, which gives a boost of luxury necessary?

IN USA , People do not understand Chinese travellers ! 

The good old US of A., who became a great destination for wealthy Chinese travelers (now that obtaining a visa is easier), and where Generation Y develop a taste for luxury as they progress in their careers and start making more money, said Claudia Arpizio, a Bain partner in Milan and head of global business practice of Luxury goods and fashion. "The United States as a tourist destination increasingly important for Chinese travelers," said D'Arpizio Fortune. Chinese citizens spend three times more luxury abroad than in their own country. US consumer confidence peaked 14 months in September, and upscale stores has been on a tear this year.

The stock market fell in the last week, casting a shadow over consumer spending, but the downturn will last for some time shooting luxury  said Mark. "We see consumer confidence is the most important factor." The slight increase in the United States comes at an opportune time for companies to global luxury. In July, the French luxury group LVMH reported disappointing first-half results for 2012 while rival Kering, whose brands include Gucci, spoke of an "unstable business environment." Meanwhile, L'Oréal said the US would rebound results for the second half. Bain, who conducted the study with Italian industry group Altagamma luxury, said the global luxury market is on track to reach € 223 billion ($ 283 bilion) in 2014, representing a bump 5 % this year, slower than the 7% in the last years pace. And probably clouds in the sky luxury: Chinese sales were hurt by a crackdown by the government against corruption and conspicuous consumption. And sales of Russian luxury poorly down by a drop in tourism in the countries of Eastern Europe.


dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Chinese tourists abroad is a sensitive issue for Beijing

In recent years, the behavior of Chinese tourists abroad is a sensitive issue for Beijing. After several scandals, it is the turn of Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, to reverse the behavior of these citizens abroad. During an official visit to Maldives told by Bloomerg, Chinese President advised his countrymen to stop eating so much instant noodles overseas.

"We should educate our citizens to be more civilized when traveling abroad," said Xi Jinping. "Do not throw water bottles, not to destroy coral reefs. To eat less instant and more local seafood "noodles, has he added.

Kettles removed in hotel rooms 

Xi's comments were mild. But they echo a real situation. The Maldives have become, in recent years, the destination of choice for wealthy Chinese tourists. But, as recalled in the South China Morning Post, several luxury hotels have removed the kettles in the rooms rented to Chinese tourists because they used too often to cook instant noodles.
According to the World Association of instant noodles, Chinese consumers ate more than 46 billion packs of noodles last year, or 43% of total instant noodles consumed worldwide
Some Chinese writers envision the essence of Chinese Dreams as “sustainable development”, where prosperity is not channelled into consumerism but into rational, eco-friendly consumption in China mainland.
more information on

mardi 14 octobre 2014

Korea will be this year the leader of Chinese outbound Tourism Market

Korea will be this year the leader of Chinese outbound Tourism Market

The Republic of Korea (ROK) will overtake Thailand to be the largest destination for Chinese outbound tourists this year, according to a report first online travel agency Ctrip China.
Ctrip predicted the number of Chinese visitors to South Korea will jump 40 percent a year ago in 2014, thanks to the visa waiver policy for Chinese visitors to Jeju Island, tourist attraction the most People in the Republic of Korea.

In 2013, nearly 4 million trips to the Republic of Korea were made by Chinese tourists, the largest among foreign visitors, according to Ctrip.
Chinese airlines have begun to increase flights between the two countries to meet growing demand. China Southern Airlines will operate three daily flights from Guangzhou city in southern China in Seoul from July 15 Air China started its nonstop flights between Beijing and the island of Jeju, June 11
More info on www.korea.net/

dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Chinese tourists were killed in Johannesburg

Chinese tourists were killed in Johannesburg

At least three Chinese tourists were killed and an unknown number of others injured when their bus collided with a van near Johannesburg on Wednesday afternoon, the Chinese embassy in South Africa confirmed. The accident occurred in the province of North-West. The bus, carrying a group of 20 Chinese tourists and a Chinese tour guide, was on his way back to Johannesburg for its tourist attraction northwest of Sun City when bukkie ran head with it, as the Walk Through Africa Tours (WTAT), a travel agency that organized the tour.


 The WTAT manager said the group tour Beijing-party landed in Johannesburg on Wednesday morning and had to stay for six days. According to information gathered at the scene, at least three tourists were killed in the accident, both on site and during transfer to Johannesburg by a rescue helicopter, said a Chinese official help rescue. Meanwhile, the other passengers were injured at different levels, with at least three serious injuries. The seriously injured were referred to Johannesburg by helicopter, while others were sent to hospitals in nearby Britain, said Pan Peng, counselor of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa. Two witnesses at the scene said the bukkie collided with the bus trying to overtake another vehicle on the road. It seems that the driver was drunk. It was unknown if the driver was injured or killed bukkie. Police were still investigating the cause of the accident.

Chinese tourists will be 200millions 

dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Cosmetics profits to the boom of Chinese travellers

Cosmetics profits to the boom of Chinese travellers

With the world's obsession with plastic surgery and some of the fastest developing technology beauty, wellness and cosmetic lines in the world, South Korea is a bona fide beauty destination. Cosmetics companies and duty-free shops in South Korea are seeing a continuous rise in stock prices because of soaring numbers of Chinese female tourists, according to a report by Huanqiu website.

Tourism in Korea

574,000 Chinese traveling to the Republic of Korea in June, accounting for 45 percent of all foreign tourists. Among Chinese travelers, 305,000 of them were women, the report said, citing statistics from the South Korean financial investment and tourist information system.
In June, cosmetics exports to China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan alone account for 54.7 percent of total exports of South Korea cosmetic, custom data showed.

