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vendredi 30 mai 2014

Chinese tourists travel to Thailand unabated interest

"From now after the coup , Chinese tourists to Thailand did not reduce the number of " Thai Chamber of Commerce in the tourism industry , said chairman LI Liangcheng military coup did not have a serious impact on Chinese tourists travel to Thailand .

LI Liangcheng said unrest in Thailand for Thai tourism industry must fight , since the Thai Army Commander Pakistan sterile 20 announced the start of martial law throughout the country , foreign tourist arrivals to Thailand has dropped 20%. But the military coup did not reduce China 's interest tourists travel to Thailand , Chinese people did not reduce the number of trips to Thailand , the first four months of this year, a total of more than 130 million Chinese tourists arrived in the Thai tourism .

He also said that the Thai tourism industry associations in the current league has not received any application for China Team tourists travel to Thailand because of the price and the Chinese domestic travel almost, and more cost-effective ; on the other hand , have to know before Chinese tourists travel Real-time situation in Thailand , the security situation in Thailand safer.

LI Liangcheng finally stressed that although the coup have a role in the maintenance of a stable social order , but I hope that visitors still concerned about the situation , do not close the streets warning soldiers and military vehicles in order to avoid unnecessary harm , do not participate in or crowd rallies and demonstrations , visitors should observe a curfew order, pay close attention to their personal safety.


jeudi 22 mai 2014

2013 Asian tourists accounted for 19.5% of the number of foreign tourists in Paris

2013 Asian tourists accounted for 19.5% of the number of foreign tourists in Paris

According to the French daily "Le Figaro" reported on May 13, 2013, Paris, France, the number of tourists reached 29.3 million, a record high. Among Asians, 19.5% of the total number of foreign tourists, but also the largest consumer of tourists in Paris.

According to reports, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote the new Secretary Nicolas Lefebvre (Nicolas Lefebvr) 13 am, said 2013 was a year of unprecedented prosperity of tourism in Paris, and even set a new record. 2013, a small number of tourists reached Paris 29,300,000, a record high. Among them, 59% of French tourists, though their hotel occupancy rate fell by 5.4% compared to 2012, these French tourists still in Paris consume 17.2 million euros (about 147 million yuan).

It is reported that all foreign tourists in front of the Paris region, the growth in the number of Chinese tourists in the first row. Lefebvre said that the number of Chinese tourists in 2013 Ile up to 50% increase compared to 2012, to 900,000 passengers. However, only 22.6 million people live in a small Paris hotel. Because the large number of Chinese tourists spending in luxury stores, hotels and restaurants for consumption are more savings. Deschamps stressed observe the person in charge, 30 years, spending up to Asian tourists in Paris, it can be said that they travel to Paris main purpose is shopping. 2013, consumption of Japanese tourists still ranked in the top Chinese tourists on top.

lundi 19 mai 2014

She wants to attract Fashion Chinese Travellers in Paris

She wants to attract Fashion Chinese Travellers in Paris 

Diane Lepicard is Paris Shopping Guideand she want to guide Chinese Tourists to the best place for travel

Paris Shopping Tour ! 

Her Website parisshoppingtour

Why she creates her company ? 

First of heredity virus entrepreneurship has always brought me. Also, all the trips I have done in the major capitals of the world have allowed me to see a real lack of authenticity in the services that were offered to me. I also have made the same observation in Paris, the world capital of tourism, but tourists do not really know. Being a fervent partisan and love this city, I wanted to bind with pleasure by offering a compelling and qualitative tourist route to a population thirst for authenticity.

Best places in Paris ! 

Le Marai 

Best for: Eclectic fashion, unique jewelry, antiques and fine art.
Getting there: Metro Saint-Paul (Line 1) or Hotel de Ville (Line 1, 11)
Main streets: Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Place des Vosges, Rue de Turenne, Rue des Rosiers

Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Best for: Designer shopping, trendy chain stores, Sunday shopping
Getting there: Metro Alma Marceau (Line 9), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Lines 1 and 9), George V (Line 1), RER A (Charles de Gaulle-Etoile)

jeudi 15 mai 2014

Singapore 2013 Chinese tourists spend 18%

Singapore 2013 Chinese tourists spend 18%

After passing the new law came into force Chinese tourism to visit in the fourth quarter of 2013 , the number of Chinese tourists to Singapore dump , but it has not affected last year , Chinese tourists to Singapore , the largest group of foreign tourists .

The fourth quarter of last year fell by Chinese tourists to visit Singapore 31 percent , but increased consumption by 1%.

Singapore Tourism Board official Edward Hill (sound), said the Chinese people choose multi-line tour reduced, but individual visitors. Hill added: " . Compared to the first tour with the group of people in many countries are unique visitors to stay longer ," he said , which means that , despite the decline in the fourth quarter of last year, tourists, but rising income from tourism .

According to the Singapore Tourism Board data released on May 12 last year , receiving Singapore Chinese tourists to 2.27 million passengers, an increase of 12%. The level of consumption of Chinese tourists to 2.98 billion Singapore dollars ( about 2.4 billion) , an increase of 18%. In contrast, Indonesian tourists to Singapore to compete with the amount of consumption .

This also means that Chinese tourists spend more than the amount of the first Indonesian tourists who were having the most consumed in Singapore , groups of tourists since 2007.

But last year Indonesia is even greater tourist country of origin Singapore new visitors went to a total of 3.09 million passengers.

Singapore Tourism Board led the decline in the number of Chinese tourists in China last October , the new Tourism Act came into force .

The new law prohibits less than the cost of making good purchases promotional or equal to market price. Visitors often participate in these visits were brought to the shop was forced to sell .

