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mardi 4 mars 2014

France is the country of choice for Chinese tourists to travel in Europe

France is the country of choice for Chinese tourists to travel in Europe

During the recent past Chinese New Year, Paris Charles de Gaulle refund window all day waiting in long queues. Eighty percent ranks are Chinese tourists , the average visitor to wait in line more than an hour. French customs tax officials to check each one slowly shopping lists , and also open the trunk to check every piece of merchandise , but still with grace in China with Chinese guests to say " Happy New Year" .

According to Family Travel Travelzoo recent survey results show that France is still Chinese tourists to visit the country of choice for tourism in Europe , Paris is the first in the minds of people organized a shopper's paradise. The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced last month , to attract Chinese tourists , the French decided on January 27 , which is the 50th anniversary of France established diplomatic relations anniversary , will focus on the Chinese tourist visas to France within 48 hours shortened this measure to attract more Chinese people in France for sightseeing and shopping . Survey data show that relative France every year more than 900,000 Chinese who travel to France, in 2020 it is expected that this figure will rise to 4 million .

Although the ' winter on the streets of Paris , Chinese tourists led is not much, but as long as the " Lafayette " Spring Department Store Department Store , you can see the crowds of Chinese people packed the various counters of luxury handbags and in particular jewelry counter . The counters are organized almost every Chinese speaking staff welcomed . In some large shopping malls , companies see China as long as the customer will have to pay particular attention , because they know that Chinese customers will buy more than 175 € one thing to get over 10% discount . Spring Department Store in the Louvre next to its main business opened a new jewelry and handbags of small shops, duty-free files on the machine, the most significant is the identification of the Chinese language.

In 2014, plans to travel to Europe for Chinese respondents , 35 % of people choose to travel in France. Planning a trip to Paris , Chinese tourists , go to " Buddha" spring merchandise and department stores , luxury shops on the Champs Elysees and inexpensive mall "shopping" , is scheduled itinerary in advance battleship.

Travelzoo Travel Family Chinese President Hongwei believes visitors to Paris this year is different from that of previous years, especially for the first time in France in the past with the host group , this year there are more guests to exercise . They identified the Spring Festival in France coincided with the winter season discount, are scheduled early discounted tickets , organize their shopping trips . However, individual visitors need to be reminded that , limited knowledge of the French language , the best early learning some basic French, and do your homework in advance.

Tax records from Paris Municipal Bureau of Tourism, the average consumption of the Chinese people have achieved € 1.500, more than twice as many Japanese tourists . Paris entrepreneur , the Chinese people in France has become after the Japanese and the Russians , in the first line of the customer.


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