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mardi 24 septembre 2013

A New law will change Travel Agencies Business in China !

A New law will change Travel Agencies Business in China ! 

A new Chinese law which prohibits travel agencies to sell abnormally shopping abroad low cost may have a slight impact on the market of the South Korean tourism in the short term, but will improve market conditions long-term , market observers said Tuesday .
Chinese tourists traveled to South Korea to an abnormally low cost in return for shopping in stores that cater directly to them , set up by the agencies of South Korean travel associated with Chinese travel agencies .

In Korea

 Agencies South Korean travel often reduces the cost of programs for Chinese tourist groups receiving money in the stores. source

Local observers said that the implementation of the law would increase the cost of travel programs for Chinese tourists about 30 percent , resulting in a short-term decline in the number of Chinese tourists to South Korea, but contribute to the normalization of the local tourism markets by removing abnormally travel goods at low prices.
" The implementation of the law will have little impact on the local tourism industry in the short term as the market share held by local travel agencies organizing shopping trips for groups of Chinese tourists is low "said Ryu Han- sun , the head of the Chinese team at the Korea Tourism state - run ( KTO ) .via
However, this prohibition may lead to a slowdown in the growing number of Chinese tourists visiting South Korea because of the rising cost of travel programs , he said.

According to data from the KTO , the number of Chinese tourists increased by 78.9 percent to 642,300 in August from 359,065 a year ago . The figure takes up 47.3 percent of the total number of foreign tourists , continuing a series amounting to three months.

Chinese tourist in Korea

The sharp rise in the number of Chinese tourists in South Korea due to the anti- Japanese sentiment in China caused by the dispute over the islands of the East China Sea at the beginning of this year , analysts said . Ryu also said local large as Lotte Department Store will not be affected by the implementation of the law retailers because they have not been attracting Chinese tour groups by giving discounts to travel agents. Small retailers only for Chinese tourists , however, will be seriously affected .
Jung Seon- hwa , a spokesman for Lotte Department Store, was not worried about the ban.
" We expect that the law will have no impact on our sales because we do not offer discounts to travel agents in exchange for attracting Chinese tourists ,"

Chinese tourists and Shopping ! 

She also said Chinese tourists visited spontaneously department stores to buy high quality products . In addition, Oh Seung- hwan , a spokesman for Hana Tour Service Inc. , the largest travel agency in the country, is optimistic about the long-term ban .
"The demands of travel South Korea are likely to decline in the short term due to the implementation of the law, but it will have a positive impact on the local tourism market by improving market order " 

The KTO is expected that the number of Chinese tourists visiting South Korea to reach 150,000 during the National Day of China , which falls on 1-7 October this year , up 60 percent ago year

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lundi 23 septembre 2013

British Airways critics about Chinese Tourism VISA policy in UK

British Airways critics about Chinese Tourism VISA policy in UK 

British Airways supremo Willie Walsh, today attacked the government 's lack of corporate leadership as he warned the UK was losing its policy of " welcoming " the Chinese tourism.

The CEO of AIG , the owner of British Airways and Iberia, said the Prime Minister and the Chancellor

" have not demonstrated visionary leadership. They respond to everything that is relevant, rather than to implement a key strategy for businesses. " 

Walsh added: " Cameron and Osborne ... do not have a vision for the future. " Speaking on board the inaugural flight BA in Chengdu, the fifth largest city in China, the head of the aviation distinguished slow response of UK growth in emerging markets as evidence of the failure of the government policy.
"In China , the issue of visas UK remains a major problem," he said . " Not being in the [Visa Europe shared regime] Schengen means higher costs and bureaucracy for Chinese visitors. "

Traffic at Chengdu airport increased by 5.5 million passengers in 2000 to 32 million last year , and Walsh said Government policies hamper the chances of the United Kingdom to capitalize on this growth.

" We launched this route London to Chengdu a year ago , without obstacles visa ," he said . "There is a perception in China that the United Kingdom does not want tourists and Chinese companies. The government talks much about doing business with China, but it is one thing to say and another to put it into action . " 

 Too complicated to apply for UK VISA

Boss BA claimed Chinese tour " around the UK on the European circuits due to bureaucracy They say it is too complicated to apply for two visas Other countries are also more welcoming : . We need more Mandarin speakers , not just in airports, but the main attractions . "
About 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited the European countries that use the Schengen visa last year , compared to less than 200,000 flying UK. source

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Before the publication of the interim report of the Commission on airport expansion Davies in South East later this year , Walsh said: "I expect [ Sir Howard Davies ] to produce a fantastic report , the best on the aviation in the UK has ever seen . " But nothing will happen with it, because it will be given to politicians who do nothing . "

mardi 10 septembre 2013

Nambia wants to developp the Tourism in China

Nambia wants to developp the Tourism in China 

Hausiku told reporters on his arrival in Xiamen, Fujian Province, the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT 2013), was held from 8 to 11 September that both China and Namibia recently had a bilateral agreement on increasing the number of Chinese visitors directed to participate signed Namibia. He said the number of Chinese tourists to Namibia has increased in recent years, without giving specific figures.

