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vendredi 28 mars 2014

America will become Chinese tourists preferred

America will become Chinese tourists preferred

Estimated that by 2020, the number of tourists visit USA China will increase more than 3 times a year, it is expected to have 5700000 Chinese mainland tourists arrived in American coast. In America, California is one of the most popular tourist destination China. CNN commented that, with more and more Chinese visitors to USA for their holiday "optimal choice", "Disney Park queues will be longer".

According to USA 20 cable news network reported, a new report at CLSA in Hongkong issued by the prediction sample survey of 1000 people, to 2020 China mainland travel abroad will reach 200000000 passengers. The number of mainland tourists to come, American will increase more than 3 times. Chinese visitors will become more confident, more astute in tourism. Reported that, if money is not an issue, more than 17% experienced Chinese visitors to choose America as the preferred them on holiday, it is higher than any other destination. For the first time traveler, America are the second most popular resort.

China tourists have formed a "generous" impression in all over the world, from China shoppers queue, often in Paris and other Western luxury goods outside a shop to see, this trend is likely to spread.

In addition to shopping, China tourists can also let the Las Vegas casino boss slobber. The CLSA report said, compared to other overseas visitors, Chinese mainland tourists is to Food and gambling to show greater interest, there is also an increasing preference for concerts and performances. But at the same time, entertain growth to 3 times the amount of Chinese visitors is not easy. The language barrier is a problem, CLSA survey once to New York a series of high-grade hotel telephone inquiries, the results found that only two hotels have a waiter will speak mandarin.


mardi 18 mars 2014

In-depth understanding of Chinese tourists: match up

In-depth understanding of Chinese tourists: match up

According to China's outbound travel statistics institute , headquartered in Germany , in 2013 China's outbound tourists reached 97.3 million people, about 18% increase over the previous year ; from the number of visitors to the consumption abroad , China far more than Germany, the United States and other major tourist country for two consecutive years become the world's largest tourist source country .

    For the hotel and catering industry , attracting Chinese tourists, according to their needs to adjust and optimize the products and services have become more important. Institute at Alter believes that Chinese tourists want to be respected and special attention. " If you do not understand , it is impossible to meet the special needs of this important source market ."

    Duarte told reporters that more and more tourism-related industries to participate in the Institute 's training program for Chinese tourists. "We help them understand the cultural background of Chinese tourists and preferences and needs ."

    Turning to the specific content of example, he said : . " Chinese tourists tend to like those famous , featured or appeared in television movies over the place , as well as ' best ' or something, such as the highest, if the hotel has the oldest star or celebrity patronized , it is best to put these people's pictures hanging on the wall a lot of Chinese tourists are very interested in this hotel they are happy on the microblogging show : 'I and he / she lived in the same hotel '"

    Duarte also reminded of some misunderstanding. For example , " not all Chinese tourists are taboo 4 this figure , or must eat instant noodles and some hotels that the Chinese people do not drink, only tea. Actual fact the Chinese people want to see Chinese TV programs , but does not refer to CCTV-9 , but the Chinese channel . "

    Concerned about travel next generation : the future

    Chinese people travel abroad and gained rich experience and ideas are changing the way travel . For many people , traveling abroad is no longer of interest to visit and buy a brand , but a lifestyle and experience.

    Ge Ning shared his experience : "Now we received very few groups of Chinese tourists , mostly couples or small groups they like experiential tourism , such as many Chinese people are going to see the British horse racing."

    In Alter seems to grow " a new generation of Chinese tourists ' groups particularly interesting . He summarizes several characteristics of these visitors : relatively young, well-educated degree ; rich travel experience like according to their interests and needs of planning a trip ; many people to travel seen as a kind of " self- investment" when the travel experience as a capital , and happy on the microblogging and other social media show.

    He predicted that with the wealth of personal travel experiences and travel information , as well as more countries provide visa facilitation for Chinese tourists , Chinese people travel more and more self-service , become a trend.

    Duarte said: "More Chinese tourists choose personalized travel arrangements , which provide for the relevant products and some niche business opportunities emerging tourist destination compared to the first time Chinese tourists abroad , this group deserves special attention. ."


mardi 11 mars 2014

Chinese shrine winter honeymoon

Chinese shrine winter honeymoon

 When you and loved her holding hands, walking in the air was filled with the love of beauty, a look at the most beautiful scenery, spend the most wonderful time of life, which is more than comfortable thing, it will be the most memorable of happiness in this life time, Xiao Bian Recommended Chinese honeymoon destination.