Chinese Tourists Spending

With considerable purchasing power, Chinese tourists have become women of concentration in the market for South Korea, Yonhap quoted the report. Chinese women should be the main force to promote the development of industry and cosmetics stores in South Korea duty they are increasingly becoming key players in consumption, said a researcher at South Korea's SK Securities Co Ltd.
South Korean cosmetics makers LG Household & Health Care Co Ltd and AmorePacific saw their share prices rise by 8 percent and 20 percent respectively during the period from 1 July to 1 August
Share price of Shilla, a South Korean operator of luxury hotels and duty-free shops, rose 24 percent during the same period.
South Korea is mulling regulations on easing visa procedures and the creation of resorts and casinos to attract more Chinese tourists and boost the tourism industry as a new growth engine, Yonhap reported Sunday, citing government sources.

They like Beauty Products 

According to a survey by the government want the article tourists to buy the best on a visit to the Korean beauty products.
And with good reason. Introduce Korean cosmetics brands products from exotic ingredients seemingly made ​​every month - Jeju Iceland volcanic clay, soybean, traditional Korean medicine and, of course, snail courage.
Cool concept brands debut every year. In 2012 it was Frostline "the world's first cooling skin care -line".
The foreign tourists, Chinese and Japanese Korean dish for beauty products at the most. After Amore Pacific, the largest cosmetics company in the country, with 40 percent market share accounted for Chinese tourists for a whopping 40.1 percent of total domestic sales in 2011, while Japanese tourists accounted for 9.1 percent.
"We see the Chinese customers buy four fifty-seven sets of Sulwhasoo Timetreasure line at a time as gifts," says spokesman Amore Pacific Sunghae Kweon. In US $ 886 price, Timetreasure is the most expensive line in the portfolio of the cosmetic group.
Here's what to grab while you're in town. Incheon duty free is the one exception we are our strict prohibition on gifts purchased at the airport to make.


mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Malaysia tourism market is decreasing because of Chinese

About 30% of Chinese tourists have canceled their reservations to visit Malaysia this year since the disappearance of flight MH370, logging of potential revenue for the local tourism industry.

Malaysia tourism market is decreasing because of Chinese 

 This is according to data compiled by the Association of Incoming Tourism Malaysia, which handles most Chinese tourist arrivals in the country through its network of about 70 companies. Chinese tourists spent an average of RM2,800 each in Malaysia, and at least 10,000 of them had canceled his trip, President of Tourism Malaysia Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said. "Due to the promotion of Visit Malaysia Year (MVP) in 2014, many had initially made ​​preparations to visit Malaysia in the second half of this year, but we have received many cancellations since the incident MH370. source Chinese tourist googleplus

+25% Chinese travellers in January 

 "In January, even had a 25% increase in the number of arrivals of Chinese tourists," Dr Ng said at a press conference after meeting with members of the industry here yesterday. Apart from the incident MH370 March 8, the kidnapping of a Chinese tourist by gunmen in the Singamata Reef Resort Semporna in Sabah on 2 April also contributed to a drop in tourist arrivals from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Dr Ng said the biggest impact of the potential loss of income of Chinese tourists who took people from big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. She said China Southern Airlines,
More information about tourism here 

which had three flights daily connecting Kuala Lumpur and China, would reduce the frequency of a daily flight from next month, joining Xiamen Airlines, which had also rejected plans to increase flights connection both countries. Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz had called earlier for MVP 2014 road show in China to be set aside to show sympathy MH370 Government on the tragedy, which involved 153 Chinese citizens on board.

How will react Malaysia Tourism Market

lundi 1 septembre 2014

A french Tourist in Shanghai

A french Tourist in Shanghai

This crazzy French guy take photo with 3000chinese in the Bund...
The Chinese version has been already seen 1million times

samedi 23 août 2014

Chinese Travellers are still in love With Paris

Chinese Travellers are still in love With Paris

In its report on the tourism sector in France in 2013, DGCIS announced that the number of Chinese visitors increased by nearly 23%. Yet, according to an article in the Anglo-Saxon press (see here in English), they suffer from an evil called "Paris Syndrome", and the cultural clash between a fantasy city and its brutal reality would be the cause.

What kind of brutality Chinese tourists are they specifically face , Thomas?

The Chinese are convenient to a number of individual victims, and the police can not unfortunately understand that this type of reaction since we were forced to implement a number of devices face an upsurge assaults where they were targeted. via
These are numerous and go very far: for example, it turns out that some Chinese people come to visit their families, and we have to protect them through the guards when they go to the restaurant in the 93 for example, where we observed real heist from offenders on Chinese visit.source 

The magic Paris

This phenomenon, which affects especially Paris, is so problematic that we had to ask the groups to judicial police who generally work on narcotics cases or the BRB (Brigade Repression of Banditry ed) to focus primarily on the summer preventing attackers from individuals, often from Eastern and Central Europe.
The problem is that these police officers, which is away from their usual work, find that the phenomenon only grow.

France world champion of tourism

It must first be remembered that France, especially Paris, is a leading global tourist destinations. The title of "world champion" of tourism (number of travelers passing or staying in France but not in revenue generated by tourism), it generates many benefits, including the causes some disadvantages as draw in addition to tourists, offenders who aspire just to take advantage of the influx of people with money or goods with high added value.

For example, we know that tourists are particularly targeted by pickpockets or snatchers. But that does not make Paris a less safe city than other capitals in the light of the importance of the people on its territory. Do not forget that every day, nearly 6 million people passing through Paris. Some crime phenomena are also less important today than it was 10 years.

