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jeudi 3 avril 2014

Why do Chinese people love to travel?

Why do Chinese people love to travel?

Chinese people has become the world's favorite tourist groups. In 2013 , nearly 1.1 billion passengers worldwide outbound tourism , while China is ranked first source , this is the statistics released by the World Tourism Organization ; travel to Hong Kong last year, the number of mainland reached 4070 million, is to go to the year 2001 nearly 10 times the number of arrivals , which is published by the Hong Kong side data ; mainland China this year, 225 million people choose to greet horse bell sounded way in tourism , which is released before the Spring Festival, China Tourism Research Institute forecasts .

Why do people become so love to travel? For some people, travel is an escape. Your life how many disappointments, how many you have reason to escape it . See it all around us : traffic congestion, interpersonal stress, job bitter fight, pandemonium , etc., which is not what we want in life . Our mind often encounter suffocation , fear, anxiety. But no way, you can not go home also can not move either resignation , which had had the day before, which had affected by the gas , the pressure had to bear down - those that make your heart like all things languish lingering , and almost the only way to make your escape from the bleak life of mediocrity , is tourism .

In other words , the greatest charm of tourism lies in the crowded and anxious to get rid of the fetters of everyday life circle (the Spring Festival travel, then this is China 's oldest and most important way old-fashioned festive holiday - the Spring Festival Gala , water like a banquet, relatives and friends visit each other and send each other to the other children lucky money composition - get rid of ) , and fled to a strange , strange , mysterious and exciting afar to experience a moment , " the dream into reality," a wonderful feeling. Therefore , tourism is always something to make you full of joy .

For us increasingly numb to life , the tour is a powerful incentive . Your choice tourist destination, often reflect what you want the day off , which is in a closed conservative daily life is how rare ! Tourism also allows you to rediscover yourself. You go to a new place , you can find a new self , which is your home, at the annoyance of daily chores can not do - travel inspired you with another perspective on the world , to see life.


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