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jeudi 26 novembre 2015

Taiwan a Chinese thieve stole a 3.2 carat diamond, valued at NT$4.2 million

Thieves have stolen a diamond of 3.2 carats, worth NT $ 4.2 million (US $ 128.323) of the Taiwan Jewelry and Gem Fair will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall this weekend.

The flight took place on Friday morning, the opening day of the fair.
The thieves came from China, Taiwan entering on tourist visas, police said, adding that it was too late to prosecute suspects because the three women had to board a flight to Shanghai this afternoon .
Last night, the Chinese media reports said the three suspects were detained at Shanghai airport by Chinese public security officers, but the report could not be verified.
The diamond belonged to Yo Chuan jewelers, whose owner Hsu Yuan-chang said: "I thought we would be safe in Taiwan, but it happens. It is outrageous. " The Taipei Police forwarded the case to (CIB) business department through the Strait of Criminal Investigation Bureau Friday to contact their police and public security agencies counterparts China.

They issued arrest warrants against three female suspects: Zhang Ling, 40; Guijuan Xiong, 38; Julan and Leng, 31. Police officials said the three used a ploy "to divert and go", replacing the diamond with a cubic zirconia while the staff were distracted. Hsu said he was standing right outside the booth of the company, leaving two of his employees inside.

At about 10:30, two suspects entered the stand, Hsu said. They would have told the staff that one of them was getting married and wanted to buy a diamond wedding ring. 3.2 carat diamond was presented for further consideration. The women would then also called the diamond certification document.

Their alleged accomplice entered the cabin shortly after and looked at the screen while posing personnel matters.
Although the two employees were busy, one of the women allegedly switched the diamond of 3.2 carat cubic zirconia.
When staff alerted the flight security guards, all exits were locked, but the suspects had left in a taxi to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport for a flight to Shanghai 2:30 pm. Organizers said the event, which is scheduled to run on Monday, is the first exhibition of the jewel of Taiwan.

source http://www.eturbonews.com/66168/chinese-tourists-sought-after-taipei-diamond-theft

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  1. the thieves were really daring and the staffs were really careless this time because it was really a big amount for any of the businessmen. Hope so Chinese police will recover the diamond soon.
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