There were nearly 3000 flights recorded in 2002 swords, 1400 in 2010, while they are only 1270 in 2013 armed robbery recorded collapsed from 910 made ​​in 2002 to 297 in 2013. however the pickpocketing recorded experiencing significant increase since 2009 as increased from 14 500 to almost 25 000 however, they remain below the level observed between 2002 and 2004 (between 36,000 and 26,000 made​​) level. The robberies recorded without weapons also displayed an almost steadily since 2008 and reached their 2002 level compared to a decrease from 2002 to 2007.

increase in the number of Chinese tourists

The increase in the number of Chinese tourists will probably still increase with economic growth, the rise of the middle and upper classes and their desire to travel. An estimated 100 million Chinese are expected to international tourism in 2020, they represent a very strong challenge for all global destinations.
France is the first country in the number of tourists, they visit in Europe, ahead of Italy, Switzerland and Germany. There are another seven years, these travelers crossed four to five countries in Europe when they came. Now they are in rather take two destinations and France is the number one choice.

samedi 16 août 2014

Chinese travellers love High Class Hotel

Chinese love High Class Hotel

The touring off-Chinese border is changing. Despite a slight slowdown in the growth rate of China's GDP (which remains respectable level of 7.5% per year to end of June), the frenzy that put the citizens of the Middle Kingdom to want to see the outside world does not weaken .
On the contrary those who can afford it - a growing number - are leaving their own country they have not visited half the provinces to explore new horizons. They were 97.3 million crisscrossing the planet by 2013 and certainly by 2014 that figure, which is already ten times higher than it was in 2000, will mark.

200 million Chinese tourists in 2020

200 million expected to be achieved by 2020 and the number of countries visited should then have doubled since currently considering the constraints in obtaining visas (constraints imposed by China as well as from foreign countries) they don 'non-visitors over fifty, with some weakening European destinations in favor of Asians closer, more marked by sinisation and safer from a Chinese perspective.
Shopping and cultural ...
But this development is not only quantitative. It is also, we will not say "qualitative" but structural. In other words, they always travel mostly in groups, the trend towards individual travel is growing strongly.
Individual meaning family or really "single", built in groups of circumstance formed by travel agencies or simply self-programmed in the manner of Western backpackers.
The trip is limited to less than before a period of 8 to 10 days, the two-week getaway becoming the norm for many. The motivation for the majority, is the cultural discovery shopping before but this second motivation is growing, adding to the first is not fading ... no more than the budget for the trip.
Budget increase
And specifically, to the extent that more and more Chinese upper middle class, with a holiday bonus of increasing value, traveling for pleasure and to testify on their return they lived in abroad "in a big way" and thus gain social status, well these Chinese travelers also change their habits and tastes in comfort.
It draws a clear trend away from low and middle range hotels on the periphery (rather than historical centers or large resorts) and opt for the 4 and 5 star luxury hotels or to the villages of hotels Selects holidays such as ClubMed.

How the Chinese tourist Think ! 

 As you may have noticed, the growth of these two sectors has been a change in the way tourists decide to choose their holiday destination. While in the West, it was decided a destination or a particular location with the advice of his relatives where its network in China, it is mainly the Internet that will tip the scales to one corner of the globe or a other. Internet has become an indispensable tool for over 50% of China if they want to go on holiday abroad. When it comes to choosing a destination, book a hotel or flight, the first instinct is that they will have to look and learn about the Web.

"D’ici à 2015, la Chine sera le premier marché d’e-commerce du monde" source

Before taking the final decision, they will have a look at social networking. Watch the opinions and comments of travelers who have already been there, check out the forums reputation travel agency and its services and finally solicit its virtual network. If you are looking to capture the attention of Chinese tourists and make them travel through your agency, you need to know what influences them the most and what are the places where they find their information.
You will then be able to control information, the image that your vehicle brand and know the best ways to sell your travel services on the Chinese Internet.

More information on this googleplus page

mercredi 6 août 2014

Chinese Tourist in the USA

Chinese Tourist in the USA 

It is the height of the summer vacation season, and the state itself as "Vacationland" is reeling in tourists this year. On the other side of the world.
At Bar Harbor, Maine, guests on tours lobster fishing Captain John Nicolai are all but eat from her hand.

"I used to get almost no Chinese tourists  and now I can say that I get about 15 to 20 percent." On average, it is 150 Chinese tourists per week. A big reason: Last month, the first direct flight from Beijing to Boston.
Most visitors will Boston-side-trips. And Maine is just up the coast.
Over the next five years, the number of Chinese visitors to the United States will more than double, from 1.8 to 4.3 million.
The average Chinese tourist in the United States spends more than $ 7,000 per trip - more than any other nationality.
So Nicolai is not the only one in the red carpet. The restaurants have menus in Chinese. Local businesses have even formed a marketing group to try to attract more Asian tourists. Nicolai customers appreciate that taking the trouble to learn their language.
"I like to take them because they are so interested in what we do here. And I think they bring the message back home, "said Nicolai.
Back home in China, where the word spreads about the great welcome awaits nearly 7,000 miles.

Nearly 100 million Chinese traveled the world

China is known in its production and mass consumption. Today these are embarking on the great adventure: to travel the world. Indeed, Chinese tourists are now number 100 million to travel the world. Chinese tourists very interested tour operator and destination country. With the arrival of the Chinese, they have seen their sales double or even triple in recent years. What is interesting with these new rich Chinese is that they tend not to limit their expenses while traveling.
Ahead in the ranking of the biggest spenders in the world tourists, the Chinese do not hesitate to pay a small fortune to live in the greatest luxury hotels. Which makes especially the happiness of tour operators is that the Chinese tend to travel in groups, which still generates more profit. Chinese tourists: new targets for thugs The influx of Chinese tourists in Europe provokes reactions in groups of thugs explain him.

