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lundi 3 décembre 2018

How to penetrate Chinese Travel Market ?

Today we will advise you an interesting reading... 
This blog make an article about Chinese travel Market 
With predictions of 200 million + outbound travels every year by 2020, one of China’s millions of passenger passengers are one of the longest passengers. The Phocuswright-IGT study provides’ ‘Unbounded China: Increasing China’s Oubound Millions’ data, provides insight on Chinese travel preferences and destination selection, and its potential impacts in the global travel ecological system.
In this blog, we cover important points from the IGT / Fox Wide China report, and provide recommendations on tourism places in the Chinese market, recently lower trends and lower travel travel business Load their effects on the line

Important Chinese travel cycle trends according to the purchase pattern:
Motivation: Travel starts online
  • Research through social apps such as Mobile WeChat, Ctrip, etc. is key to social sharing and even booking
  • Shopping, social community, videos and local celebrities are very important
Research: It’s all local and digitalLocal Local ATA Books and Research Leadership – Ctrip is a leading website among online booking travelers
  • Planning, research and research of websites, apps and smartphones
  • China’s small passengers use fast-to-use Watts platform to investigate pre-travel.
  • The average age of Chinese passenger is between 22-44
Buy On Online:
  • Packages go through 53% of apps and mobile websites
  • China’s online payment methods do not match any other major travel market
  • 38% mobile packaging books, 37% mobile phones in the application account

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    The Chinese tourists were part of a group of 30 Chinese who arrived at the city's train station at 5:00 am on the morning of December 20th only ...and they use Kun fu against Ganster

  2. Really good article, and I will share it on twitter...
    Very good tips, and information about chinese travellers