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jeudi 26 novembre 2015

Taiwan a Chinese thieve stole a 3.2 carat diamond, valued at NT$4.2 million

Thieves have stolen a diamond of 3.2 carats, worth NT $ 4.2 million (US $ 128.323) of the Taiwan Jewelry and Gem Fair will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall this weekend.

The flight took place on Friday morning, the opening day of the fair.
The thieves came from China, Taiwan entering on tourist visas, police said, adding that it was too late to prosecute suspects because the three women had to board a flight to Shanghai this afternoon .
Last night, the Chinese media reports said the three suspects were detained at Shanghai airport by Chinese public security officers, but the report could not be verified.
The diamond belonged to Yo Chuan jewelers, whose owner Hsu Yuan-chang said: "I thought we would be safe in Taiwan, but it happens. It is outrageous. " The Taipei Police forwarded the case to (CIB) business department through the Strait of Criminal Investigation Bureau Friday to contact their police and public security agencies counterparts China.

They issued arrest warrants against three female suspects: Zhang Ling, 40; Guijuan Xiong, 38; Julan and Leng, 31. Police officials said the three used a ploy "to divert and go", replacing the diamond with a cubic zirconia while the staff were distracted. Hsu said he was standing right outside the booth of the company, leaving two of his employees inside.

At about 10:30, two suspects entered the stand, Hsu said. They would have told the staff that one of them was getting married and wanted to buy a diamond wedding ring. 3.2 carat diamond was presented for further consideration. The women would then also called the diamond certification document.

Their alleged accomplice entered the cabin shortly after and looked at the screen while posing personnel matters.
Although the two employees were busy, one of the women allegedly switched the diamond of 3.2 carat cubic zirconia.
When staff alerted the flight security guards, all exits were locked, but the suspects had left in a taxi to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport for a flight to Shanghai 2:30 pm. Organizers said the event, which is scheduled to run on Monday, is the first exhibition of the jewel of Taiwan.

source http://www.eturbonews.com/66168/chinese-tourists-sought-after-taipei-diamond-theft

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Paris, tourism and consumption of Chinese

Since the recent bombings that took place in the French capital, many information and data reveal a possible decline in Chinese tourist inflow.
Having said that the European currency declined sharply in recent months and made it much more attractive Paris including three hundred thousand tourists more than in the previous year can reassure the French tourism industry.

What we show the Chinese national tourist board

It was given to important safety instructions and precautions, especially for group travelers and people who go to crowded places.
The travel industry such as agencies, airlines and other hotels recorded declines in their forecasts and discover that many of their customers shift their stay or planning visits to neighboring countries.

A look at the purchases of Chinese tourists

All Chinese does not cancel their trip and those who will plan to make many visits to attractions and especially enjoy the price to make beautiful gifts.
For example, for Christmas and especially Chinese New Year which is a date not to be missed, the many shopping purchases concern for interior decoration or designs objects we found in general stores or specialty as large galleries, and large specialized spaces in the interior decoration that sell beautiful products (curtains, sheers ...).

For the final word, we quote the French Consul General in Shanghai who told Global Times. "If Chinese tourists continue to come to France, we will take it as a sign of support and friendship."

mardi 24 novembre 2015

What you should see in China (be carrefull wonderfull video)

Today I just want to show you this video. I did not find it on youtube on but on Facebook. Travel to China can be great.

Chna a wonderful country
Amazing video of China... China is a wonderfull country, Share if you agree.
Posté par The French Cellar China sur dimanche 22 novembre 2015

lundi 23 novembre 2015

Chinese Tourists Arrested After showing Nude Beach pctures

A Chinese national was arrested in connection with the series of viral pictures featuring tourists stripping down on a beach in Malaysia in the coastal town of Semporna.
According to The Malay Mail Online, the nameless man, who was identified from photos uploaded, is a diving instructor who meets Chinese tourists.

Chinese Tourists Arrested After showing Nude Beach pctures

(Photo: Mika/Corbis)
"The suspect visited Semporna several times, bringing to Chinese tourist groups to dive on islands around Semporna," said the head of criminal investigations for the State Department Datuk Abdul Rahman Salehhudin press unease Wednesday.
The photographs circulating online has a group of 13 tourists. It shows a group of naked men, back to camera, wading in the shallows while a companion dressed poses in the foreground. Another shows a group of three women without bikini tops, back to the camera, and a smiling man in a bathing shorts, standing next to them.
The suspect was detained in the court of Malaysia until a hearing on October 25, he was accused of public indecency, and faces a sentence of up to three months of jail time, a fine or two.
"These shameless incidents not only harm our reputation as a tourist destination renowned but also spoils the image of Sabah. What's more, their behavior is totally unacceptable by Semporna inhabitants, most of whom are Muslims," ​​agent Semporna District Dr. Bulah Chacho said Malaysia Daily Express.
Authorities are not sure exactly when the pictures were taken but Bulah said his office has enlisted the help of Interpol to identify tourists in photography and determine when they visited the country if they are suspected having left. Semporna detectives determined that the pictures were taken somewhere between two years ago and the last two weeks.

The incident comes just months after Eleanor Hawkins, a British backpacker, was fined and jailed for posing nude on a sacred mountain in May. Locals blamed Hawkins and his fellows to "irritate" the guardians of the mountain and cause a 6.0-magnitude avalanche that killed 18 climbers.


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dimanche 22 novembre 2015

Chinese tourist arrested for slapping Hong Kong guide

A mainland Chinese tourist was arrested in Hong Kong yesterday for slapping his guide in the face because she refused to buy chocolate.

Pressure to purchase

 The 40-year-old woman was taken with the rest of his tour group to a baking Hok Yuen Street, Hung Hom, about 13 hours. She entered a dispute with a local guide of the women's visit, also 40, who was believed to have pressured her to make a purchase.

 "The mainlander left the store without buying all the chocolate," said a tourist industry insider. "This angered the guide and led to a fight outside the store. The guide mainlander slapped in the face.

The tourist was arrested for assault.

" The tourist was arrested for assault. The guide suffered minor facial injuries and was sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Yau Ma Tei. It was understood that the woman from the mainland joined the tour group of Jiangsu province for a three-day visit to the city. "We condemn all forms of violence," said deputy tourism sector Yiu If wing.

 "Visitors must report to the police or the Council of the travel industry if they are angry against a service." A tourist from the mainland who died last month after he was beaten unconscious by four men. He said he tried to mediate a dispute between a visitor's companion and their group tour leader on forced shopping. Incidents involving cross-border tourist groups made attend some retailers have urged the government and the watchdog tourism to deploy special measures, including giving the authorities of the mainland the names of alleged "visitors from the shadows "who joined the group to support tourists in spending. The Commission received 192 complaints Tourist tourists from mainland group for the first nine months of the year. A total of 89 were related to the forced consumption of visitors with tourist guides and 111 to shopping in stores designated by the agencies. Some of the complaints concerned two elements

source http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-crime/article/1881265/mainland-chinese-tourist-arrested-slapping-hong-kong-guide

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mardi 3 novembre 2015

What we show the Chinese national tourist board after Paris Attack

Since the recent bombings that took place in the French capital, many information and data reveal a possible decline in Chinese tourist inflow.
Having said that the European currency declined sharply in recent months and made it much more attractive Paris including three hundred thousand tourists more than in the previous year can reassure the French tourism industry.

What we show the Chinese national tourist board

It was given to important safety instructions and precautions, especially for group travelers and people who go to crowded places.
The travel industry such as agencies, airlines and other hotels recorded declines in their forecasts and discover that many of their customers shift their stay or planning visits to neighboring countries.

A look at the purchases of Chinese tourists

All Chinese does not cancel their trip and those who will plan to make many visits to attractions and especially enjoy the price to make beautiful gifts.
For example, for Christmas and especially Chinese New Year which is a date not to be missed, the many shopping purchases concern for interior decoration or designs objects we found in general stores or specialty as large galleries, and large specialized spaces in the interior decoration that sell beautiful products (curtains, sheers ...).