Chinese: targets for thieves

Chinese today are their main targets and those particular because they tend to bring cash with them when visiting a tourist site. The case of aggression has intensified in recent years, which attracts attention of the Chinese authorities, but also the countries of destination. Indeed, if the attacks continue, the Chinese authorities will eventually remove some destinations which only means: a loss to the country of destination.

dimanche 3 août 2014

When New York wants to attract more Chinese tourists

New York State wants more Chinese tourists to say - or sing - "I Love New York", which seeks to enter the tourism market over $ 102 billion Chinese world.
The recent global financial crisis has dampened enthusiasm for western consumers traveling abroad. Therefore, tourism expenditures have not really changed in the world. This is however not the case of China, which, thanks to its stable economy, has seen the number of Chinese tourists greatly increase, not ceasing to grow, which is a boon for the global economy. Chinese tourists, encouraged to discover the world from

Chinese Tourist are more and more willing to go abraod

About Chinese tourists

Over the past decade, China has experienced rapid economic growth that has enabled the Chinese upper middle class to improve their standard of living, giving him the opportunity to travel outside the country; initiative also strongly encouraged in order to accelerate the development of the tourism industry in order to make a strategic pillar of the Chinese economy.
The tour of the state - also known by the song and slogan like "I Love New York" - has opened a second office in Beijing to promote the characteristics of the Empire State Building for consumers and industry Chinese tourism, and held "Becoming China Ready" workshops.
Workshops last week in cities outside the city of Albany, Utica and Rochester are for private companies, government agencies and tourism organizations to learn how to make themselves known in the Chinese tourism market, how to work with Chinese tour operators and Chinese visitors want.
Markly Wilson, director of international marketing division of Tourism of the State of New York, said that this year, the department has taken tourism officials from China to various parts of the state to show them that there is more than ever-popular spots in New York and Niagara Falls.
He said the department is working on the development of tourism routes including the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, Central New York, the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks.
Wilson said the department is drawn to the Chinese market because of its economic wealth and population.

The number of billionaires in China

"The number of billionaires they have is more than any other country," he said. "The middle class is growing every year. During the past 15 years, the country has changed a country dominated to one that is much more open and liberal. Having been confined with centuries, they are able to discover the world. "

Sally Berry, sales and marketing manager of tourism Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, said that Chinese tourists are interested in the museum because it is one of the largest glass museum in the world. She also said there are also Mandarin translators available, especially for one of its major events, the sight of hot glass.
"We welcome Chinese visitors since 2007 and we have certainly seen an increase in Chinese tourists each year," .

jeudi 31 juillet 2014

Philippines and Chinese Tourists do not really match

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) Wednesday urged Chinese tourists to beware of illegal Chinese tour guides.
Artemio Ticar officer of DOT-Boracay, said the local government of Malay in the central Philippine province of Aklan began his crackdown on Chinese tour guides illegally proliferated the island in recent years.

Illegal Chinese tourist Guides

"Because of the crackdown on illegal tour guides, many of whom are Chinese, we found a decrease in the number of Chinese tourists coming to Boracay," said Christian.

However, he could not provide an estimate on the number of Chinese tourists were discouraged from going to the island because of the proliferation of illegal tourist guides.

Local government figures showed that nearly 9,812 Chinese tourists visited Boracay in June.


Boracay Island is popular among tourists because of its unique beaches and many coves. Most of these beaches have the same white sand beaches.
he number of Chinese tourists in the Philippines has declined 70 percent this year compared to registered three or four years ago figures, the Immigration Bureau said Thomas on his googleplus.
Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison said that the Chinese visitors were the best in the country before being dislodged by Koreans two years ago.
Mison said China currently ranks number four, behind Japan, the U.S. and South Korea in terms of tourist arrivals.
"There was a sharp decline, a decline of 70 percent (in tourist arrivals from China). Chinese tourists who visited the country had almost a million before. Now only 200,000 to 300,000 Chinese tourists (visiting the Philippines), "he said.
Mison said the Luneta bus hostage crisis in 2010 in the Philippine capital which left eight Hong Kong tourists dead could have discouraged Chinese tourists to visit the country.

Figures about Tourism in Phillipines 

Figures released by the Office show that from Jan. 1 to Dec. 5 of this year, the top 10 tourism markets countries are South Korea (1010000), United States (649,664), Japan (371,122), China (312,395), Australia (181,585), Canada (123,404), Taiwan of China (101162), Singapore (97,927), the United Kingdom (97,371), and Malaysia (97,134). Articles (Article Mrec) pagematch: 1 sectionmatch: 1
Mison said he expects these numbers change in December is considered a fast month for Philippine tourism. During this period, around 400,000 to 500,000 tourists usually visit the country.

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dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Why SEO is usefull to attract Chinese Tourists ?

 Why SEO is usefull to attract Chinese Tourists ?

The SEO on Baidu Through constant development, China now also has its own search engine for more than 13 years. The latter is called Baidu and to this day, nearly 70% of Chinese Internet users consult it regularly. Which means that only a few weeks, heading 600 million visitors is easily achieved. Therefore, China is an important market in the world.

The peculiarities of China

Any company or operator who wants to conquer Chinese buyers should then have a well referenced Baidu site. However, through their experiences, webmasters have found that SEO Baidu has some features or complexities. And because of these characteristics, specialists have its main activity to allow anyone to have a good visibility on Baidu. Indeed also the language that has always been the key to understanding this country obstacle, administrative systems and culture also have their influences are reflected in the research tools and hence positioning systems and SEO.

SEO on Baidu by professionals

Whatever the field of activity, it was found that by increasing purchasing power of the Chinese, more and more companies are keen to promote their products on the Chinese sites to take advantage of this bargain. Thus, according to the person or company that handles referrals, 6-10 methods can be proposed. For some, they will first analyze the context and competition. After each market has its specificities, keywords typical Chinese prospects will also be chosen carefully. Otherwise according to the method adopted by several research tools, including improved content is always necessary.

Note that for Baidu, a Chinese version of this content is mandatory. But it is equally important to exchange links with sites Baidu same.

