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samedi 2 mai 2015

How spain will invest to attract Chinese tourists

The sun and beaches have made the country of Cervantes Preferred destination of the French, British and Germans, and the third worldwide. But Spain must now adapt to tourists from emerging countries, who are calling for a revolution.
Chinese Tourists agency, explain that Chinese travelelr are becoming more independant and use Internet to get the information that they need, tour operator, shopping tips, or the best restaurant to visit

Spanish tourism 

Now, the Spanish tourism sector seeks to attract travelers from Asia and Latin America. And the country must adapt its offer to the needs of the twenty-first century travelers, says El País newspaper. Without neglecting those seeking sun and beaches Iberian, Spain must look beyond its shores and respond to what the newspaper called "the customer travel revolution."

the Chinese customer revolution

Chinese customers are not interested in the beach, because culturally, they prefer to avoid the sun. However, in China, there is a growing interest in wine, "the newspaper, which considers wine tourism will be one of the revolutions coming of the Spanish tourism industry. Also, you have to adapt to consumer and luxury tourism, widespread among Asian travelers, the Middle East and South America. The revolution of Big Data

Based on interview by El País at the World Summit Tourism, held in Madrid on April 15 and 16, Ana Botín, president of Santander Bank, thinks that "the response to the needs of new tourists could go through big data. New technologies should be at the heart of the sector, which, as the bank, can benefit from the huge amount of data that the tourist leaves on their tastes, schedules and habits. "

How Spain can it increase revenues

"How Spain can it increase revenues?" Asks El País. According to the newspaper, globetrotters worldwide relate 9% of world GDP, a figure that may rise 3.7% thanks to China's passenger and Latin America.

With 65 million tourists in 2014 and an estimated 90 million in 2030, according to industry sources cited by El Pais, "Spain must renew its infrastructure to facilitate the arrival of tourists and preserve the quality of life of its citizens ". According to a report, the network of Spanish airports is one of the most complete in the world, but must be brought into line with the criteria of sustainable development, as well as the hospitality industry, because in the future, the Basically, those areas will experience quality offered to tourists, the newspaper added.

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