For the final word, we quote the French Consul General in Shanghai who told Global Times. "If Chinese tourists continue to come to France, we will take it as a sign of support and friendship."

mercredi 28 octobre 2015

A real Chinese 地道的中国人

白马哥 地道的中国人 Un vrai chinois !
Posted by Patrick le chinois Baimage/白马哥 on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

jeudi 22 octobre 2015

Sensitive campaign for educate Chinese tourists

With the approach of the National Day holiday, many Chinese embassies abroad have called on their compatriots to behave better and respect the local laws, regulations and customs. In a statement on its website, the Chinese Embassy in Canada has called on Chinese tourists visiting the country to dress appropriately, to avoid talking too much and doing graffiti.

"For example when flights are delayed, travelers should understand the situation and cooperate with the agents."

In Thailand 

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand issued a similar offer, indicating that a patronizing attitude could "ruin their own image." Tourists represent the image of their country. A true patriotism demand respect for others and civic behavior, it said.

This year, Chinese people will enjoy longer holidays, thanks to the Feast of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. For the next holiday, travel agencies, such as Ctrip.com, China Youth Travel Service and Lvmama.com noted an increase in bookings for stays abroad, or at least 150% compared to the previous year . source

The behavior of Chinese tourists

The behavior of some fellow sparked controversy, as the four Chinese tourists on September 4 expressed their anger in Bangkok, learning the delay of almost 9am flight back to Chongqing, due to bad weather and technical problems.

China Central Television revealed that many scenic spots in Thailand had posted signs in Chinese, inviting Chinese visitors to behave. In April, the Chinese Tourism Administration began to keep a record of bad behavior of travelers. So far, 11 incidents were registered on its website, including six held in Thailand.

China Tourism Academy

Dai Bin, director of China Tourism Academy, said more legal measures should be introduced to regulate the sector. "Some acts can not simply be classified as an uncivilized behavior, such as the wearing of the inscriptions on ancient relics. Such a move must be punished according to the laws and regulations," the official said.

thank you to MArketinggourou

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mardi 20 octobre 2015

In France, Chinese tourists are in Danger

Chinese tourists are a prime target for criminals ... In Paris, but also in the Yvelines where many of them live. Two women, aged 39 and 50 years, made fresh on Saturday night in front of their hotel in Vélizy. To 10:50 p.m., two thieves snatched their bags before their escape aboard a car, reports Le Parisien.

25,000 euros stolen last week

Their loot? € 400 in cash, two smartphones and five credit cards. The attack follows that of last weekend in Carrières-sur-Seine, in which a Chinese tourist was robbed of 25,000 euros. Just in the month of August, four attacks occurred on the same procedure in the Yvelines, prompting the police of Versailles to create an investigative group to identify the two thieves.

Founder of KO security explain that you have groups of gangsters that target Chinese because the have a lot of money.

Police in China 

 The minister asked us to bring back Chinese tourists. "This confession of this officer of the Paris police says a lot about the means employed by the state to improve the image of the capital with tourists from the Middle Kingdom, concerned about the repeated attacks and flights to against their nationals. In Paris, 26,000 policemen and officers of the City mobilized all summer to secure the sites. Ten patrols are deployed every day especially in seven areas: Montmartre, Champs Elysees, Trocadero, the Louvre, Chatelet, Opera ... "Flights of which they are victims are mainly pickpocketing. There is less but it is not yet won, "said an officer of the Security Directorate of nearby Paris conurbation (DSPAP). In these seven areas, the concentration of the security force has lowered last year by 26% crimes affecting Chinese tourists.

"This trend is confirmed since the beginning of the year"
source http://www.leparisien.fr/espace-premium/paris-75/agressions-de-touristes-chinois-la-police-sur-le-qui-vive-22-09-2015-5114599.php#xtref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

dimanche 27 septembre 2015

What is new in tourism Market in China ?

What do you really want to know about Chinese tourism Market in 2015 ? It is all about news.. and it is the selection.

mardi 8 septembre 2015

top 5 well known Digital agency in China

Who are the most famous digital Agency in China ? Good question.

What will really provide a Digital Agency ?

What they will say We create effective brand content. We love the interaction and use new channels to renfoncer brand our customers image. Our vision for the digital strategy and animation content is based on a true editorial publishing logic.
Interactive devices: one of our most popular services is to create interaction between a public and a digital interface. We seek to create true user experience (UX services) by choosing the most appropriate recent integrated technologies.
We help companies to innovate in creating new services or improving existing services. Our team puts user experience at the heart of architecture. Any problem has its solution through its digital analysis.
We support you in your digital marketing actions: in creating email campaigns and analyzing their fallout in the creation of display, embedded video or animations and in the definition and implementation of special skins.
We use our know-how to help them in their mobile brand promotion project. Our goal is to fully optimize the user experience on these new devices and create a footprint. We help brands in design, deployment and creation of hearing to maximize the viral nature of the mobile offering.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

You can find find their video

SEO , SEM promotion of Brands, Social Media, Wechat Marketing
Startup based in Shanghai they are well know via online and their blog.

Including the world of Digital China, and its usefulness we have developed expertise in several sectors through different missions we have undertaken. It is important to understand the digital environment in order to act with the most effective levers. Each sector has different uses, and a sectoral strategy is developed by our teams following each request.
you can find an introduction on this agency here. 
They have a section in tourism and travelling Marketing.

I prospect 


What they do content generation Expand your audience with the right content mix, from creation to distribution.

Structured data and Feeds
Get more comparison sites with food and managed partnerships.
Analytics icon
Data & Insights
Grow your business by finding out what customers really want.
Conversion optimization
Turn good results in large through all digital channels.

Lead Generation & Affiliates
Combine volume and quality, partnerships with guaranteed value. Learn more
Social media management
Stay ahead by listening, and being part of, real conversations.


Effective immediately, the agency will rebrand as EmporioAsia Leo Burnett with current CEO Vincent Kobler the head of Fame agency. Arc sides operating under the aegis Leo Burnett China Strategic acquisition strengthens immediately the multinational agency production and creative capabilities in the digital domain in strong growth. Specialising in among others, online strategy and creative (websites, rich media, EDM); Search Marketing and Analytics, EmporioAsia was Best recognized previously as China's Interactive Marketing Agency, and as one of the largest specialized marketers Asia Pacific. Clients include Hilton Hotels, China Eastern Airlines, Philips, Shangri-la Hotels, Parrot and ING bank. Founded in 1999, the agency has 35 employees. It is now one of the leading digital agencies in China. China had 150 million Internet users in 2007, and is intended to overtake the United States next year in terms of absolute numbers of people online. Today, online ads capture around 2% of advertising spending in China, compared to 4-5% in the US The growth potential for the medium is clearly huge: While about half of the US population is actively using the Internet today, Only 10-15% of the Chinese population is currently plugged in. source 

"The acquisition of EmporioAsia confirms our commitment to strengthening the Publicis Groupe presence in digital and emerging markets. The talent and expertise of EmporioAsia will help us maintain a leading edge in what is widely regarded as one of the most promising advertising markets in the world, " Chairman and CEO of publicis

Press release from Publicis Group

Publicis Groupe Digital Day June 25, 2008 (Paris)

Publicis Groupe is the fourth largest communications group in the world. In In addition, it is ranked as the second largest media counsel and the world buying group, and is a global leader in digital and healthcare communications. With a presence in 104 countries on five continents, The Group employs approximately 44,000 professionals.