Different methods of SEO on Baidu

For mutually cons, other parameters must be taken into account to be referenced on Baidu. Also, when designing the site itself, it must be well designed its homepage, not to say the first 5 pages. Thus, besides the design, the text of these pages should be written in Chinese and especially it is preferable to be in the area of ​​"cn". Indeed, listeners Baidu will already assign grades to these pages and these are already decisive for positioning. After that it is good to have several links that point to the site regardless of thematic links. Indeed, it is the quantity of links that trumps quality. Do not overlook the fact that plagiarism in all its forms is not punished in China. And to share content production, it takes a lot of copy and paste. Nevertheless it is encouraging to know that a good SEO Baidu is acquired once and for all, unlike other search engines where you have to constantly adapt to maintain its position.

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dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Taiwan Tourism Satisfaction Survey: most satisfied mainland tourists

Taiwan Tourism Satisfaction Survey: most satisfied mainland tourists

According to Taiwan's "ETTV cloud" reported that Taiwan's tourism department recently released 2013 "Taiwan passenger satisfaction" survey, mainland tourists satisfaction of 97.3% over the Taiwan tourists, ranking highest.

According to the survey, the average overall satisfaction last year to Taiwan tourists is 95%, with 97.3% of mainland tourists, followed by 95.21 percent for the United States, Hong Kong and Macao 94.98%, while South Korea's satisfaction was 89.96%, although passengers around Satisfaction the lowest, but still compared to 2012 increased by 5% satisfaction.

Taiwan's tourism department, said South Korean tourist satisfaction is not high, mainly due to transport and various attractions Korean indicate a lack of, makes it difficult to identify.

According to the survey, most foreign tourists last year, Taiwan's favorite attraction is the "nine", which is nine four consecutive years ranked the top spot, followed by the Sun Moon Lake and Taroko, Intertek, Kenting, Alishan closely followed ; while tourists to Taiwan will still be of interest to the night market, Taipei 101 and Taipei Palace Museum; addition, foreign tourists visited major cities in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan ranked first in 83.76% of the average.

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mercredi 9 juillet 2014

Chinese are getting richer and richer and have the desire to travel.

Chinese are getting richer and richer and have the desire to travel.

In a growing world, the Chinese are getting richer and the desire to travel. Indeed, China meets strong economic growth in recent years. The Chinese middle class is becoming easier financially. Today it is the main target of large industries fashion, cosmetics, but also in that of tourism. There was another 10 years, the number of Chinese traveling worldwide was 10 million. This figure is multiplied by 10 today and what is remarkable is that Chinese tourists are seen as "walking wallets". Indeed, the Chinese spend an average of $ 7,000 during their various escapades in the four corners of the world.

Chinese tourists: the most richer tourist in the world

Tour operators and destination countries do not want to lose a penny in this new growing business. Indeed, much pampered Chinese tourists to keep them coming back each year. The games are impressive, as in 2012, spending by Chinese tourists when they were on holiday abroad were around $ 102 billion and according to current trends, this figure will increase each year.
When the Chinese are on vacation, they do not hesitate to spend so much money to satisfy their desire and more, they want to assert their economic success and often opt for a luxury tourism. Chinese tourists are now the most pampered in the world, European destinations are now launching procedures to facilitate visas for Chinese tourists. If such decisions have been taken, it is because the Chinese refer their big during their various escapades in Europe. The Chinese do not relate not only the happiness of the major hotels, but they are also the happiness of destination cities because when leaving, Chinese spending around 1500 euros for souvenir items.

Chinese tourists: the most protected in the world ? 

The influx of Chinese tourists in Europe is something for everyone including pickpockets and thugs. Indeed, Asian tourists, including Chinese and Japanese are accustomed to take with them a large sum of money liquid which makes them very vulnerable to theft and assault. European authorities must take the necessary measures to face this problem. The Chinese authorities are quite strict about this, because many cases of attacks have been recorded in recent years. A partnership agreement between the European and Chinese police are currently being signed in order to ensure maximum safety of Chinese citizens traveling to Europe. Chinese police are sent to Europe to keep an eye out for possible attacks against their compatriots. These are posted on the tourist sites most visited in Europe, especially in the vicinity of the Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

sources http://internet-chine.blogspot.com/2014/07/quand-les-chinois-deviennent-des.html

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

China became the second largest city of Milan countries of origin of foreign tourists

China became the second largest city of Milan countries of origin of foreign tourists

According to municipal statistics Milan, Italy, in 2013 in Milan, Italy received the first time surpassed the number of Chinese tourists to American tourists, reaching about 186,000 people, China became the second largest city of Milan countries of origin of foreign tourists.

Milan city government officials in charge of tourism affairs of Alfonso Franco recently told reporters in an interview with Xinhua News Agency said last year the number of Chinese tourists in Milan an increase of 14%, the number of trips after the 217,000 Russian tourists.

Milan Expo surrounding areas now organize various activities designed to spare no effort in order to attract foreign tourists, promote local economic revitalization. Milan, on plans to launch "City of the World Expo," a series of activities in the city center, will be fully integrated with the existing urban resources Expo theme, during the six-month Expo will give visitors more sightseeing options. A Chinese neighborhood located near Milan's "Chinese Village" project is brewing.


dimanche 29 juin 2014

French Tourism focus on Chinese outbound market

French Tourism focus on the Chinese outbound market

At Tourism Conference 2014 were concluded last week in Paris, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Laurent Fabius announced, on behalf of the French government, an arsenal of new measures for the promotion of tourism to to revitalize the French tourism and transform it into a major strategic area so that France retains its position as the leading tourist destination in the world. The implementation of these new measures should bring concrete benefits to tourists visiting France.