About Nambia ! 

Nambia is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east. Although it does not border with Zimbabwe, less than 200 meters from the river bed (essentially the Zambia / Botswana border) separates their closest points. It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990, following the Namibian War of Independence. The capital and largest city is Windhoek. Namibia is a member state of the United Nations (UN), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU) and the Commonwealth of Nations. The dry lands of Namibia were inhabited since early times by Bushmen, Damara, and Namaqua, and since about the 14th Century AD by immigrating Bantu who came with the Bantu expansion. Most of the territory became a German Imperial protectorate in 1884 and remained a German colony mandated the country to South Africa, which imposed their laws and from 1948, its apartheid policy. Till the end of World War I in 1920, the League of Nations The Port of Walvis Bay and the Penguin Islands offshore had been annexed by the Cape Colony under the British crown by 1878 had become an integral part of the new Union of South Africa from its inception in 1910.
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) said at the beginning of this year, China has the fastest growing source of tourists in the world during the last decade. Foreign travel of Chinese travelers increased from 10 million in 2000-83000000 last year, and China was the largest donor in the international tourism worldwide last year. This year's show is themed CIFIT "Introduction to Foreign Direct Investment and Going Global" and aims to facilitate bilateral investment and promotion of inter-nation investment
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lundi 9 septembre 2013

Favorite destination for Chinese in 2012

Favorite destination for Chinese in 2012

Chinese are continuing to travel abroad in overwhelming numbers , with Hong Kong to their favorite destination.

Top 25

On a list of the top 25 destinations in 2012, followed by Hong Kong rates No. 1 with 15.1 million visits, 7.9 million of Macau and South Korea with 3.3 million .
Australia is the 15th published on the list of Euro Monitor International , with 626,000 visitors in 2012.
a global market research company based in London , says Hong Kong proximity to mainland China, a wide range of international business with competitive prices , a good exchange rate and common language among the reasons that Chinese travel there en masse. display
Gambling is another incentive to monitor euros Michelle Grant.
Australia is in the Chinese capital boom , with last week's International Visitors Survey by Tourism Research Australia shows that the Chinese beat visitation 646 779 for the year ended June and spending has increased 19.5 percent to $ 3400000000th
China is now the second largest source of tourists for Australia to do more than any other country to spend only behind New Zealand and Chinese visitors here . But the euro monitor proposes to spend large part by " high accommodation costs and skyrocketing retail prices in Australia ."
The survey also showed that the total number of international visitors to Australia grew by 5.1 percent in 2012-13 , with increased spending by 5.8 percent.
The head of the Tourism and Transport Forum , Ken Morrison, said the results are a good sign.
"We have seen the growth in arrivals from all regions , despite relatively uncertain economic times in much of the world during the year . "

Top 25 destinations for Chinese in 2012

Destination - ( 000 trips) - 2,012 % growth
1 Hong Kong - 15,110.4 - 11.1 %
2 - Macau 7958 to 8.4 %
3 South Korea - 3,383.2 - 55 %
4 Thailand - 2820 to 62.2 %
5 Taiwan - 2,590.7 - 47.1 %
6 Singapore - 2,054.2 - 30.2%
7 U.S. - 1593.5 to 46 %
8 Japan - 1,506.5 - 44.4 %
9 Vietnam - 1,428.7 - 0.8 %
10 Malaysia - 1369.3 to 24.6 %
11 France - 1288-15 %
12 Russia - 830.4 to 16.4 %
13 Germany - from 762.9 to 19.7 %
14 Switzerland - 663.4 to 33 %
15 Australia - 626.4 to 15.5 %
16 Indonesia - 585.2 to 16 %
17 Austria - 356.4 to 37.1 %
18 Cambodia - 335 to 35.2 %
19 United Arab Emirates - 300.8 to 23.7 %
20 Philippines - 291.4 to 20 %
21, Italy - 253 to 12.9 %
22 Canada - 243 to 2.7 %
23 New Zealand - 215.4 to 48 %
UK 24 - 206.6 to 17.5 %
25 Mongolia - 203.8 to 2.5 %
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lundi 2 septembre 2013

Budget for Beijing travel

Cost of living in Beijing

During my stay in Beijing a week, I could see how much to spend on several things: accommodation , food and tourism , so I'll give you in this activity the costs down .
You guessed prices in Beijing are much lower than in France ! The Yuan is trading at € 0.15 cents. 1 year ago while the Euro was higher, it was 1 yuan to 0.1 euros! Now with the fall of the Euro, we still have a little less power purchases but there is still huge.