The Group offers its local and international clients a complete range of communication services, through three autonomous global advertising networks, Leo Burnett, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and two multi-hub networks, Fallon and 49% -owned subsidiary Bartle Bogle Hegarty; the Media Council and buying, through two worldwide networks, Starcom MediaVest Group and ZenithOptimedia; interactive and digital marketing led by Digitas;
Specialized Agencies and Marketing Services offering healthcare communications, corporate and financial communications, sustainability communications, shopper marketing, public relations, CRM and direct marketing, event and sports communication, and multicultural communications.

OgilvyOne China was named Leader in the recently published independent report "The Forrester Wave ™: digital agencies in China - strategy and execution, Q1 2015." The report highlights OgilvyOne specifically for its "high level of competence in all major criteria -. In particular, strategy, measurement and analysis, account management, and emerging media capabilities"

As momentum behind its investigation, Forrester Research, Inc. - a leading global research and consulting - notes that China, at the end of 2014, "would have 670 million Internet users and online penetration would reach 48 percent. " To "reach these consumers online and engage with them, China marketing leadership professionals need more digital marketing support from their agencies."

Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of eight agencies across 30 criteria grouped into three high-level buckets: the current offer, strategy and market presence.

Ogilvy One 

OgilvyOne received the highest ranking in both the strategy and the supply current categories from all suppliers, and was also cited for a "wide range of proprietary frameworks, tools and models for strategy, development and analysis and devotes resources to innovation. It also provides a level of customer integrated services via Neo @ Ogilvy and Social @ Ogilvy higher.

"OgilvyOne was the first digital 4A agency in China, meaning that we have built strong digital campaigns for local and global clients since 1999," says Allen Xu, general manager of OgilvyOne Shanghai. "However, this is a Forrester report particularly timely because companies in China are now getting closer to the next digital level, struggling with data to obtain a better insight and ideas that directly address their marketing problems. "

"I am delighted that Forrester named Ogilvy One Leading Digital Agency in China," says Jacco ter Schegget, President of OgilvyOne China. "As concepts such as total customer value and customer engagement become more important in China, we will continue to invest in our two strategic capabilities and data to conduct the discipline. "

Agencies in this report were selected based on their ability to offer a complete range of digital services (at least seven of the nine services listed), demonstrate an understanding of the Chinese market and excel in both customer retention and acquisition (a customer loyalty rate of over 70 percent for which 20 percent of their customers were newly acquired in 2013).

lundi 7 septembre 2015

576.900 Chinese tourists visited Japan

Although there are signs that China's economic crisis may be slightly amortization of Chinese tourists spend in the region, tourism-related businesses in destinations such as Japan, Thailand and Australia said company still booming.

Hong Kong travel is slowing down 

A place where the Chinese tourism is slowed Hong Kong, long a favorite destination of visitors from the mainland, where the tourism China'sjapan suppression of corruption and extravagance were taking a toll even before Beijing devalued its currency in August 11 . Retail sales fell 2.8% in July, the fifth consecutive month of decline, the Hong Kong Retail Management Association said this week. The number of Chinese visitors to Hong Kong fell by nearly 10% in July, faster than the overall decline of 8.4% for the month, compared with growth of 11.2% a year earlier, according to Data from the Tourist Office of Hong Kong published Monday.

In 2013, the organization said, Chinese travelers abroad spent a total of $ 129 billion. The main destinations for Chinese travelers last year were Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, South Korea and Japan, according to a survey by CLSA brokerage. The importance of China in the tourism industry has exploded with the economy: the share of Chinese households with annual disposable income above $ 55,000 has tripled in just five years, according to Euromonitor data provider. This has led to millions of consumers in the Chinese middle class traveling abroad. China was the source of world No.1 cross-border tourists since 2012, according to the World Tourism Organization, which estimates the total number of outbound trips from China increased by 11 million 109 million last year .

Japan Tourism said 576.900 people from mainland China visited Japan 

Outgoing growth prospects of China's tourism is robust, thanks to the strength of the yuan against the currency in popular tourist destinations, low fuel prices and increasing air capacity, said CAPA Centre for Aviation in a report last week.

The National Organization of Japan Tourism said 576.900 people from mainland China visited Japan in July, more than double the number of the previous year.

A Chinese 40, from Guizhou Province in China, waiting for a bus recently before a duty-free shop in Akihabara electronics district of Tokyo. Ms. Woo, during his first visit to Japan, she said stored on eye drops and other health care products, adding that she did not care that they had become a bit more expensive since the devaluation of the Chinese currency. A spokesman Kamome Tourism Co., which operates tours in Japan that meet the Chinese and other foreign visitors, said the company had seen a decline in bookings for September, but added that it was unclear whether the economy or seasonal factors were to blame.

The Chinese traveller  trust Japanese medicine

"The Chinese people trust Japanese medicine," she said. "We do not trust Chinese medicine."
Goldman Sachs analysts calculated that, even though stocks in Shanghai fall another 10%, economic growth in China capita falls 2 points short of the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund percentage and the yuan decline another 5% against the yen The economic benefits of Chinese tourism to Japan only slightly easier. Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said the impact was expected Chinese slowdown to be minimal in the short term, although the China National Day on October 1, which starts twice a year Golden Week Holiday Travel-period, would be a better indicator. Thailand provides a year on year increase of 60% of Chinese arrivals in 2015, when more than 7.5 million visitors are expected for the country and bring about 350 billion baht ($ 9.7 billion) in tourism revenue, an increase 75%. During the first seven months of 2015, the number of Chinese tourists has more than doubled to 4.7 million arrivals, Mr Yuthasak said.

Mr Yuthasak said initial indications showed the number of applications of Thai visa by the Chinese was slightly, but added that the deadly bombing at a shrine in Bangkok last month probably also contributed to the decline. He said he expects the economic woes of China leading Chinese tourists to be more cautious in their spending, adding that the Tourism Authority has been working on a new marketing campaign targeting high-income Chinese travelers who would less price sensitive.

Statistics from the Australian office said Friday that the number of visitors from mainland China jumped 16% to 84,200 in July from the same month a year earlier, which means more Chinese began in Australia any other nationality outside of New Zealanders.

Spending by Chinese tourists to Australia increased by 32% to nearly 7 billion Australian dollars (US $ 4.9 billion) for the year ended June, a separate government report earlier in the week showed, placing the Chinese at the top of the list of line rentals. Spending by Chinese visitors contributed 6% to the economic growth of Australia last year, according to a study from Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.

Some tour operators have already taken the most profitable of the Australian winter season in years. Michael Healy, a sales manager at Quicksilver Cruises, which runs diving and sailing trips in the waters along the Great Barrier Reef, said that the last three months have been the most successful company in more than 'a decade.

"We saw a significant escalation of the household number, but Chinese figures were unprecedented, really," said Healy, who employed several Chinese-speaking diving instructors to help the surge of tourists from China .

Other twitts

samedi 5 septembre 2015

#Switzerland a special train for Chinese tourists

Switzerland a special train for Chinese tourists

A special train for Chinese tourists was launched at a mountain resort in Switzerland, following pressure on cultural differences. The move was poorly received in China, with the newspaper Global Times report that "Internet" Chinese have criticized the report, arguing that the increase in the number of Asian tourists would help the Swiss economy.
Swiss newspaper Blick reported that some tourists visiting Mount Rigi in the Swiss Alps became furious with Chinese tourists crowding the hallways when taking pictures of the station.
There are also reports of rudeness in packed cars, and some even say they have seen tourists spit on the floor. source http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/swiss-resort-launches-special-train-for-chinese-tourists-due-to-cultural-differences-10478145.html

Peter Pfenniger, head of Rigi Bahnen says the huge influx of visitors from Asia had brought the ailing railway company on the right track, but "their strong presence is a challenge" half .Almost visitors Mont Rigi foreigners are Chinese, following an advertising campaign after management of the mountain has partnered with an organization of the Chinese Mount Emei.
To increase tension, special trains were created to tourist groups from Asia. The toilets are now cleaned more regularly, and signs have been put in place, "showing how to use them properly," the paper reports. feinniger also said Chinese tourists will not be prevented from boarding ordinary trains.

dimanche 16 août 2015

Chinese AirBnB Tujia gets popular with New Funding

Chinese AirBnB concept 

New Tujia (www.tujia.comfund raising reflects strong investor confidence in its business model and market position, which could help the company to post strong growth before an IPO in the next 1-3 years.