Ngee Ann Polytechnic tourism lecturer Michael Khiam that the new law Thrifty Chinese tourists deported . He said, but also to encourage more Chinese tourists to Singapore by the year, these people tend to spend more money . He predicted the decline in the number of Chinese tourists , but the trend of consumption growth " is likely to continue for some time yet . "

Singapore travel agency is not concerned about the decline in the number of tourists. An industry source said: " After the start of the new Tourism Act , the reduction of Chinese tourists through, but we do not worry because there are still tourists in our tour non - trading our number of business will be no major changes involved , because now all of us. groups are the high cost of non - shopping tour . "

samedi 10 mai 2014

SEO really works to attract Chinese Tourists

SEO really works to attract Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists spend £ 1 billion per year in the United Kingdom in 2017, largely thanks to simplified visa tourists make it easier for Chinese tourists to visit Britain.
Spending by Chinese visitors is expected to grow 84pc over the next four years, from 549m port 2013, according to a report by Barclays on tourism dynamics.
China is the fastest source of tourism spending in the world thanks to its growing middle class, who have more wealth and higher disposable income so.
But the UK can expect to see particularly strong growth in Chinese tourism expenditure through decisions aimed at simplifying the process of visa application

SEO Tips for 2014 ! 

Find a domain name according to what you do, because after Google Penguin 2.0 (May 2013) retook this much relevance , watch out this can change at any time.
Select a different title for each page within the meta tag title .
Includes meta tags for description and keywords, but be careful, in that order . In meta description refers at least once to position the criterion , the sooner the better .
Try to get a Facebook Page with your keywords in the page name . From Penguin 2.0 are that they burn ! For any reason you buy links. The pagerank today is not a relevant factor in Google rankings because Google is very clear that many websites have it handled .

Selecting the right keywords, no more than 10 for your target keywords . The content of the page should contain the criteria you want SEO optimized positioning at least 3 times in three different paragraphs or containing 500 words . Write at least one bold or strong .
Not about you optimize your content often repeating criteria ( Keyword Stuffing ) , instead using synonyms. Wary if they step out of line can lose a lot !
Select either the criteria to enhance per page , no more than 3 per page ; In SEO you should focalizarte !
Keep a blog on your site and plays the most varied subjects, no matter which delve much into these files , as this is to Google that you approach your caption read from several points of view , however if you build a mega post to include explanatory graphics , videos , eventually will achieve an SEO quality and durable. Please not copy and paste from other sites , tries to give a personal value to your copy if copy at the end of the day, but with some variation of your harvest to deliver any real contribution , that SEO is simply essential , at least in the years to come.

When creating a new post or a new page , write very well your title meta tag , it is very important that not too long but that simultaneously captures the user's attention . Do not try to do too much , use the meta description to deepen . If you're going to promote a main criterion for your website , try to support him in every way, that is, titles , keywords, description, URL names The titles contained in H1 are very important because Google prioritizes them above others in H2 , H3, etc. . ; H1 headings used in short , only concepts or criteria you want to promote. Site speed is super important uses GZIP compression for http headers , gtmetrix.com can use to see how fast your site will Minifica your CSS and Javascript Try using tools stored in the browser cache your pages Include attribute 'alt' or 'title' images ; here you should not overdo it. Do not use javascript written directly on the page , instead using files . Js when you can. Idem with css . Use robots.txt file to block URL you do not want to be indexed . Eye folders where you do not block css or js files staying because Google might have trouble validating correctly as a responsive site .
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SEO Guide for Baidu ! 

Baidu is the leader in China, and to know more about that you can read marketingtochina blog.

Generates original and upload videos to your YouTube channel , and of course your channel linked to your site. You can also include your URL in the description let configured on Youtube . We also recommend you include a newsletter that allows you to get subscribers to turn access to your site to read more in-depth articles or excel in your newsletter , ask them to comment on every newsletter article or give the g+ button or social networks you have built . And if you want to be more aggressive , offer a discount if you share this article on the blog of your social networks. Try to participate in as many social channels such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Youtube and Google+ incidentally , trying to link your site with these networks
As ever , there are many actions , some techniques, other business , other social , in short, all point to achieve better organic SEO results, it is an ecosystem that must be considered.

mercredi 7 mai 2014

French Minister of foreign affairs welcomed Chinese tourists in France

Laurent Fabius went on Monday to Roissy to show the willigness of France to welcome better the Chinese visitors.

To favor Paris’s visit by Chinese tourists

France is a dream destination for numerous tourists. And among the visitors, the Chinese are the most appreciated. Laurent Fabius thus launched into a seduction operation on Monday: Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed at dawn the Chinese tourists at the exit of their plane. And he is not the only one to unwind the red carpet; the businesses and the hotel business also mobilize to develop loyalty of this clientele.
The Secretary visited the airport to understand the route of the travelers and their difficulties. The success seemed reserved and the tourists were a few to pay attention on Laurent Fabius, according to Daxue Consulting.

An important welcome for Chinese tourist in Paris’s shops

A Chinese counter in Galleries. The department stores of the boulevard Haussmann in Paris are the major shopping destination for the Chinese tourists. The management thus set up a system of welcoming so that this clientele feels comfortable and opens big its wallet. On the first floor, there is a Chinese counter, with bilingual agents, who welcome the Chinese tourists. «They are spoiled well ", insures on the microphone of Europe 1 Kevin, one of these sellers. " They prefer to buy of the leather store,  the jewelry and also the accessories, French brands because products are of quality and very sought", adds another employee, Chinese.
More widely, Minister of Foreign Affairs wishes to make the tourists stay «longer so that they spend more ", by inciting them, among others, " to go to other regions «that Paris.
«Economically, the tourism it is important. It represents 7 % of the employment in France. We are going there to have (tourists, editor's note) and we wish to have it more and more, they have to say themselves that we welcome them well ", concluded Laurent Fabius.