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mercredi 30 avril 2014

This year's " May Day " , Chinese people will travel up 3%

This year's " May Day " , Chinese people will travel up 3%

China Tourism Research Institute at the National 60 key tourist cities on urban residents will travel during May 2014 survey showed that "51 " travel wishes of our residents is higher, is 68.12% , higher than the same period last year nearly 3 percentage points ( 65.53% ) , and higher than the willingness to travel during this year's Qingming ( 63.18% ) . Tourism market will be fully "warming ."

Unlike nearly outings during the Qingming main intention highest outbound travel during May . Walks Walks and semi -service menu as the main travel way . Tour prices, according to some tourism enterprises feedback message , tourism product prices rose slightly during May will appear . On the whole, China Tourism Academy considers the period May -rich tourism products , tourism market will fully "warming ."

From traveling type of view, the holiday tourism hotspot or preferences of tourists will continue Qingming holiday features to car , hikers based, outbound and inter-provincial travel around , Family Fun number or increased. The proportion of domestic provinces and cities and suburban travel tourism reached 33.46% and 35.22% . Travel abroad as a major travel type. Choose to travel abroad , the proportion of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reached 67.25% , respectively, tourism , 49.54% . The Palme d'Or booking data shows outbound travel May grew 30.72 percent during the period .

From the travel way , the heat Walks , menu-driven services by tourists like . More guests choose Walks Walks travel half way . Choose their own organizations, individual and group tour travel trips accounted for 46.69% , respectively , 15.52% and 35.74% .

From the travel destination, on the outskirts of the market , the shorter "day trip ", " two-day trip " popular , Hebei, Henan , Shandong, Shanxi and Beijing as "a swim " hot spots . Domestically tour , Xiamen , Wuyishan , Sanya, Hangzhou , Shanghai and other places favored by tourists . Outbound regard to Taiwan, Hong Kong , Korea , Bali, Japan, the most popular , Korea, Taiwan , Vietnam, Cambodia and other lines to heat up, the more obvious the Cambodian tour "warmer " sharp decline of Chinese tourists to Malaysia .

From the travel routes , the route favored team half free . In addition to the regular tourist routes , mainly to " Air + Hotel + Transfer " and other free combination team Portability product preferences by white-collar workers and families exercise tourists .

From the tourist point of view constituted , Sichuan, Chongqing, Yangtze River Delta city group , the Shandong Peninsula , as well as residents of the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration highest willingness to travel .

From the accommodation structure, the low-end mass tourism accommodation of choice . Choose budget hotels tourists up 49.07 percent , two , Samsung moderately priced hotel (33.33%) , choose four-star luxury hotels accounted for 10.93% , while 4.37% of people choose social hotel occupancy , 2.3 % chose other ways .


mercredi 23 avril 2014

Osaka foreign tourists reached 2.6 million, of which the number of mainland Chinese tourists third

Osaka foreign tourists reached 2.6 million, of which the number of mainland Chinese tourists third

By the depreciation of the yen and the factors affecting the low-cost carriers in Japan, Kansai International Airport and other additional flights, visit Osaka in 2013 exceeded 2.6 million foreign visitors, a record high. Among them, the number of tourists from mainland China ranks third.

According to Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" news, April 22, the agency was informed by interviews Osaka Tourism Bureau, the number of foreign tourists visit Osaka in 2013 exceeded 2.6 million, reaching a record high.

Osaka Tourism Bureau revealed that in 2013 foreign tourists visit Osaka 57 million increase over the previous year, reaching 2,601,340 people. This data is the highest record since 2001.

In accordance with national and regional perspective, about 558,000 tourists from South Korea people. Tourists from China Taiwan region is about 531,000 people. Tourists from mainland China was approximately 526,000 people. Tourists from China, Hong Kong is about 175,000 people. Tourists from Thailand to 131,000 people.


jeudi 17 avril 2014

Chinese middle class began to enjoy the fun of travel

Chinese middle class began to enjoy the fun of travel

China's middle class domestic travel . They have fun , they have the ability to enjoy all the sudden arrival of this, they are fun. This is changing some wonderful grand picture.

Chinese middle class has gone on to become the planet 's most important social groups on the road . How do they spend money, how to wear , where to live , what to eat , how to educate their children and to make many other choices will define this era - the first for China is so , then the rest of the world is also true . How the middle class travel and what to do upon arrival is particularly critical .

Reported that a large number of Chinese people around the country every year to play , booming domestic travel in identifying destructive , mediocre and vulgar behavior is an attractive thing. The potential problem is due to China 's economic growth and the consequent emergence of the middle class rose more money too quickly , so Ms. Hung Chinese domestic tourism or too late to figure out what they want from a holiday .

Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, about 90 minutes drive from Lijiang is one of China's largest domestic arrivals tourist destination . Lijiang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , but have struggled to maintain the original appearance . In awkwardly attracted world , " Ms. Hung " attempts, Lijiang has reinvented itself to become a gathering place for Standardization store , all stores are stocked with the same souvenirs : a comb made ​​of horn , red cape Naxi , jade bracelets and jewelry made ​​with yak bone .

Let a nation's culture as well as to cater to tourists a once beautiful place into a theme park behavior people instinctively feel angry , but did not grasp the essentials of this view . Chinese tourists are enjoy the Lijiang Naxi owns and growing domestic travel market share . Domestic travel accounted for 5 % of China's GDP , the proportion is still rising . Domestic travel market may seem small, but for China and the world this is a critical moment .

Domestic travel is bringing many Chinese people in the past almost never heard of common experience. The country is now ready to accept that people experience them rather than oral discussion , the point is to shift from survival to pleasure .


dimanche 13 avril 2014

100 million Chinese tourists visited foreign countries

Nearly 100 million Chinese tourists visited foreign countries last year, and they are likely to extend their advantage, the largest passenger - expenditure on the planet , state media reported Thursday.
A total of 97 million Chinese tourists left the country last year, up from 14 million the previous year, the China Daily said, citing official data from the National Tourism Administration . The figures highlight the rapid increase in the number of Chinese traveling abroad , numbering only 29 million in 2004.

Chinese travelers spent $ 102 billion abroad in 2012, making them the world's biggest spenders ahead of Germans and tourists from the United States, and are almost certain to have surpassed this record last year, according to the report , citing researcher Rui song .

The Chinese economy has boomed over the past decade , expanding the ranks of its middle class , who are hungry for foreign travel after decades of isolation countries during the last century.source

European Union and Asian countries have moved to facilitate visa procedures for Chinese tourists in recent years , eager to take advantage of their big- spending habits .

"Chinese tourists spend abroad so that some foreign call us " walking wallets "," Song, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences , was quoted as saying.
Hotels and retailers around the world have stepped up their efforts to woo Chinese visitors .
Famous Harrods of London says he now has 70 people speaking Mandarin and more than 100 across China Unionpay for direct payment of Chinese bank accounts.

jeudi 10 avril 2014

February 2014 China online travel sites covering 30 of the top number of users

February 2014 China online travel sites covering 30 of the top number of users 

February 2014 Chinese online travel site users cover 10 before the number of ranking are: Ctrip, Lotto Travel Network, the same way network, swim together, the way cattle travel, Mango, ass mother travel, leisurely tour net, brigade Watch, Tempus International.

jeudi 3 avril 2014

Why do Chinese people love to travel?

Why do Chinese people love to travel?

Chinese people has become the world's favorite tourist groups. In 2013 , nearly 1.1 billion passengers worldwide outbound tourism , while China is ranked first source , this is the statistics released by the World Tourism Organization ; travel to Hong Kong last year, the number of mainland reached 4070 million, is to go to the year 2001 nearly 10 times the number of arrivals , which is published by the Hong Kong side data ; mainland China this year, 225 million people choose to greet horse bell sounded way in tourism , which is released before the Spring Festival, China Tourism Research Institute forecasts .

Why do people become so love to travel? For some people, travel is an escape. Your life how many disappointments, how many you have reason to escape it . See it all around us : traffic congestion, interpersonal stress, job bitter fight, pandemonium , etc., which is not what we want in life . Our mind often encounter suffocation , fear, anxiety. But no way, you can not go home also can not move either resignation , which had had the day before, which had affected by the gas , the pressure had to bear down - those that make your heart like all things languish lingering , and almost the only way to make your escape from the bleak life of mediocrity , is tourism .

In other words , the greatest charm of tourism lies in the crowded and anxious to get rid of the fetters of everyday life circle (the Spring Festival travel, then this is China 's oldest and most important way old-fashioned festive holiday - the Spring Festival Gala , water like a banquet, relatives and friends visit each other and send each other to the other children lucky money composition - get rid of ) , and fled to a strange , strange , mysterious and exciting afar to experience a moment , " the dream into reality," a wonderful feeling. Therefore , tourism is always something to make you full of joy .

For us increasingly numb to life , the tour is a powerful incentive . Your choice tourist destination, often reflect what you want the day off , which is in a closed conservative daily life is how rare ! Tourism also allows you to rediscover yourself. You go to a new place , you can find a new self , which is your home, at the annoyance of daily chores can not do - travel inspired you with another perspective on the world , to see life.