 Tujia raises $ 300 million 

It seems that the hot websites only need to say they seek new funds these days, and they can automatically attract a large investor interest that allows them to raise huge funds and get high valuations.

Tujia popular in China

The latest company to follow the pattern is Tujia, a site that allows owners to lease their vacant properties to travelers, using a model similar to popular US site Airbnb. Just one month after media reported that Tujia is finalizing a new funding round of $ 250 million (previous post), the latest reports say the demand was so strong that it ended up raising $ 300 million ...

This kind of fund-raising outperformance has become quite routine these days, helping to boost a new generation of Chinese Internet companies that often simply copy western business models. Others to engage such turbocharged fund-raising include Didi-Kuaidi, which started out as a taxi app operator but is rapidly moving into the private car services model pioneered by Uber. Didi-Kuaidi originally set out to raise about $1.5 billion in its latest funding round last month, but ultimately ended up with $2 billion due to huge demand. Tujia isn’t quite as advanced as Didi-Kuaidi, but the company itself has become hot property by borrowing Airbnb’s business model of linking up property owners with travelers looking for cheaper, more homey accommodations than traditional hotels. Tujia’s latest funding is its fourth to date, and follows a previous round that saw it raise $100 million about a year ago.
source http://www.youngchinabiz.com/en/travel-airbnb-imitator-tujia-gets-hot-with-new-funding/

join our group 

jeudi 13 août 2015

Luxury Brands mainly deal with Chinese clients

Despite a deteriorating environment in their country, the Chinese still represent a future customer for the luxury industry. It is the belief of HSBC's analysts unveil their recommendations on key values ​​of French industry.

Luxury market slowdown

Economic growth slowdown, property market at half mast, stock indexes were down: the rich Chinese have to worry about, and with them, the big luxury sector groups worldwide.

Over the past decade, these companies, French (LVMH, Hermes, Kering), Italian (Prada, Tod's, Ferragamo, etc.) and Swiss (Richemont, Swatch Group), took the extraordinary appetite of Chinese to prosper. And for most of them, China is now the number one market.

Macroeconomic difficulties are pervasively present in a year. But industry players are sullen longer. The anti-corruption campaign launched by the authorities in 2012 severely affected both segments of the industry from 2013: luxury watches and high-end spirits, choice of objects for the "business gifts" in practice that the Chinese authorities want to stop now.

Photos source @Agence Marketing Chine

Thus, sales of watches, for example, or cognac Remy Martin, probably fell more than 30% in 2013 and 2014 in the China

Bling Dynasty is over

However, a financial analyst, the luxury sector specialist at HSBC and author of a book on the luxury in China, "The Bling Dynasty," this market is full of promise. The year 2015 should, he said, mark a return to healthier fundamentals, with the end of destocking, particularly in watches and spirits.

Especially the Chinese will continue to travel. Now this is abroad they realize much of their luxury goods purchases. A reality that also reflects the share of sales made by the major groups with Chinese nationality customers. source

Revenue share realized with Chinese customers

  • Louis Vuitton (LVMH) 33%
  • Gucci (Kering) 34%
  • Hermes 29%
  • Prada 38%
  • Swatch 57%
  • Richemont 38

dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Many Chinese tourists have stayed away from luxury hot spot Hong Kong

Last week, Burberry said it would realign prices to match its rivals after brands such as Chanel and Patek Philippe reduce prices in Asia more than 20 percent to close the gap with Europe .
Kering will take stock of its pricing policy, particularly its flagship brand Gucci, with the publication of first quarter results on Tuesday.
Global Blue said overall global tourism spending worldwide has reached its highest level in March since May 2011, despite spending Russia falling 39 percent, against a decline of 51 percent in January .

Watches and jewelry +67%

Watches and jewelry made better, with sales up 67 percent in March against 32 percent the previous month, he said. Leather goods sales increased by 50 percent, against 24 percent
Many Chinese tourists have stayed away from Hong Kong
Chinese tourists spent a record amount on luxury goods last month, helped by shopping sprees in Europe as the weak euro made products cheaper than at home.
- Chinese tourists spent a record amount on luxury goods last month, helped by shopping sprees in Europe as the weak euro was cheaper than items at home, the VAT refund business Global Blue said.
Spending by Chinese tourists, the biggest luxury goods buyers, jumped 122 percent in March, after rising 52 percent in February, bringing the increase for the first quarter to 67 percent, Chinese tourists expert said in a report released Monday.

+32% of Luxury consumption

This compares with an increase of 32 percent in the fourth quarter and 18 percent in 2014.
Many Chinese tourists have shunned luxury hot spot Hong Kong - where the big brands have invested in new stores in recent years - following pro-democracy protests last year.
"This continues to reflect the shift in Hong Kong Chinese spending to Europe in particular, given the widening price differentials, which is a much discussed topic during the current earnings season," said Barclays a broker in a note on the Global Blue figures.
exchange rate movements led to significant regional differences in prices, with the same luxury product sometimes costing more than 50 percent less than in European capitals in major Chinese cities.

Digital Influences Chinese tourists

The trend has encouraged Asian buyers to snap up goods in Europe and sell them at home, a practice often referred to negotiation in parallel or gray market and which concern marks could raise questions about their products' perceived authenticity.
Experts estimated 20 to 40 percent of luxury sales in mainland China are now parallel, based on what leaders and luxury goods consultants said.

mercredi 15 juillet 2015

A very good Digital Marketing Strategy is the key to success in China

The Adopt e-Commerce Data Management , the best Digital Strategy 

"The mantra of the Summit BtoB event, organized by the communication agency Oracle

So is managing data, Today, June lighthouses concerns marketing function

4 Lessons for your digital market BtoB:

In China Branding is everything explain Founder of GMA (leading Digital agency in China)

1 / positionning over competition

Although Know Your Strategy pour give meaning to data: tel is the first challenge one digital marketing approach. senior partner and strategic director of Ogyvly china a list Some good practices in order to positioner son supply over competition in China: Trouver Means to differentiate In the competitive son of, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, It is a lot of Risks and Opportunities That undefined to brand either consistent with His promises;

Identify your Priority TARGET,

the "characters" A convenient and intimate portrait of what they say, think ou Their appearances Their attitudes in public or, again, their expectations;
Understanding comment Competing brands are positioned on similar segments; Ask the strategic framework of the campaign and ensure Everybody in the company shares HIS Strategic Objectives; "In summary, there are four dimensions of the Strategy to remember, concludes Stéphane Munier The brand -. And his positioning -., Competition, the characters and the strategic framework" 2 / Generating Content Put in place the strategy of "honeypot": tel Is The board of Laurent Ollivier, CEO of Aressy, "by opening the lid of TO Attract prospects Whether they pay within Fall", a metaphor-t it. In practice, IT meant the creation of the United Nations website and, in parallel, a blog of the UN, spond to different logics. "The creation of UN comes Website In An SEO Strategy Continues Laurent Ollivier, AND SERVES choice to Products Offers Presentation And services. The blog transformer Meets Needs of contacts Players and Powers sera content . The issues on the market, trades of e Functional Needs "Rule of Three levels prevailing pay select content: 1/3 rewriting existing content, exclusive of 1/3 (forums, experts ..... 1/3 curation.

The board? Abusing the call-to-action to capture contacts, like the subscription to the newsletter June On infographics, white papers ... Chinese buyers really like.

A Sí no simple process, as evidenced by head of channel marketing service and communication at Sony Europe: "We wanted to Create quality content and Sufficient Quantity, It scared We Who We Are We turned, internally to the Content Already products communication through,
 We have trusted our agency to Who We outsource the curation of content. " explain the founder of Zhongguo Wine

3 / monitoring .....