Chinese outbound market

At the closing ceremony of Assisi, Laurent Fabius said that the aim was that France "remains the first tourist destination in the world", and the minister has presented in detail the new strategy of the French government for the development of tourism-oriented around five key guidelines covering the entire chain of the tourism industry, namely: tourism resources quality and diversified, improved reception, scanning, enhanced staff training and the right to public holidays. Since his appointment in April as head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development newly redesigned, Laurent Fabius, in charge of foreign trade and tourism, spares no effort to "sell" the French tourism seizing every opportunity. "France has rich tourism resources. It is the largest tourist destination since the 1980s, "he has said.

Tourism provides nearly 2 million jobs in France

"But what is regrettable is that France occupies the third place in terms of tourism revenue, behind the United States and Spain, and although the country hosting the largest number tourists, "says he. Naturally frustrating situation for the Minister, who is very attached to the concept of "economic diplomacy." At present, tourism provides nearly 2 million jobs in France and the sector accounts for only 7% of French GDP. Tourism as a strategic sector for France and further promote employment and economic recovery are the main motivations behind the decision of the French President François Hollande to erect tourism "great national cause."
At the closing ceremony, professionals and managers of French tourism repeatedly used the terms "Chinese market" and "Chinese tourists." Last year, France has welcomed 1.5 million Chinese travelers, and a new record could be established this year, because of the fiftieth anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations. The considerable increase in the number of Chinese tourists and the huge potential of the Chinese market are subject to great attention to France.

Laurent Fabius and the Chinese VISA

Regarding the issue of tourist safety of current concern Chinese travelers, Laurent Fabius assured that the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had planned an increase of 20% of police force in the major Paris attractions as well as the creation of specialized brigades of land to the Gare du Nord and the Champs-Elysées. Laurent Fabius also said he had asked the telecom operators to study and develop specific computer systems to send SMS in Chinese Chinese tourists upon their arrival in France, to tell them that contact in case of emergency. He added that it should also send SMS to travelers before their departure for France to provide important information. According to him, the logic is very simple because "the traveler will not return if they are not satisfied." While the UK has recently announced its intention to launch measures to simplify procedures for visa applications for Chinese tourists, France initiatives will increase the attractiveness of French tourism, reflecting a some hidden rivalry between the two countries. After all, who would pass up a colossal than the Chinese group tourists

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jeudi 26 juin 2014

Ten Chinese tourists travel vacation destination

Ten Chinese tourists travel vacation destination

According to experts in the global hotel booking site Hotels.com Chinese New statistics show that the National Day Golden Week, close to tourist destinations in Asia to attract Chinese tourists visiting to become the biggest winner, charm underestimated.

Hotels.com statistics in China during the most beloved tourist destinations outside the National Day, the nine Asian cities including Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok is among the top ten. In addition to the exclusive big half in Asia this year, Chinese tourists visa relaxation of the United States a place among the U.S. cities of Las Vegas National Top Ten Chinese tourists travel destination fifth place, while other cities in the western countries missed the top ten list.


mercredi 18 juin 2014

Future tourism APP book ratio will be more than 60%

Future tourism APP book ratio will be more than 60%

qunar.com CEO Zhuang Chen Chao in the "2014 Netease future technology summit" to share the three major trends in the online travel industry development and upgrading, including the phone book, dynamic programming, and personalization.

The first is the phone book, Zhuang Chen Chao think in the next five years airline tickets, hotel reservations will be based entirely online, which accounted for completion by the mobile client will be as high as 60% -70%. "At present, China has nearly 50% of ticket orders are completed online, online orders accounted for some of the lower areas of the hotel. Accompany the mobile Internet trend, flights, hotel reservations can be better used in mobile scenarios, so the phone will be trend of the industry, the market will expand 3-5 times the cake, these increments almost always on the phone to complete. "

Zhuang Chen Chao example, where to order tickets for the newly launched phones in the past year, sales increased by 12 times, in May this year and the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, ticket sales reached 100,000 middleweight, to multiple growth next year will be more than 20 times.

Followed by a tour of dynamic programming, in a dramatic change. The traditional ticket pricing, marketing programs are very complicated, on the one hand is not enough dynamic programming, and does not reflect the current market structure, the introduction of a more advanced stage OTA revenue management concepts, to do real-time search through dynamic pricing behavior of consumers, submitted for airlines and hotels, and improve overall profitability, which also is a major change in the industry.

Once again, socialization, personalization trend, due to the tourism products and services will be more focus on the user experience, so these new products like Uber would overturn the car rental, hotels and other companies, the tourism industry innovation around these directions will be carried out in the future.


mercredi 11 juin 2014

Travelzoo: The world will greet the new wave of Chinese tourists

Travelzoo: The world will greet the new wave of Chinese tourists

 The world's leading online travel site Travelzoo Asia Pacific markets open up in 2007 to recommend Special features of tourism products, Travelzoo Asia Pacific CEO Ye Tiancheng those who want to help and guide the new generation of Chinese tourists began traveling around the world for the first time.

Travelzoo Asia Pacific currently has 3.6 million users, with offices in the Asia Pacific region 5. The difference is that the traditional travel agency, Travelzoo to provide users with a limited, high cost of travel and gourmet special offers every week. 叶天成 said Travelzoo Asia Pacific revenue was 20 percent of the current annual growth, so do the expansion in preparation. He talked with reporters Pacific tourism market prospects and the company's business plan.

Q: How do you see changes in the next decade, Asia-Pacific tourism market is going to happen?

A: Asia-Pacific tourism largely depends on the momentum of high economic growth. China itself is a very big tourist market. Chinese first-tier cities tourists generally younger, have a higher disposable income. They prefer to explore and adventure, a high degree of freedom of the individual tend Walks, by their own travel arrangements.

Tier city's economy is also rising, affluent mainlanders still swim team produced mainly by tour bus, in the Chinese outbound guided tours, group tours are also extremely concerned about this kind of price, 50 yuan for the difference will be very different.

