"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

samedi 16 mai 2015

travel massive and Chinese tourist Agency

With a blend of Chinese and Foreigners, we understand what foreign companies want and need as well as how Chinese tourist make purchase. 

Our target? Helping foreign tourism companies, tourism agencies and other actors in the tourism industry to be successful in the China market via online services 
China represents 45% of the netizen global population with about 630 million netizen and a yearly 100 million Outbound tourists. 

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samedi 2 mai 2015

How spain will invest to attract Chinese tourists

The sun and beaches have made the country of Cervantes Preferred destination of the French, British and Germans, and the third worldwide. But Spain must now adapt to tourists from emerging countries, who are calling for a revolution.
Chinese Tourists agency, explain that Chinese travelelr are becoming more independant and use Internet to get the information that they need, tour operator, shopping tips, or the best restaurant to visit

Spanish tourism 

Now, the Spanish tourism sector seeks to attract travelers from Asia and Latin America. And the country must adapt its offer to the needs of the twenty-first century travelers, says El País newspaper. Without neglecting those seeking sun and beaches Iberian, Spain must look beyond its shores and respond to what the newspaper called "the customer travel revolution."

the Chinese customer revolution

Chinese customers are not interested in the beach, because culturally, they prefer to avoid the sun. However, in China, there is a growing interest in wine, "the newspaper, which considers wine tourism will be one of the revolutions coming of the Spanish tourism industry. Also, you have to adapt to consumer and luxury tourism, widespread among Asian travelers, the Middle East and South America. The revolution of Big Data

Based on interview by El País at the World Summit Tourism, held in Madrid on April 15 and 16, Ana Botín, president of Santander Bank, thinks that "the response to the needs of new tourists could go through big data. New technologies should be at the heart of the sector, which, as the bank, can benefit from the huge amount of data that the tourist leaves on their tastes, schedules and habits. "

How Spain can it increase revenues

"How Spain can it increase revenues?" Asks El País. According to the newspaper, globetrotters worldwide relate 9% of world GDP, a figure that may rise 3.7% thanks to China's passenger and Latin America.

With 65 million tourists in 2014 and an estimated 90 million in 2030, according to industry sources cited by El Pais, "Spain must renew its infrastructure to facilitate the arrival of tourists and preserve the quality of life of its citizens ". According to a report, the network of Spanish airports is one of the most complete in the world, but must be brought into line with the criteria of sustainable development, as well as the hospitality industry, because in the future, the Basically, those areas will experience quality offered to tourists, the newspaper added.

In 2015, 120 million Chinese will travel all around the world

In 2015, 120 million Chinese tourists will be traveling around the world. If they are welcome in Europe is far from the case in Asia where they blame their arrogance With their deep pockets, Chinese travelers are desired, particularly on the Old continent where spending help to maintain the tourism sector. But they are not welcome everywhere. So much so that Beijing launched a major operation to educate.

Chinese tourists are changing 

Previously, Chinese tourists traveling in groups exclusively. It was housed in hotels owned by Chinese and fed in Chinese restaurants. It was very difficult for professionals to attract this tourism

For ten years, there has been a real revolution with two key elements: the emergence of a middle / upper class with the financial ability and high performance development of the Chinese Internet. Today, it is almost unique instrument of Chinese tourist for information and reservations.

The brand purchaser traveller 

To simplify, it is possible to well define the typical profile of the new Chinese tourist. He is young, between 25 and 35 years. He is passionate about shopping, especially brands and also by European culture. Caroline Paul is Executive Director of Travel Talents in Paris. She advises tourism professionals who want to attract the Chinese: "The Chinese tourist is primarily connected hyper It constantly surfs the internet and it is all the time on his mobile phone to inform, communicate, keep in touch with her. friends in China. It is the king of the ego-branding. He identifies himself constantly on social networks. It will make it to Paris, Brussels or London to show with pride that trip. The Chinese to take pictures throughout their stay and they post their pictures on the net. " And as social networks are very well attended in China, each photo posted is an ad for the place or the shop where it was taken. see also these article http://touristechinois.com/les-9-axes-de-developpement-du-tourisme-chinois/

Specific preparation for these tourist

When the Chinese tourists travel, so it's hyper connected, but how can we attract? We must get him there. We forget Google, Twitter and Facebook, which are normally blocked in China. Ideally, it should be listed on Baidu, the search engine used by 70% of Chinese which requires a job and a specific investment.

In addition, adequate preparation is essential as explained a professional of tourism: "You have to listen, understand the market, understand the Chinese tourists, willing to adapt to this new culture it is back in understanding. a country that is growing very fast economically and culturally as well as the digital plan. We must adapt ourselves up to be present in terms of communication in preparing the trip in this ecosystem are completely different from ours. "

The game is worth the candle. More than 100 million Chinese traveling abroad each year while 200,000 of them visited Belgium in 2014. The question is how many hours (or days?), They had there.
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