92% of Buyers Are Passed on the UN site before taking the purchase decision, "recalls Bruno Barandas, CEO of Win more. Pour Detecting Weak Signals, place Done monitoring, expert ADVISES the." Monitoring offers the possibility to detect Enterprises Who ConnecTent on my website and the analyzer trail pour locate the Need "He continues remains to Choose the tool of marketing automation., Nurtering of the score . " Allows monitoring of IP identifier The Business Who come to our site and define rating based on their behavior, "explain Chief Marketing services e-commerce.
A Time gait automation Launched marketing, good practice is to "associate retargeting With email marketing, pour inject contextualizing data In Emails" adds Roland Koltchakian, business development SAP Marketing Cloud.

4 / Leverage social media

Finally, in June Digital Marketing Strategy Could not be complete without social networks, wechat weibo etc  Diffuser and son amplifier content, or further increase the brand awareness with banners on the UN social network, few are VSS features of Permitted by the networks.
Social media influences purchase decisions more than Chinese SHOPPERS retail Web sites, according to a new report released by the global marketing firm Intel Data Management LLC.
The report, "Digital Business Impact Analysis Tool 2015" notes that the social messages and retailers media pages have a greater influence on the stores and consumers buy brands from other channels, including search engines and retail sites. And social media messages and brands of the pages are not far behind in their influence. Epsilon quantifies influence by using what he calls a score impact the average percent of users say that a channel has influenced 10 factors, including whether the channel led consumers to buy products or brands they have not previously purchased.
The five basic digital tools in terms of impact score with their respective score:
Social network messages and pages of retailers, 35%
Price comparison sites, 35%
Filter applications, 34%
Social network messages and brand pages, 33%
Product Reviews 33%
Printable coupons, 32%

When exclusive Chinese brands examined prompting consumers to try new brands and products, retailers using social media also opened the way to 29%, exceeding social media brands use (28%) , printable coupons (23%) of daily deal sites (22%) and the social media messages from friends (21%)

see also http://www.practicalecommerce.com/

samedi 16 mai 2015

travel massive and Chinese tourist Agency

With a blend of Chinese and Foreigners, we understand what foreign companies want and need as well as how Chinese tourist make purchase. 

Our target? Helping foreign tourism companies, tourism agencies and other actors in the tourism industry to be successful in the China market via online services 
China represents 45% of the netizen global population with about 630 million netizen and a yearly 100 million Outbound tourists. 

see more at https://travelmassive.com/chinese-tourist-agency

samedi 2 mai 2015

How spain will invest to attract Chinese tourists

The sun and beaches have made the country of Cervantes Preferred destination of the French, British and Germans, and the third worldwide. But Spain must now adapt to tourists from emerging countries, who are calling for a revolution.
Chinese Tourists agency, explain that Chinese travelelr are becoming more independant and use Internet to get the information that they need, tour operator, shopping tips, or the best restaurant to visit

Spanish tourism 

Now, the Spanish tourism sector seeks to attract travelers from Asia and Latin America. And the country must adapt its offer to the needs of the twenty-first century travelers, says El País newspaper. Without neglecting those seeking sun and beaches Iberian, Spain must look beyond its shores and respond to what the newspaper called "the customer travel revolution."

the Chinese customer revolution

Chinese customers are not interested in the beach, because culturally, they prefer to avoid the sun. However, in China, there is a growing interest in wine, "the newspaper, which considers wine tourism will be one of the revolutions coming of the Spanish tourism industry. Also, you have to adapt to consumer and luxury tourism, widespread among Asian travelers, the Middle East and South America. The revolution of Big Data

Based on interview by El País at the World Summit Tourism, held in Madrid on April 15 and 16, Ana Botín, president of Santander Bank, thinks that "the response to the needs of new tourists could go through big data. New technologies should be at the heart of the sector, which, as the bank, can benefit from the huge amount of data that the tourist leaves on their tastes, schedules and habits. "

How Spain can it increase revenues

"How Spain can it increase revenues?" Asks El País. According to the newspaper, globetrotters worldwide relate 9% of world GDP, a figure that may rise 3.7% thanks to China's passenger and Latin America.

With 65 million tourists in 2014 and an estimated 90 million in 2030, according to industry sources cited by El Pais, "Spain must renew its infrastructure to facilitate the arrival of tourists and preserve the quality of life of its citizens ". According to a report, the network of Spanish airports is one of the most complete in the world, but must be brought into line with the criteria of sustainable development, as well as the hospitality industry, because in the future, the Basically, those areas will experience quality offered to tourists, the newspaper added.

In 2015, 120 million Chinese will travel all around the world

In 2015, 120 million Chinese tourists will be traveling around the world. If they are welcome in Europe is far from the case in Asia where they blame their arrogance With their deep pockets, Chinese travelers are desired, particularly on the Old continent where spending help to maintain the tourism sector. But they are not welcome everywhere. So much so that Beijing launched a major operation to educate.

Chinese tourists are changing 

Previously, Chinese tourists traveling in groups exclusively. It was housed in hotels owned by Chinese and fed in Chinese restaurants. It was very difficult for professionals to attract this tourism

For ten years, there has been a real revolution with two key elements: the emergence of a middle / upper class with the financial ability and high performance development of the Chinese Internet. Today, it is almost unique instrument of Chinese tourist for information and reservations.

The brand purchaser traveller 

To simplify, it is possible to well define the typical profile of the new Chinese tourist. He is young, between 25 and 35 years. He is passionate about shopping, especially brands and also by European culture. Caroline Paul is Executive Director of Travel Talents in Paris. She advises tourism professionals who want to attract the Chinese: "The Chinese tourist is primarily connected hyper It constantly surfs the internet and it is all the time on his mobile phone to inform, communicate, keep in touch with her. friends in China. It is the king of the ego-branding. He identifies himself constantly on social networks. It will make it to Paris, Brussels or London to show with pride that trip. The Chinese to take pictures throughout their stay and they post their pictures on the net. " And as social networks are very well attended in China, each photo posted is an ad for the place or the shop where it was taken. see also these article http://touristechinois.com/les-9-axes-de-developpement-du-tourisme-chinois/

Specific preparation for these tourist

When the Chinese tourists travel, so it's hyper connected, but how can we attract? We must get him there. We forget Google, Twitter and Facebook, which are normally blocked in China. Ideally, it should be listed on Baidu, the search engine used by 70% of Chinese which requires a job and a specific investment.

In addition, adequate preparation is essential as explained a professional of tourism: "You have to listen, understand the market, understand the Chinese tourists, willing to adapt to this new culture it is back in understanding. a country that is growing very fast economically and culturally as well as the digital plan. We must adapt ourselves up to be present in terms of communication in preparing the trip in this ecosystem are completely different from ours. "

The game is worth the candle. More than 100 million Chinese traveling abroad each year while 200,000 of them visited Belgium in 2014. The question is how many hours (or days?), They had there.
Meet all the profesional of tourism in China on this group.

samedi 18 avril 2015

How Chinese tourists Engage Online

Chinese vs. Western tourists

Despite the whopping 100 million per year, Chinese tourists are still a minority compared to the whole Chinese population, barely 10% in fact. Even though it is on the rise, those who can actually afford holidays overseas are few in numbers mostly because of cost. As a consequence there are mainly above average earners or middle class like white collar escaping the overcrowded and polluted China for a relaxing time abroad.

Different online booking behaviors

According to IresearchChina, 57% of Chinese book their holidays online. Of those 57%, 70% are flight bookings. How does this compare with online travel behaviors in key Western markets?