Currently 70% of outbound travel team, 30% is a personal exercise. This is 30% of the population concentrated in the exercise of first-tier cities, and the growth rate than the team travel much faster. Number of exercise of 60% of the annual increase in the next decade but will show explosive growth.

Q: For this is being done overseas travel market to prepare?

A: Everyone is talking about Chinese tourists, who want to give the impression that the Chinese people to leave hospitable. Chinese tourists Hotel Group prepared a Chinese tea room, also has a large breakfast gruel, shops and reception Chinese people have the habit of Chinese staff, to facilitate the exchange of Chinese tourists. This is the case in Australia's Gold Coast, 80 Japanese tourists received another similar, however, and many shops and restaurants began offering Japanese prices and menu.

There are many tourists personalized requirements. Traveling by car, critically swim, especially to overseas study tours tours. These are clear, the purpose of a strong tourist types.

But national tourism destination if there is sufficient capacity to accept so many Chinese tourists do? We take Hong Kong as an example. Now you see more and more of a boutique hotel and serviced apartments in mainland greet visitors. Short rent serviced apartments in the past usually accrue at least three months, and now has been shortened to five days at least. These are the Chinese mainland tourists to make a response to market demand.

Q: How do other countries in the Asia-Pacific market?

A: Asian emerging markets will be the driving force for growth in the next decade global tourism. American and European markets have been quite mature. Information from emerging markets shows that people in these countries want to go out and see the world. How do we guide and help them travel? How to provide a convenient tool for them, let them travel easier?

We can give these Walks Chinese guests a chance, for example, can go to Madison Square Garden Arena to watch a NBA basketball game, and the United States Travelzoo users to enjoy the same price. Ctrip and eLong can also get a ticket, but because they are through intermediaries, the fee would not to our advantage.

Q: Travelzoo Asia is how to expand the business? What are the competitors?

A: We have 3.6 million subscribers in the Asia Pacific. Of which one million users in Japan Japan, China 1.1 million, 440,000 Hong Kong, Australia has 750,000.

From the revenue point of view, China and Japan each accounted for 33% of our Asia-Pacific business. Ctrip and eLong services in the Chinese domestic market services, we have some competition and TripAdvisor, but the amount they are run, and we are very precise. In addition, tourism is our rival Yahoo, OTA, although some other contenders, but they also buy traffic from us.

Q: How to expand your business?

A: Travelzoo development for 15 years and survived the previous global economic crisis. The reason we survived is simple: stick quality content.

We release products must undergo a rigorous evaluation, research and testing. We only publish high-quality products, in order to retain high-quality subscribers. These two basic principles, is the holy grail Travelzoo went today.

Large domestic Internet companies Sina and Ctrip and we are trying to do similar things, but they tend to no avail, they are difficult to grasp the key elements of these special offers. Every week, we spent 20 effort behind the product and the workload is huge.

The next phase of growth should come from Travelzoo strategic cooperation with local Chinese companies. Many Western companies trying to enter the Japanese and Chinese markets, but all ended in failure because it alone.

After eBay has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in China, the result is not a player worthy of attention. Google in China is not worth mentioning. U.S. online travel giant Expedia to form a joint venture to enter the Chinese market, the situation is not good. TripAdvisor TripAdvisor is in China. These companies are underperforming in China.

We do not intend to complete the next stage on their own alone. We look forward to seek further growth of strategic cooperation, and this partner will realize the value of Travelzoo bring Chinese tourists.


mercredi 4 juin 2014

Chinese way to promotes the "Chinese Far West !

When Chinese governement promotes the "Chinese Far West ! 

Tourism leaders in the far west of China offer cash bonuses for travelers prepared to vacation there after a series of deadly attacks that have been linked to extremist groups in the region . Since last October , more than 80 people were killed across China knife and bomb attacks that Beijing has accused Islamic militants in the province of Xinjiang , a sprawling desert region around the ancient Silk Road .

China offers cash bonuses to tourists who visit troubled west

Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang

Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang , has experienced two major crises in the last month , including a suicide attack on May 22 , a street market that claimed 44 lives. Inaam Nesirdin , head of Xinjiang tourism , told China Radio International tourism was booming, with a record 50 million visitors last year. It is also the location of the command base of Red Mountain, a top-secret time that scientists have produced the first atomic bomb China in the 1960s military installation.

The facility was recently converted into a theme park tribute of £ 30m for the Communist Party . However, the number of tourists collapsed after terrorist groups in Xinjiang have been blamed for a knife attack on March 1 on a station in the southwestern city of Kunming as state media called " 9/11 China " . The number of visitors has dropped by 40 per cent between March and May compared to last year, Mr. Nesirdin said. Xinjiang , which is nearly three times the size of France , is home to spectacular mountains , snowcapped , bustling cities oasis of desert and sand swept ruins of ancient cities

source : telegraph.co.uk

"Seeing is believing. Come to Xinjiang to take a look,"

The terrorist incident in Kunming in March and the attacks in Xinjiang have affected tourism considerably. Many people have suspended their trips to Xinjiang."
To reverse the trend, a "special fund" worth 20 million yuan (£1.9 million) has been created to pay 500 yuan bonuses to those who came to the province.
Following last week's market bombing in Xinjiang's capital, the US embassy in Beijing ordered staff to postpone travel to the province. The Foreign Office currently advises British travellers to remain "vigilant" there.
Mr Nesirdin insisted Xinjiang was safe, noting that "not a single" tourist had been injured by an attack there in around 10 years.

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vendredi 30 mai 2014

Chinese tourists travel to Thailand unabated interest

"From now after the coup , Chinese tourists to Thailand did not reduce the number of " Thai Chamber of Commerce in the tourism industry , said chairman LI Liangcheng military coup did not have a serious impact on Chinese tourists travel to Thailand .