Where winter honeymoon election, to help you interpret the Chinese winter suit honeymoon travel honeymoon destination.

Sanya tour

Hainan, with its sun, sea, sand, palm attracts tens of thousands of tourists come here. Boundless expanse of blue sea, marine vessels shuttle, plow silver splash of jade; sun, sea, sand, palm side by side to form a beautiful natural screen.

Hainan Island coastline of 1617.8 kilometers around the island for quality sand. Rich coastal marine life, there are more than 1000 kinds of fish, 200 kinds of algae. Sea, colorful, mix of tropical reef fish and corals, sea anemones and other marine life, diving tourism sightseeing views.

Colorful Yunnan Tour

Lijiang area in northwestern Yunnan Province, 527 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming. Lijiang territory of rolling hills, mountainous area of ​​the region accounted for 95%. As is located in the plateau, the sun throughout the year strong, with an average altitude of 2400 meters.

Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain territory, Laojunshan two mountain ranges, the highest point of the snow peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain - fan steep elevation of 5596 m. Jinsha River, Lancang River through two from Lijiang territory.

Lijiang total population of 1.04 million, the region's main ethnic Naxi, Bai, Yi, Miao, about 58% of the total population of ethnic minorities, so different and colorful ethnic customs Lijiang, features very prominent, known "Chinese classical music living fossil" Naxi ancient music. The world's only "living" Dongba hieroglyphs Mosuo people still have a matriarchal characteristics of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge ...... so that China and the world's tourist hotspots.

Urumqi snow wind plot

December 20 this year will be held in Urumqi Silk Road ice wind plot. Urumqi use this winter tourist season, began to build the "Silk Road Snow wind plot" and the Northeast festival sing "opposing views." Compared with the Harbin Ice and Snow in Xinjiang has a unique advantage. Yabuli Ski Resort Harbin's most famous 180 km from the city, the road farther.

The snow attractions from the city near Urumqi, the latest lighting lotus Hills Golf Course is just 6 km from the ski town. And the temperature is not too low Xinjiang ski, wind unhappy, snow quality is good, very suitable to carry snow sports. Currently only the size of the ski area in Urumqi, there are more than 50, ample reception capacity.

Chinees toerisme experts

Germany is not a land of dreams Chinese tourists

The lack of entertainment factor,Germany is not a land of dreams Chinese tourists

According to reports the French European Network compile times that of Chinese bulging pockets gradually , more and more people are traveling abroad . However, Germany did not her to be "Dreamland " outbound

According to the German website " Focus Online " reported that the 18 known management consultancy OC & C Research report on the same day they released come to this conclusion - Germany , Africa, and China is an ideal destination for tourists. In the eyes of the strong tourist demand of Chinese tourism in Germany , although there is a sense of security, has neat , viewpoints and conditions of purchase , but not to get a high score , so there is a choice for Chinese tourists to travel. OC & C in the report is due to this phenomenon : German lack of " fun factor " .

As we all know, China is the key target of tourists competing concerns of world tourism . It is estimated that in 2014 the number of Chinese outbound tourism will not exceed 100 million people in the next five years , this number will double . The Chinese travel abroad , not only scenic, "commercial" is what they think the focus .

Of course, the Chinese outbound tourism boom pump and strong purchasing power , but also for Germany is from a disc , even if it is not the situation as benefit in some other European countries. After one of OC & C , France and many other sights from the seats and beautiful nature and a wealth of luxury shopping , which has " Chinese tourist destination of the output rankings busy , which was published , while the United Kingdom and the United States is the second three .

