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samedi 10 mai 2014

SEO really works to attract Chinese Tourists

SEO really works to attract Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists spend £ 1 billion per year in the United Kingdom in 2017, largely thanks to simplified visa tourists make it easier for Chinese tourists to visit Britain.
Spending by Chinese visitors is expected to grow 84pc over the next four years, from 549m port 2013, according to a report by Barclays on tourism dynamics.
China is the fastest source of tourism spending in the world thanks to its growing middle class, who have more wealth and higher disposable income so.
But the UK can expect to see particularly strong growth in Chinese tourism expenditure through decisions aimed at simplifying the process of visa application

SEO Tips for 2014 ! 

Find a domain name according to what you do, because after Google Penguin 2.0 (May 2013) retook this much relevance , watch out this can change at any time.
Select a different title for each page within the meta tag title .
Includes meta tags for description and keywords, but be careful, in that order . In meta description refers at least once to position the criterion , the sooner the better .
Try to get a Facebook Page with your keywords in the page name . From Penguin 2.0 are that they burn ! For any reason you buy links. The pagerank today is not a relevant factor in Google rankings because Google is very clear that many websites have it handled .

Selecting the right keywords, no more than 10 for your target keywords . The content of the page should contain the criteria you want SEO optimized positioning at least 3 times in three different paragraphs or containing 500 words . Write at least one bold or strong .
Not about you optimize your content often repeating criteria ( Keyword Stuffing ) , instead using synonyms. Wary if they step out of line can lose a lot !
Select either the criteria to enhance per page , no more than 3 per page ; In SEO you should focalizarte !
Keep a blog on your site and plays the most varied subjects, no matter which delve much into these files , as this is to Google that you approach your caption read from several points of view , however if you build a mega post to include explanatory graphics , videos , eventually will achieve an SEO quality and durable. Please not copy and paste from other sites , tries to give a personal value to your copy if copy at the end of the day, but with some variation of your harvest to deliver any real contribution , that SEO is simply essential , at least in the years to come.

When creating a new post or a new page , write very well your title meta tag , it is very important that not too long but that simultaneously captures the user's attention . Do not try to do too much , use the meta description to deepen . If you're going to promote a main criterion for your website , try to support him in every way, that is, titles , keywords, description, URL names The titles contained in H1 are very important because Google prioritizes them above others in H2 , H3, etc. . ; H1 headings used in short , only concepts or criteria you want to promote. Site speed is super important uses GZIP compression for http headers , gtmetrix.com can use to see how fast your site will Minifica your CSS and Javascript Try using tools stored in the browser cache your pages Include attribute 'alt' or 'title' images ; here you should not overdo it. Do not use javascript written directly on the page , instead using files . Js when you can. Idem with css . Use robots.txt file to block URL you do not want to be indexed . Eye folders where you do not block css or js files staying because Google might have trouble validating correctly as a responsive site .
Use Google WMT ( Google Webmaster Tools) Use applications like SEOProfiler Use SEF URL or friendly to search engines, that you manage him . Generally htaccess , but if you are using WordPress or other CMS as generally you allow this option Canonical URL used to avoid duplicate content, for example a product that is in several categories and has multiple URLs with exactly the same Do not forget to have a good map of site Sets an index sitemap.xml as other XML sub - maps, each map represents a sub - type of content, eg Pages, Home, Entries . Like, you did not understand anything? See sample :  If you change your site , you should use 301 redirects to all URL changes Use microformats ( http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=146897 ) Includes rich snippets where you can, for example to your blog postings indicating the author , title, summary article , image, etc. . Link your Google+ page to your site either way , your site pointing to your Google+ page and from your site to your Google+ reciprocate. In the same line of previous ideas, growing content authoring or Google Authorship is more important. Use Slix to increase your link popularity. Use Slide Share for publishing content ; Google loves SlideShare !
Update ! (21-01-2014) NO Guest Bloggin Whatever campaigns because since January 2014 can be considered SPAM! Give other post to your blog and change your post to theirs, but do not overdo it carefully and only quality blogs and people you trust. Update ! (31-01-2014) generates at least 1 item you input and post on Article Marketing sites with good authority as articuloz.com , but do not make SPAM contributing just trash , then instead of signing with the text and URL to promote , try to leave your URL in context ( in between the content ) using anchor text not obvious , ie , it is better to use a text that says : Click here or visit this site, rather than using a text as SEO or another. Beware a hangout for John Mueller held on January 31, 2014 mentions that these techniques could be dangerous though nothing definitive yet. Integrate social media into your pages for users to share , give me love , G+ , Twittearlo , Pinearlo , etc. . while more better options , but that if you should never miss is the g+ button button as this signal is very strong now in Google . For this you can use services like share this , add this and several other free Participate in forums providing solutions such as ? First search for a topic that does not have many solutions in a forum related to your niche , then prepares a solution and post on your blog, then enter the forum and provides the solution with a link to your blog and forget to be considered SPAM.

SEO Guide for Baidu ! 

Baidu is the leader in China, and to know more about that you can read marketingtochina blog.

Generates original and upload videos to your YouTube channel , and of course your channel linked to your site. You can also include your URL in the description let configured on Youtube . We also recommend you include a newsletter that allows you to get subscribers to turn access to your site to read more in-depth articles or excel in your newsletter , ask them to comment on every newsletter article or give the g+ button or social networks you have built . And if you want to be more aggressive , offer a discount if you share this article on the blog of your social networks. Try to participate in as many social channels such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Youtube and Google+ incidentally , trying to link your site with these networks
As ever , there are many actions , some techniques, other business , other social , in short, all point to achieve better organic SEO results, it is an ecosystem that must be considered.

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