LI Liangcheng said unrest in Thailand for Thai tourism industry must fight , since the Thai Army Commander Pakistan sterile 20 announced the start of martial law throughout the country , foreign tourist arrivals to Thailand has dropped 20%. But the military coup did not reduce China 's interest tourists travel to Thailand , Chinese people did not reduce the number of trips to Thailand , the first four months of this year, a total of more than 130 million Chinese tourists arrived in the Thai tourism .

He also said that the Thai tourism industry associations in the current league has not received any application for China Team tourists travel to Thailand because of the price and the Chinese domestic travel almost, and more cost-effective ; on the other hand , have to know before Chinese tourists travel Real-time situation in Thailand , the security situation in Thailand safer.

LI Liangcheng finally stressed that although the coup have a role in the maintenance of a stable social order , but I hope that visitors still concerned about the situation , do not close the streets warning soldiers and military vehicles in order to avoid unnecessary harm , do not participate in or crowd rallies and demonstrations , visitors should observe a curfew order, pay close attention to their personal safety.


jeudi 22 mai 2014

2013 Asian tourists accounted for 19.5% of the number of foreign tourists in Paris

2013 Asian tourists accounted for 19.5% of the number of foreign tourists in Paris

According to the French daily "Le Figaro" reported on May 13, 2013, Paris, France, the number of tourists reached 29.3 million, a record high. Among Asians, 19.5% of the total number of foreign tourists, but also the largest consumer of tourists in Paris.

According to reports, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote the new Secretary Nicolas Lefebvre (Nicolas Lefebvr) 13 am, said 2013 was a year of unprecedented prosperity of tourism in Paris, and even set a new record. 2013, a small number of tourists reached Paris 29,300,000, a record high. Among them, 59% of French tourists, though their hotel occupancy rate fell by 5.4% compared to 2012, these French tourists still in Paris consume 17.2 million euros (about 147 million yuan).

It is reported that all foreign tourists in front of the Paris region, the growth in the number of Chinese tourists in the first row. Lefebvre said that the number of Chinese tourists in 2013 Ile up to 50% increase compared to 2012, to 900,000 passengers. However, only 22.6 million people live in a small Paris hotel. Because the large number of Chinese tourists spending in luxury stores, hotels and restaurants for consumption are more savings. Deschamps stressed observe the person in charge, 30 years, spending up to Asian tourists in Paris, it can be said that they travel to Paris main purpose is shopping. 2013, consumption of Japanese tourists still ranked in the top Chinese tourists on top.

lundi 19 mai 2014

She wants to attract Fashion Chinese Travellers in Paris

She wants to attract Fashion Chinese Travellers in Paris 

Diane Lepicard is Paris Shopping Guideand she want to guide Chinese Tourists to the best place for travel

Paris Shopping Tour ! 

Her Website parisshoppingtour

Why she creates her company ? 

First of heredity virus entrepreneurship has always brought me. Also, all the trips I have done in the major capitals of the world have allowed me to see a real lack of authenticity in the services that were offered to me. I also have made the same observation in Paris, the world capital of tourism, but tourists do not really know. Being a fervent partisan and love this city, I wanted to bind with pleasure by offering a compelling and qualitative tourist route to a population thirst for authenticity.

Best places in Paris ! 

Le Marai 

Best for: Eclectic fashion, unique jewelry, antiques and fine art.
Getting there: Metro Saint-Paul (Line 1) or Hotel de Ville (Line 1, 11)
Main streets: Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Place des Vosges, Rue de Turenne, Rue des Rosiers

Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Best for: Designer shopping, trendy chain stores, Sunday shopping
Getting there: Metro Alma Marceau (Line 9), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Lines 1 and 9), George V (Line 1), RER A (Charles de Gaulle-Etoile)

jeudi 15 mai 2014

Singapore 2013 Chinese tourists spend 18%

Singapore 2013 Chinese tourists spend 18%

After passing the new law came into force Chinese tourism to visit in the fourth quarter of 2013 , the number of Chinese tourists to Singapore dump , but it has not affected last year , Chinese tourists to Singapore , the largest group of foreign tourists .

The fourth quarter of last year fell by Chinese tourists to visit Singapore 31 percent , but increased consumption by 1%.

Singapore Tourism Board official Edward Hill (sound), said the Chinese people choose multi-line tour reduced, but individual visitors. Hill added: " . Compared to the first tour with the group of people in many countries are unique visitors to stay longer ," he said , which means that , despite the decline in the fourth quarter of last year, tourists, but rising income from tourism .

According to the Singapore Tourism Board data released on May 12 last year , receiving Singapore Chinese tourists to 2.27 million passengers, an increase of 12%. The level of consumption of Chinese tourists to 2.98 billion Singapore dollars ( about 2.4 billion) , an increase of 18%. In contrast, Indonesian tourists to Singapore to compete with the amount of consumption .

This also means that Chinese tourists spend more than the amount of the first Indonesian tourists who were having the most consumed in Singapore , groups of tourists since 2007.

But last year Indonesia is even greater tourist country of origin Singapore new visitors went to a total of 3.09 million passengers.

Singapore Tourism Board led the decline in the number of Chinese tourists in China last October , the new Tourism Act came into force .

The new law prohibits less than the cost of making good purchases promotional or equal to market price. Visitors often participate in these visits were brought to the shop was forced to sell .

Ngee Ann Polytechnic tourism lecturer Michael Khiam that the new law Thrifty Chinese tourists deported . He said, but also to encourage more Chinese tourists to Singapore by the year, these people tend to spend more money . He predicted the decline in the number of Chinese tourists , but the trend of consumption growth " is likely to continue for some time yet . "

Singapore travel agency is not concerned about the decline in the number of tourists. An industry source said: " After the start of the new Tourism Act , the reduction of Chinese tourists through, but we do not worry because there are still tourists in our tour non - trading our number of business will be no major changes involved , because now all of us. groups are the high cost of non - shopping tour . "