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samedi 19 décembre 2020

5 entertaining news about China

 5 entertaining news about China 

Most Chinese Celebrities Already Used Plastic Surgery


Young ladies are getting trial with strong adornments inclinations making them look extraordinary in the group and capturing everyone's attention immediately. In vogue fashion gems assumes a significant function in changing the vibe of ladies source

Top 5 Chinese Websites to Market High-end Fashion Products via

Conquer the Chinese through plant-based meat source**

Chinese Millennials, the New Target 

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vendredi 11 décembre 2020

The importance of Social Medias in China for ALL businesses

 China is known for its limitations in identified with the Web and social media stages. From an external viewpoint, one may think Chinese individuals don't utilize social media consistently. Nonetheless, the inverse is valid, China is where the Web and social media is solid. Chinese individuals go through on normal 2.7 hours daily on social media, over a large portion of a billion people in China are dynamic on the web and more than 300 million individuals are utilizing social media locales in China.

Source https://www.smore.com/7zp96-importance-of-chinese-social-media

For more than 30 years, a small plot of land of approximately 116 km2 has had a huge impact on the way we work, live and play.

California's Silicon Valley shapes our lives. From the websites where we do our home lessons, to the video streaming services we watch, to the companies that flag our email, almost all of them are broadcast in this corner of the United States.


TikTok aka Douyin 

Until recently, at least. The rise of TikTok, an app whose parent company is Chinese firm ByteDance, has struck at the heart of Silicon Valley supremacy. Along with other digital products from China, TikTok has the potential to reshape the future of technology - a future in which the culture and interests of Shanghai or Beijing could shape the industry more than those of the Bay Area. San Francisco.

A Tibetan farmer on social media

A Tibetan farmer in southwest China, desperate to escape her ex-husband, captured the attack that led to her death in live video, according to reports.

Lhamo, 30, who kept a popular review on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, was broadcasting a live video from his kitchen in mid-September when a man suddenly broke into force, The New York Times reported.

As more than 400 people watched, Lhamo screamed and Douyin's video stream turned off, the outlet said.

When her sister visited her in the hospital a few hours later, Lhamo's body was covered with burns and she was having trouble breathing, the media reported.

“She looked like a piece of charcoal,” said Dolma, who, like many other Tibetans and her sister, has a name.

lundi 7 décembre 2020

Chinese tourists buy luxury in China

 Weird situation... Chinese tourists buy luxury in China 

Luxury industry in China: Luxury brands are enduring in a slow Chinese luxury market

The luxury business in China has delayed down in 2015, as it plunged two percent to RMB113 billion. It was driven by a decrease in men’s wear, watches, and calfskin products. 

This stoppage is brought about by the way that luxury merchandise have gotten less open to the developing Chinese working class and less adequate for individuals from China’s tip top, as the public authority’s enemy of defilement crusade, dispatched in 2013, chillingly affects interest for luxury style and fine gems. In addition, the instability of the securities exchange unequivocally impacts Chinese shoppers’ luxury products utilization. In the main portion of 2015, a decent securities exchange execution reestablished Chinese buyers’ trust in buying luxury items, especially luxury adornments, however since the center of 2015, securities exchange vacillation has brought vulnerability for the Chinese economy.


How to sell to these Chinese rich tourists? 

How can without much of a stretch sell items to Chinese customers? China is the world's biggest economy and simultaneously, the world's quickest developing customer market. The open doors are huge – yet the occupation of selling to the Chinese is intricate, both socially and strategically. Here are a couple of focuses for new comers to the market.
by Simon hopes


dimanche 6 décembre 2020

Minorities in China , good tourism business opportunities

 Most of mainland China’s populace is Han Chinese (91.5%), though the other 8.5% comprises of 55 distinctive formally perceived ethnic minority bunches fundamentally situated in the Southern, Western, and Northern districts of China (for example Guangxi, Tibet, inner Mongolia). These minority bunches are continuously increasing and appear to be growing roughly multiple times quicker than most of Han Chinese. 

Chinese minorities situation 

The Southwestern locale of China comprises of the most ethnically assorted provinces, where 26 of the 55 ethnic minority gatherings can be found. Over 38.07% of the number of inhabitants in Yunnan comprises of ethnic minority gatherings, for example, the Miao, Yao, Mongol, Yi, and others. Guizhou likewise has probably the most noteworthy number of ethnic minority gatherings, as 37% of the populace are individuals from such minorities. Appeared beneath is a rundown of the main 10 biggest ethnic gatherings and their development rate in China:


Chinese are luxury consumer and like exotics 

 To catch the up and coming age of in vogue clients in the Chinese market, luxury organizations must place more prominent accentuation on making their brands “more youthful” and more popular. Most importantly, luxury brands should expand center around “eliteness” both with respect to item plan and store impression.

As Chinese purchasers go to web based business, luxury brands need to sell on the web and set up their quality on interpersonal organizations, specifically on WeChat