49% of French netizens and 58% of Canadian netizens book their holidays online, according to Statista. Bear in mind that public access to the internet in China is very recent : first e-commerce groups like Alibaba started to truly gain momentum when the American giants seemed to have taken over everything related to IT and networks. China is thus “quite new” to all of this. Still, it is now amongst the countries whose netizens are at 57% most likely to book their holidays online, and it keeps increasing at a double-digit pace, with a 25% increase year-over-year in 2014! Comparatively speaking France online holiday booking has increased by only 2.2% in 2014 and by 7% in the US. Bottom line : Western markets seem to have already reached maturity while China is just getting started – so to speak.

Different reasons to travel

Chinese tourists love shopping
The reasons of their travels can be different depending on the destination: developed countries will attract travelers because of luxury goods, especially Western European countries, but also Japan and Hong Kong. Other countries like the Maldives are sought for their beaches and for romantic stays. Hong Kong and Macau are preferred destinations due to their proximity and the fact that Chinese is spoken there.
The main reason of their travel is definitely shopping. They are fond of luxury brands made by Western European countries. Sure, they have these brands in China but they are much more expensive, usually a 30% to 50% price difference. This explains why Chinese were among the biggest spenders in 2014 even though their holidays were much shorter than their western counterparts.

source http://fredericgonzalo.com/en/2015/04/08/how-chinese-travelers-engage-online/ 

lundi 13 avril 2015

Tips for doing SEO in China

Tips for SEO in China... 

You want to attract CHinese tourists ? You must appear on Baidu ... that the rules , and where is the big fight ...

see thie article 

Be carefull to your Website

For political reasons, the Chinese websites should definitely use a ccTLD. It will also be useful for local hosting and get PCI. Regarding the domain, Baidu is impartial to .com, .cn, .com.cn and others, but it is interesting to note that Chinese users generally prefer .com.cn, .cn and .com domains.

Hosting is matter

The "Accommodation" of your website matter to Baidu , but not absolutely necessary, but should be seriously considered if you want your website to perform well in Baidu. This is not only useful to China loading speed, but is also a prerequisite for PCI.

ICP Record (license)

It is required by the Chinese government that all sites operating in China need to get a record of ICP. Although some websites using foreign guests without PCI are still able to be visited by Chinese users, there is no doubt that the web sites that have a PKI are more favorable to search engines in China. For example, you must obtain a PKI before submitting your site Qihoo (360), and some paid ads Baidu also need a PKI
Guest blog post ,link building & SEO services to improve the website traffic and keywords ranking on all major search engines mainly on Chinese search Engine like Baidu.

Baidu 360search, Sogou ,also gives you content writing Services..

Area For political reasons, the Chinese websites should definitely use a ccTLD. It will also be useful for local hosting and get PCI. Regarding the domain, Baidu is impartial to .com, .cn, .com.cn and others, but it is interesting to note that Chinese users generally prefer .com.cn, .cn and .com domains. Host Accommodation in China is not absolutely necessary, but should be seriously considered if you want your website to perform well in Baidu. This is not only useful to China loading speed, but is also a prerequisite for PCI. ICP Record (license) It is required by the Chinese government that all sites operating in China need to get a record of ICP. Although some websites using foreign guests without PCI are still able to be visited by Chinese users, there is no doubt that the web sites that have a PKI are more favorable to search engines in China. For example, you must obtain a PKI before submitting your site Qihoo (360), and some paid ads Baidu also need a PKI Solutions
I have the list of High Authority Domains with Access - All Domains are pr 4 plus also 50+ DA &

News and blog Websites are higher ranked... than company websites

Permanent Link on the sites - Do-Follow Links Prices Depends on the Quality of Domain & DA
Content in Chinese of 600-700 words will be from My End - I assure for the Premium Quality Contents
Links should be provided
Samples from all ranges of DA - Will be sent to you If Required
Chinese Contents will be published with your links in 7-15 Days - If it crossed, Full REFUND to you!

Want to test usefull service? Make a Trail order

On-Page work activities "Monthly Task and responsibilities"
1.Website Analysis
2.Keyword research in Chinese
3.Meta tags changes ; Website Promotion
4.Alt tag changes
5.Keyword density in site content.
6.HTML,XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
7.Robots.Txt File creation Extra work activities
8.Google Webmaster tool
Off-Page work activities "Monthly Task and responsibilities"
1. Chinese Directory submissions
2. Social Bookmarking Submissions
3. Article Submissions
4. Press Release Submissions Chinese
5. Chinese Blog Comments
6. unique, 400 word article written in Chinese
7. unique, 400 word press releases
8. Search Engine Submission
9. One Way theme related Links
10. Chinese Guest Blog posting
11 weibo like
12 Youku like
13 Baidu local business
14 Baidu place reviews

The greatest attention to home

The homepage should include all important information. This is because, unlike Google, Baidu attaches more importance to the home page. In the opinion of Google, detailed deep pages may be more relevant to the keyword, and it is very difficult for the detail page to be ranked. But Baidu, the home page should get more priority. Sometimes when searching for the same keyword, your home page might rank higher than the detailed page on Baidu. Therefore, optimization of your home page is very important. Chinese users prefer home pages with rich content. Please do you add all your important information to your home page and avoid using only a few pictures or flash on the home page. If this increases the size of the home page too, then turn on gzip, it will not affect performance on Baidu.

Use Suitable Simplified Chinese

The content is very important for a website. But some international companies do not pay attention to this. Some companies like to copy the content of their sites in Hong Kong or Taiwan, and some even just use the translation of their website in English. Because of the difference in the ways of expressing ideas and thinking, it is almost impossible for such sites to get good rankings on Baidu. So, as an international company, you should give more power to your Chinese team should select and create content for your site in China, not just copy your other sites.
Title is important
Compared to Google, Baidu uses the title tag more to judge the about page. Your Chinese title should be in 30 Chinese characters (60 Latin characters). And place important keywords at the front of the title. For famous brands, adding the company name in the title tag will make the page more worthy of confidence in the SERPs.

Images Need chinese Tags

Make sure you use a Chinese name and alt tags on your images. That will make your page more relevant for the target keyword and this is something that many international companies neglect. Some simply copy the image of their other local sites, which is useless to the ranking of their Chinese site and in the worst case, the alt tag can be messy.

Be Fresh, all the time 

Baidu promotes fresh and original content. Websites with fresh content will get more attention and be indexed faster. So if possible, constantly adding new content. Adding a new page or a blog official page on your website could be a useful way to do it. If you have nothing new to add, it is also good to rewrite content page is based on the same keywords regularly.

Categories are super important 

Baidu already supports canonical tags. So make sure you use it when you have duplicate content.
Avoid Pop Ups
Sites with pop up ads will not be a good ranking in Baidu, because it harms the user experience. In addition, Chinese users do not like pop ups, even they are not in the ads. So avoid using pop-ups on your site.

see also :

lundi 6 avril 2015

Chinese tourism in USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia

For years, China has been regarded as the factory for the world, a role that saw supply most shoes, toys and clothing for American consumers. However, these roles are changing. US exports of services to China, particularly travel, are growing rapidly while US imports of goods from China have declined in recent months.

Chinese tourists in USA

US exports of services to China increased 10 percent to about $ 41 billion in 2014, faster than the 2.6 percent of China's exports to the United States service, according to US official data. The US trade surplus in services with China increased 14.5 percent to 26.8 billion last year.
In contrast, the US trade deficit in goods with China increased 7.5 percent to US $ 342.6 billion in 2014, a new record, the data showed. US imports of goods from China fell by $ 45 billion in October last year to $ 31.2 billion in February, while US goods exports to China fell from about $ 13.2 billion in October last year to $ 8.7 billion in February.

Chinese tourists are really rich 

source Chinadaily

"The total merchandise trade with China has provided a rapid decline that started around November 2014. In large measure, the export of high US service and greatest surplus service to China in 2014 was travel, which accounted for 51 percent of US services exports to China in 2014, "said a report by the Review Board of Economic Security and US-China (USCC).