In fact, the Chinese outbound tourists is not the first time by the rapid development of media attention Germans on 13 this month, the German newspaper "Handelsblatt " , he pointed out that Chinese tourists the future of cities ranking decide world of tourism , but also stressed that the country Chinese tourists to simplify visa process immediately.


samedi 8 mars 2014

Chinese Tourism welcomed in Australia

Chinese Tourism welcomed in Australia 

The Australian Tourism is an ambitious goal - in the Chinese market in Australia for $ 36 billion, more than double the 2010 total tourism expenditure reached 100 million U.S. dollars, between $ 7,406 and $ 9,022, the total expenditure of one hundred million U.S. dollars, 2020 . This is forecast by Tourism Australia as the figures of the next decade. Overseas arrivals and departures of the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released data is what is likely to be necessary, the degree of optimism.
February's figures show the music in Asia but continued economic prosperity, more directly, the Chinese continue to boost China's tourism industry in 2011, despite the weakness in some of Australia's traditional markets and economic impact of global natural disasters.
source : http://internet-chine.blogspot.com/2012/12/chinese-tourists.html

vendredi 7 mars 2014

Digital Marketing is very important to attract Chinese Tourist

To attract Chinese Tourists, you have to know that Digital Is very important,and today we can just get an overview of the interview of a Digital Marketing Expert in China, Olivier, from Gentlemen Marketing Agency.

Could you give us some examples of French companies working with china that you helped with their seo?

I will give you 2 examples:
Aiguemarine travelnews.aiguemarine-paris.com. We get Top rank on Baidu with the keywords France luxury travel, Italy luxury travel or Europe Luxury Travel. With this Top position, our customer can always get qualified quotations per week. Nowadays, the main turnover of this travelling agency comes from Internet,  and it is more profitable because the agency deals directly with the customer and avoid the Chinese partners cost, which can accounts for about 50% of the total travel fees.

Which sectors is the most promising for French in terms of SEO in China? Could you give some examples?

According to our customer’s feedback, Tourism is the number one sector, after everything about Food and beverage, luxury & fashion and Cosmetics.
All these services and products are related to the French life style... included Tourist

Digital Marketing is very important to attract Chinese Tourist, and Most popular destination is France so Olivier get used to work with French Travel agencies, most of their customers are in this Fields. 

more information in this post here

mardi 4 mars 2014

France is the country of choice for Chinese tourists to travel in Europe

France is the country of choice for Chinese tourists to travel in Europe

During the recent past Chinese New Year, Paris Charles de Gaulle refund window all day waiting in long queues. Eighty percent ranks are Chinese tourists , the average visitor to wait in line more than an hour. French customs tax officials to check each one slowly shopping lists , and also open the trunk to check every piece of merchandise , but still with grace in China with Chinese guests to say " Happy New Year" .

According to Family Travel Travelzoo recent survey results show that France is still Chinese tourists to visit the country of choice for tourism in Europe , Paris is the first in the minds of people organized a shopper's paradise. The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced last month , to attract Chinese tourists , the French decided on January 27 , which is the 50th anniversary of France established diplomatic relations anniversary , will focus on the Chinese tourist visas to France within 48 hours shortened this measure to attract more Chinese people in France for sightseeing and shopping . Survey data show that relative France every year more than 900,000 Chinese who travel to France, in 2020 it is expected that this figure will rise to 4 million .

Although the ' winter on the streets of Paris , Chinese tourists led is not much, but as long as the " Lafayette " Spring Department Store Department Store , you can see the crowds of Chinese people packed the various counters of luxury handbags and in particular jewelry counter . The counters are organized almost every Chinese speaking staff welcomed . In some large shopping malls , companies see China as long as the customer will have to pay particular attention , because they know that Chinese customers will buy more than 175 € one thing to get over 10% discount . Spring Department Store in the Louvre next to its main business opened a new jewelry and handbags of small shops, duty-free files on the machine, the most significant is the identification of the Chinese language.

In 2014, plans to travel to Europe for Chinese respondents , 35 % of people choose to travel in France. Planning a trip to Paris , Chinese tourists , go to " Buddha" spring merchandise and department stores , luxury shops on the Champs Elysees and inexpensive mall "shopping" , is scheduled itinerary in advance battleship.

Travelzoo Travel Family Chinese President Hongwei believes visitors to Paris this year is different from that of previous years, especially for the first time in France in the past with the host group , this year there are more guests to exercise . They identified the Spring Festival in France coincided with the winter season discount, are scheduled early discounted tickets , organize their shopping trips . However, individual visitors need to be reminded that , limited knowledge of the French language , the best early learning some basic French, and do your homework in advance.

Tax records from Paris Municipal Bureau of Tourism, the average consumption of the Chinese people have achieved € 1.500, more than twice as many Japanese tourists . Paris entrepreneur , the Chinese people in France has become after the Japanese and the Russians , in the first line of the customer.