Budget for the trip to Beijing Move is essential in Beijing, there are several ways the bus and train are very popular :

It will cost 2 yuan to take the train to go anywhere in Beijing and 1 yuan to take the bus or 10 or 20 cents bus fare or subway! Cheap : D .
Take a taxi on the other hand cost a bit more expensive but it will cost less than 5 euros so if you did not share , do not spend a lot of money ! If you want a night out , take the train and go before 23hours taxi because there are more trains after 23:30. It sets early in China and up however early.
The price of the taxi from the airport to the city will cost you much more expensive 15-20 euros as it's quite far if you take the international taxi ( black 40-50 euros): the ideal is to take the metro which will cost you 3 euros!
You can visit all the attractions by metro except for the wall of China, or it will either take a bus or group to take over there . It will cost 15 to 20 euros .

Budget accommodation in Beijing.

During my stay in China , I decided to sleep in classic Hostel Hotel to meet more people , even if the prices are almost similar for a room to share with 2 or 4. So we paid less than 10 euros a night in the best hostel in China.
For less basic hotels and toilets and showers share count from 12 euros each room for two .

Budget for food in Beijing 

The Restaurant price is more expensive than the street shops , it is very easy to find a place to eat outside when the weather is nice ! It will cost less than 5 euros to the restaurant. A beer bottle with a liter will cost you only one euro and 20 cents.

Other costs for Beijing. 

The price of electronics is cheaper than in France if you buy made ​​in China by against all that is not Made in China is much more expensive than France !
It's the same thing for clothing made ​​in China and the clothing brands is cheaper made ​​in China is more expensive for clothing brands .


China Flight Cheap

China Flight Cheap 

China is the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. It has about a fifth of the world population, and China is also the oldest civilization in the world that are still famous. This is an important destination for business and leisure travelers.

A large part of the population and advances in technology in the country have created great opportunities for entrepreneurs and traders. In addition, tourists can the Yellow River, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Mount Everest, the Gobi desert, the Qinghai-Tibet to enjoy the famous attractions among others. Visit the countryside, tombs, Chinese monasteries, resorts and experts in traditional medicine for natural treatment of modern diseases.

 Do business in China

Do business in China's major cities, and relax in the large park, vacation possibilities are endless in China! To reach China flights can vary significantly, depending on your departure, your destination, time of year, flight hours.

 Factors to consider

 You have several factors to consider that you will find the prices for the ticket cheaper to insure. China direct flights to any destination in China are the most expensive in general. The best market prices resulting from one or more hits. Bargain flights to China it often leads to other major cities like Seoul or Shanghai first to travel before landing in Beijing or in any other major Chinese destination. There are over 40 international airports in the area. China is one of the most versatile and most easily accessible to fly aircraft. Select a date and select a time to start looking. The connections to dozens of regional airports should also constitute a particular problem. The airport security is very strict, so make sure you hold on the applicable rules and regulations for the internal flight China and outside China.

Do not leave anything to chance when you travel to China and your efforts will be richly rewarded. For airlines, most major airlines fly either directly or with a stopover in China. You will find that most of Flight China are cheaper very similar and usually, if you plan months in advance .


dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Africa wants to attract Chinese Tourist

Africa wants to attract Chinese Tourist 

Africa is still the main destination for Chinese tourists , but their growing purchasing power attracts the attention of the Department of African Tourism .

African Tourism

The 20th Congress of the World Tourism Organization was established on 25 August in Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, on the border between Zimbabwe. According to senior officials of the African tourism industry , China is an important market in this sector. The purchasing power of Chinese tourists is also higher than that of the Americans. According to statistics from the World Tourism Organization , the volume of foreign purchases of Chinese tourists , an increase of 40 % reached 102 billion dollars in 2012 , compared to in 2011. The Chinese Institute of Tourism Research estimates that by 2020, two million Chinese will leave on a trip abroad.
"If we can travel 10% of Chinese tourists abroad win , we will be very happy," said Tourism Minister of Zimbabwe , Walter Mzembi . "The Chinese market is very important for us , so we plan to introduce direct flights and to facilitate visa formalities . " According to statistics from Zimbabwe, only 5,000 Chinese visited the country last year , a figure still far from its goal of hosting more than 50,000 Chinese in 2015.

 Victoria Falls

According to Mr. Mzembi " Victoria Falls as famous as the Niagara Falls in North America. Last year, 11 million tourists visited Niagara Falls and most foreign tourists were Chinese. However , very few Chinese have visited the Victoria Falls. "
Africa is an increasingly popular holiday destination among the Chinese . In South Africa , China has become the fourth country of origin of foreign tourists , followed by France . More than 20,000 Chinese tourists visited Kenya to see the spectacle of the wildebeest migration . However, few people venture into the rest of the continent.
"With Cape Cross and Red Desert , Namibia has two world famous sites. Around the Chinese market, we need to know to southern Africa to the Chinese. Are interested with the political stability and attractions offers , Namibia , the Chinese deserved," said Uahekua Herunga , Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism .

 Namibian  Tourism .

The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization , Taleb D. Rifai , said that " the future development of Africa together closely with the tourism industry. During the first half of 2013 , the income of African tourism sector grew by 5% . China and Russia play an important role in the development of this sector , but there is great potential to use .