China to travel the US services exports have more than doubled, from about $ 9 billion in 2010 to $ 21 billion in 2014, a much faster growth rate than other services, said USCC, a US government body that advises Congress on China-US relations.
"This reflects the increase in tourism by the Chinese in the United States," said Edmund Sim, a partner in Appleton Luff, an international law firm. Export dollars of US services are amplified by Chinese tourists who buy goods in the US, said Sim. "The US housing market has been a good investment for them." The number of Chinese tourists visiting the US jumped 21 percent to 2.19 million in 2014, faster than the growth of 7 percent of all tourists in the United States is 75 million data American said.

In thailand

Public outrage forced the Thai government to issue thousands of Chinese-language etiquette manuals last month in an effort to ensure sightseers behave themselves. Feathers were ruffled anew in March when a Thai model posted a video on Facebook accusing Chinese tourists of jumping the line at an airport, prompting heated debate from Thai and Chinese bloggers.source

Chinese tourists in Bali

For the first time, Chinese tourists in Bali has exceeded the number of Australian visited the island. Based on data from BPS (Bureu statistics) in Bali, it was held in February 2015.
According to the head of the BPS Bali, it is quite interesting to note that this is the first visit of the Chinese time dominated tourism in Bali.
In February 2015, the total tourists visited the island amounting 333.072 people. The number, Chinese tourists is highes with 27.71 percent percent, followed by Australian (21.04 per cent), Japan (6.69 percent), Malaysia (4.26 percent) and South Korea (3.95 percent).
Pasununan Siregar said that this trend was because many Chinese tourists celebrated the Chinese New Year in Bali. Also in Bali, Chinese tourists also dominated the tour nationally in Indonesia in February 2015.

Australia and Japan

BPS Suryaman National Chief said that China accounted for 18.2 percent or 144,000 of the total 786,700 arrivals of foreign visitors to the country in February.
After China was Malaysia accounts for 12.43 percent or 97,800 arrivals, followed by Singapore 12.39 percent, Australia and Japan 10.43 percent 5.89 percent. "Most Chinese visitors might want to expand its business in Indonesia," said Suryamin Wednesday. The number went before the government announced visa-free installation for 30 other countries, including China to be effective in April, he said. It is expected that the number of tourists from China to increase with visa waiver facility for tourists from 30 countries, he said. The 30 countries included 15 countries from which tourists have already given visa-free installation by the government. The policy should double the number of foreign tourist arrivals to 20 million in 2019 at the end of the term of the current government.

dimanche 22 mars 2015

Chinese Tourists in Pattaya Thailand

This is not the best afternoon to enjoy the view from the top of the observation tower in Pattaya, Thailand. The sky is stormy and the sea is a uniform shade of sludge. Shun-Wen Tong, a 22 year old student from the Chinese city of Hangzhou, cranes his neck to look at the city 54 floors below: Hotel concrete blocks, heartbeat traffic and directly below it, half hidden in the tropical darkness, an amusement park called Funny Land.
Time off season is just bad things about Pattaya - known resort of many as "Blackpool of Thailand", it is two hours outside Bangkok - but Tong savor every moment. "It's magic. I am very happy," he said, holding his camera in one hand and a free orange juice in the other. "Finally I see the world."

first trip abroad ever. 

For him, it is an experience that changes the pulsating life. But for the rest of the world, it is not just any tourist. This is a Chinese tourist - it's a global phenomenon, an irreversible trend, a lucrative opportunity. International travel has been growing among the Chinese during the last decade, with increased prosperity at home and the relaxation of travel restrictions of the communist government. Now millions are on the move. "Chinese tourism," said CNN breath in April, "could be the biggest phenomenon to hit the global travel industry since the invention of commercial flight."

Chinese Tourists more than Germans 

In 2012, the Chinese and the Germans reached Americans as the largest consumers of international tourism in the world, about 83m from traveling abroad and spending $ 102bn. In early 2015, according to the United Nations World Tourism, Chinese globetrotters have over 100m trips abroad. In 2020, this figure will double to an incredible 200m. In Thailand, the number of Chinese tourists jumped 107% this year, prompting Bangkok to London to become the most visited city in the world in the latest MasterCard survey.

A crowd of Chinese tourists applaud during the show of elephants, where the animals perform stunts such as football and painting, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Pattaya. Photo: Nana Chen for the observer Everyone is scrambling for a share of the spoils. In October, the UK government announced plans to simplify visa procedures for UK nationals from China, with the goal of tripling Chinese tourists to Britain in 2015. India launched Life Chinese language Pi Tours after the film was a box office in China, while Greece is promoting "honeymoon idyllic island" for the Chinese market. Even the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe is currently trying to negotiate a "prime tourist pact" with Beijing - despite diplomatic strains last year after police outside Harare arrested four Chinese migrant workers to have killed and eaten rare turtles.

With the proliferation numbers came the predictable feeling, but most of misplaced time that Chinese travelers have taken over as new Americans "ugly" tourists of the world. The trend for independent travel is strongly on the rise, especially among young Chinese. But nearly half of all Chinese tourists always travel in organized groups - a factor that increases visibility and boost their collective stereotypes and cultural ignorance on both sides.
Many reports that Chinese tourists are loud and rude, or refuse to queue or give advice. Other complaints range from the practical to the surreal. In July, the inhabitants of the small Swiss town of Lucerne protested that up to 120 buses of Chinese tourists per day were paralyzed local traffic as they filed tourists who wanted to buy luxury watches. Then there was the bizarre reports received by the Chinese media, to compete with Chinese newlyweds fights in French lavender fields on the best place for pictures to capture a "moment Monet". A group of traveling to Korea North drew scorn to throw candy to children as if they were "Feeding the ducks', while a number of Chinese tourists in the Maldives have been taken to give white wedding documents for high-end resorts in order to get free dinners offered to honeymooners.

Honeymoon in Thailand

Yet the fact that these stories make headlines appears to reflect the current hypersensitivity to the Chinese attitude abroad more than anything else. In a recent survey lifestyle site LivingSocial, Americans were still rated the least popular five countries foreign tourists, including, significantly, by the Americans themselves. British and Germans have hardly done better.
An elderly woman fans herself among other Chinese tourists. She had a whole hive for the duration of their stay. Photo: Nana Chen for the observer Thailand is at the tip of the arrow. With its mix of temples, beaches and duty-free shops, the "land of smiles" supposedly is the most popular destination for Chinese tourists after Chinese territories satellites Hong Kong and Macao. Tong is visiting Thailand with 35 others from Hangzhou city in southeastern China, including his young grandparents looking on a tour organized seven days. The tour costs £ 500 each, including flights. "I wanted to come here to see elephants and Buddha statues. It is a holy place, "he said. "But my family has chosen mainly because it is only a flight from China to four hours and we got a good deal." Pattaya is on the route of the Chinese tour almost every group. A former fishing village, it grew into a tourist playground during the Vietnam War, when US forces on R & R found its palm-fringed bay while virgin. Girly bars, theme parks and golf courses rapidly multiplied. Today it attracts about 8 million tourists per year, over a million of China. Yet Chinese tourists are curiously absent from the bustling city center and the main beaches. They are not hard to find once you know where to look. Parking jammed with coaches signal the massive presence of tour groups in many shows of elephants in Pattaya, crocodiles and snakes farms, Ladyboy cabarets and outlet malls. In Thailand, the proportion of Chinese tourists traveling in groups is 70%. Most visits are conducted in a standalone attraction to another, stopping only for lunch in Chinese restaurants (eating Thai food is generally a separate activity) before returning in the evening to their high-rise hotels. He left the Russians - the other great influx of tourists in recent years - to play chicken in the main bay screaming jet skis and haggle with the vendors on the beach sarongs polyester price.

