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lundi 23 novembre 2015

Chinese Tourists Arrested After showing Nude Beach pctures

A Chinese national was arrested in connection with the series of viral pictures featuring tourists stripping down on a beach in Malaysia in the coastal town of Semporna.
According to The Malay Mail Online, the nameless man, who was identified from photos uploaded, is a diving instructor who meets Chinese tourists.

Chinese Tourists Arrested After showing Nude Beach pctures

(Photo: Mika/Corbis)
"The suspect visited Semporna several times, bringing to Chinese tourist groups to dive on islands around Semporna," said the head of criminal investigations for the State Department Datuk Abdul Rahman Salehhudin press unease Wednesday.
The photographs circulating online has a group of 13 tourists. It shows a group of naked men, back to camera, wading in the shallows while a companion dressed poses in the foreground. Another shows a group of three women without bikini tops, back to the camera, and a smiling man in a bathing shorts, standing next to them.
The suspect was detained in the court of Malaysia until a hearing on October 25, he was accused of public indecency, and faces a sentence of up to three months of jail time, a fine or two.
"These shameless incidents not only harm our reputation as a tourist destination renowned but also spoils the image of Sabah. What's more, their behavior is totally unacceptable by Semporna inhabitants, most of whom are Muslims," ​​agent Semporna District Dr. Bulah Chacho said Malaysia Daily Express.
Authorities are not sure exactly when the pictures were taken but Bulah said his office has enlisted the help of Interpol to identify tourists in photography and determine when they visited the country if they are suspected having left. Semporna detectives determined that the pictures were taken somewhere between two years ago and the last two weeks.

The incident comes just months after Eleanor Hawkins, a British backpacker, was fined and jailed for posing nude on a sacred mountain in May. Locals blamed Hawkins and his fellows to "irritate" the guardians of the mountain and cause a 6.0-magnitude avalanche that killed 18 climbers.


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