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mercredi 25 février 2015

Tips for realize good Marketing in China

I would like today to introduce to you the article of julienrio

Has the Golden Age of High Quality content in China come? 

Your marketing contents must impact the Chinese customers. Provide to them with good qualities, dynamic and attractive contents. Integrate some pictures and videos to make the content attractive to them. Chinese spend a weekly average of 25hours online. A third of this time is dedicated to watching videos and pictures.

Let’s make your content to be the one they watch: compelling storytelling and well-designed pictures are key to success! Lancôme, the French cosmetic brand created a Chinese website for Chinese: Chinese website with quality content. That enabled him to be close to its customers and to meet their expectations.

This slowmotion video is all about engaging the Chinese customer while associating the brand with very positive symbols and transmitting a strong message. Here we have the rose that links Lancome with a strong and out of trend symbol.
At first the viewer may not understand why a video about a cosmetics brand is about liquids and flowers in slowmotion: engage the customer by the curiosity, a very strong motive to buy something, especially something new.

2. Go Baidu, Go Longtail for tourism in China

The keywords employed must be selected with reflection. Focus on the customers who can generate quality traffic.
Opt for the long train keywords instead of the competing keywords (basic). The long trail keywords represents the whole of the keywords known as “original” or “rare” leading a site to be found in the search listings. These keywords, taken individually, generates little traffic. However, by cumulating them, they can represent until 80% of your traffic. For example, if you wish to create a site or a page which refers to the cosmetics in China, made then a list of all that approaches cosmetics. Like this, you will be likely to have long train words. These words can be “companies selling cosmetic products in China” or “Where to find cosmetics agencies in China”. Now, let’s go to tourism, an industry strongly in need of SEO in China : good ranking = good trust in tourism .

lundi 23 février 2015

Happy Chinese New Year !

Happy Chinese New Year ! 

More like just around parts of Asia, celebrated by the Chinese New year . Let's also see some pics of the U.S., Australia's, Europe's or even South America's Chinese communities with the locals gettin' down with the shin dig.