Tiger Zoo

At Sriracha Tiger Zoo, which sees around 2,000 Chinese tourists per day, visitors can pose for pictures with one of the 400 tigers kept in dusty paddock. They can also "take advantage of the intelligence of pigs in the show pig" or shoot targets with air guns to the fall of meat in feeding troughs in the shooting RSS Tiger Arena 'N '. The zoo has existed for years amid controversy over whether the docile tigers are drugged or beaten, as well as its policy of racial stereotypes of hiring Africans to pose in loincloths - but Chinese tourists on a schedule not have time to think about it all.
Chinese Ladyboy
Life is a cabaret, a group of katoeys or ladyboys, poses with two Chinese tourists. Photo: Nana Chen for the observer Shu-Hsuan Chi and Wu Tzu-Chen, both in their 60's, are scuttling a tiger-feeding session. The two women in the northern port city of Dalian have worked in the same store. They celebrate their retirement with a 10-day tour of Japan, Korea and Thailand. Pattaya is their last stop. "We have no economic problems in China today and free time to travel," said Wu. She wears a beehive hairstyle she had specifically "to last the whole trip" to avoid having to visit a foreign show. "It was tiring but enjoyable. We have many things to tell our family and friends when we get back home. "

What Chinese tourists think 

Another tourist, real estate developer 40 Min to the central province of Henan, also said he'll have plenty to talk about when he returns. But most of it will not be positive. "This is the first and last time I'll leave China," he said. He came from overseas "curiosity" but think Thailand is inefficient and far more dangerous than China. "Also, the local food smells and flavor is wrong. It is not suitable for Chinese people," said the burly bald man.
The Chinese travel boom is similar to previous waves of mass tourism among newly wealthy middle classes. Thomas Cook essentially invented the package tour in the 1850s when he began taking British industrial groups in two weeks "large circular towers" of Europe, triggering a new leisure activity among the wealthy (who also grumbled about exotic foods). Americans followed with their loud voices and leisure harder abundant in the 1950s. Then came the Japanese, with their sun hats and cameras in the "bubble economy" for years 1970s and 80s.
A major difference today is that the travel industry worldwide is much more developed and finely tuned to maximize profits. Provide "attractions" endless and services to attract tourists is now huge business, with tourism currently valued at 9% of global GDP. (The World armament industry, random hand, is valued at 2.5%.) Even when tourists do not travel in groups, fewer than Chinese do as time goes on, it is not easier for countries to find the right balance between outlawing their activities and allowing them to discover places for themselves.
A marketing officer at the Tourism Authority of Thailand, admits as much: "We want visitors to authentic experiences of our culture and people, but it is not always possible because of the way the industry works. "

Chinese tourists excluded of UK 

Chinese tourism has been slow to take off in the UK in part because Britain is not included in the Schengen program that allows travelers to visit most of Europe with a single visa - hence the George Osborne recently announced simplified visas. Only about 200,000 Chinese tourists visited Britain in 2012, while 1.4 million visited France.
No effort is spared to promote British charms. In September, British Airways has launched its new direct flight between the western Chinese Chengdu hub at Heathrow by staging a surprise "Chinese panda flashmob dance" in a shopping center in Chengdu. About 50 people in panda costume were hired to stir disco music in a context Union Jack, some of them apparently dressed as famous British pandas such as David Beckham, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter. There was even a panda Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with a baby panda George.

dancing pandas will not solve everything. Take Barnsley, for example. South Yorkshire The town is the birthplace of James Hudson Taylor, a missionary widely credited with the introduction of Christianity in China in the 1850s Some residents believe Barnsley could attract millions of Chinese pilgrims - there are about 70 million Christians China - and even become. "New Bethlehem" In August, however, the Barnsley Chronicle reported that a Beijing woman who has come to assess the potential of the city said that Chinese investors were "disappointed" with its conclusions. "Chinese Visitors like midnight races, karaoke and massage, no bars and drink," said 58-year Mary Him the newspaper. "But they can not find it here in Barnsley."

He suggested the city should consider opening a shopping center 24 hours, an "authentic" Chinese restaurant and a health center. But who is to say that the Christian spirit Chinese do not find some redeeming features Barnsley as it is? What investors really complain, it seems, is that there are not enough large commercial companies to make money from an influx of tourists. Wolfgang Georg Arlt of China Outbound Tourism Research Institute said investigations and inside China web forums repeatedly show that modern tourists are "more open". China and the West, he said, would do well to stop the use of stereotypes and find out what people really like.
Such a stereotype of Chinese tourists as commercial obsessed buying the luxury shops of content. Many Chinese are buying luxury goods abroad - in the coming year, they should buy more luxury goods than all other nationalities combined. With the usual ambitious love status symbols, rights of up to 60% on these products at home partly explain the phenomenon.


Back to Pattaya, Angela Wu guide says shopping is rarely the sole reason for a trip abroad. Wu, 45, a native of Shanghai, is the chain-smoking in the lobby cabaret transvestite Miss Tiffany as her tour group loads watching the sparkling performance of the evening. "Most people travel because they want something they can not see in China," she said. "They are interested in historical sites and famous art in Europe, and natural landscapes America and Australia. "
Pattaya Ladyboys spectacular are another example of something they can not see at home. (On the route a tour group, the Chinese word used to describe translated as "person-creatures.") After the show, the artists sequins adorned dominating caps crowded in the lobby to ask for pictures with tourists for an extra 40 baht (80p) a time. "Please inform management if artists misbehave," says a large sign warning about the potential overload. But this time it's some of the Chinese men who misbehave trying to squeeze Breast ladyboys in their photo shoots. "They think it's OK because the breasts are not real," CEO of Linkedin said wearily.

Wu, who worked as a guide for 20 years within and outside China, said to take his countrymen and women abroad is like "going into battle." "No decision is never easy. Everyone has an opinion that must be heard." But she does not believe that Chinese tourists deserve a reputation for big to be badly behaved. Like any nation, she said, "there are polite and rude people" and the most extreme cases of rude behavior are isolated incidents which should not tarnish all Chinese people.

There was outrage in May, for example, when it appeared that a teenager in the city of Nanjing has engraved his name on a 3500-year-old stone sculpture at Luxor Temple in Egypt. While the boy's parents apologized publicly, Chinese netizens pointed out that the ancient Great Wall of China is covered western graffiti.
Other incidents occur, said Wu, following acute disorientation that people experience in a foreign environment. She cites an occasion when she took a group of Chinese provincial tourists in Sydney. "It was winter at home but summer in Australia, so I told them to go in the toilet when we got off the plane to turn into light clothing." When they arrived, Wu found many people stripping off their underwear at the arrivals gate, given the other passengers. "They would never do that back in China. People were just confused," she said.
However, aware of the image of the nation abroad, the Chinese government issued a 64-page manual for Civilised Tourism in October containing safety tips and etiquette for its citizens abroad. Along with some helpful tips booklet rules include: "Do not fly the aircraft life jacket", "Do not leave any traces on toilet seats", "Do not take more than you can eat buffet breakfast "and" Do not dry your smalls more shade from the hotel. " There are also some specific advice for each country, such as the alert travelers to the United Kingdom than asking the British people if they ate was "deemed impolite" and counsel women tourists wearing earrings while in Spain, otherwise "they will be considered naked". source
No wonder some people are confused. Fortunately Shun-Wen Tong, a student I met at the top of the observation tower of Pattaya, was not one of them. He sent me when he came to Hangzhou to say that he had survived his package tour without dramas. It was not as convinced as before that Thailand was "100% a holy nation" after visiting a "sex show where the ladies shot tropical fruit their private parts," but he was impressed by the way "Spirituality and happy co-existed sexuality." Above all, he says, the experience gave him the confidence to organize their own trips abroad in the future.
A few days later, Tong sent me a document of 10,000 words in English and Chinese called A Journal of my travels, all of his time in Thailand. "I hope you like it," he wrote. "This is just the first installment.