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mardi 8 septembre 2015

top 5 well known Digital agency in China

Who are the most famous digital Agency in China ? Good question.

What will really provide a Digital Agency ?

What they will say We create effective brand content. We love the interaction and use new channels to renfoncer brand our customers image. Our vision for the digital strategy and animation content is based on a true editorial publishing logic.
Interactive devices: one of our most popular services is to create interaction between a public and a digital interface. We seek to create true user experience (UX services) by choosing the most appropriate recent integrated technologies.
We help companies to innovate in creating new services or improving existing services. Our team puts user experience at the heart of architecture. Any problem has its solution through its digital analysis.
We support you in your digital marketing actions: in creating email campaigns and analyzing their fallout in the creation of display, embedded video or animations and in the definition and implementation of special skins.
We use our know-how to help them in their mobile brand promotion project. Our goal is to fully optimize the user experience on these new devices and create a footprint. We help brands in design, deployment and creation of hearing to maximize the viral nature of the mobile offering.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

You can find find their video

SEO , SEM promotion of Brands, Social Media, Wechat Marketing
Startup based in Shanghai they are well know via online and their blog.

Including the world of Digital China, and its usefulness we have developed expertise in several sectors through different missions we have undertaken. It is important to understand the digital environment in order to act with the most effective levers. Each sector has different uses, and a sectoral strategy is developed by our teams following each request.
you can find an introduction on this agency here. 
They have a section in tourism and travelling Marketing.

I prospect 


What they do content generation Expand your audience with the right content mix, from creation to distribution.

Structured data and Feeds
Get more comparison sites with food and managed partnerships.
Analytics icon
Data & Insights
Grow your business by finding out what customers really want.
Conversion optimization
Turn good results in large through all digital channels.

Lead Generation & Affiliates
Combine volume and quality, partnerships with guaranteed value. Learn more
Social media management
Stay ahead by listening, and being part of, real conversations.


Effective immediately, the agency will rebrand as EmporioAsia Leo Burnett with current CEO Vincent Kobler the head of Fame agency. Arc sides operating under the aegis Leo Burnett China Strategic acquisition strengthens immediately the multinational agency production and creative capabilities in the digital domain in strong growth. Specialising in among others, online strategy and creative (websites, rich media, EDM); Search Marketing and Analytics, EmporioAsia was Best recognized previously as China's Interactive Marketing Agency, and as one of the largest specialized marketers Asia Pacific. Clients include Hilton Hotels, China Eastern Airlines, Philips, Shangri-la Hotels, Parrot and ING bank. Founded in 1999, the agency has 35 employees. It is now one of the leading digital agencies in China. China had 150 million Internet users in 2007, and is intended to overtake the United States next year in terms of absolute numbers of people online. Today, online ads capture around 2% of advertising spending in China, compared to 4-5% in the US The growth potential for the medium is clearly huge: While about half of the US population is actively using the Internet today, Only 10-15% of the Chinese population is currently plugged in. source 

"The acquisition of EmporioAsia confirms our commitment to strengthening the Publicis Groupe presence in digital and emerging markets. The talent and expertise of EmporioAsia will help us maintain a leading edge in what is widely regarded as one of the most promising advertising markets in the world, " Chairman and CEO of publicis

Press release from Publicis Group

Publicis Groupe Digital Day June 25, 2008 (Paris)

Publicis Groupe is the fourth largest communications group in the world. In In addition, it is ranked as the second largest media counsel and the world buying group, and is a global leader in digital and healthcare communications. With a presence in 104 countries on five continents, The Group employs approximately 44,000 professionals.

The Group offers its local and international clients a complete range of communication services, through three autonomous global advertising networks, Leo Burnett, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and two multi-hub networks, Fallon and 49% -owned subsidiary Bartle Bogle Hegarty; the Media Council and buying, through two worldwide networks, Starcom MediaVest Group and ZenithOptimedia; interactive and digital marketing led by Digitas;
Specialized Agencies and Marketing Services offering healthcare communications, corporate and financial communications, sustainability communications, shopper marketing, public relations, CRM and direct marketing, event and sports communication, and multicultural communications.

OgilvyOne China was named Leader in the recently published independent report "The Forrester Wave ™: digital agencies in China - strategy and execution, Q1 2015." The report highlights OgilvyOne specifically for its "high level of competence in all major criteria -. In particular, strategy, measurement and analysis, account management, and emerging media capabilities"

As momentum behind its investigation, Forrester Research, Inc. - a leading global research and consulting - notes that China, at the end of 2014, "would have 670 million Internet users and online penetration would reach 48 percent. " To "reach these consumers online and engage with them, China marketing leadership professionals need more digital marketing support from their agencies."

Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of eight agencies across 30 criteria grouped into three high-level buckets: the current offer, strategy and market presence.

Ogilvy One 

OgilvyOne received the highest ranking in both the strategy and the supply current categories from all suppliers, and was also cited for a "wide range of proprietary frameworks, tools and models for strategy, development and analysis and devotes resources to innovation. It also provides a level of customer integrated services via Neo @ Ogilvy and Social @ Ogilvy higher.

"OgilvyOne was the first digital 4A agency in China, meaning that we have built strong digital campaigns for local and global clients since 1999," says Allen Xu, general manager of OgilvyOne Shanghai. "However, this is a Forrester report particularly timely because companies in China are now getting closer to the next digital level, struggling with data to obtain a better insight and ideas that directly address their marketing problems. "

"I am delighted that Forrester named Ogilvy One Leading Digital Agency in China," says Jacco ter Schegget, President of OgilvyOne China. "As concepts such as total customer value and customer engagement become more important in China, we will continue to invest in our two strategic capabilities and data to conduct the discipline. "

Agencies in this report were selected based on their ability to offer a complete range of digital services (at least seven of the nine services listed), demonstrate an understanding of the Chinese market and excel in both customer retention and acquisition (a customer loyalty rate of over 70 percent for which 20 percent of their customers were newly acquired in 2013).

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    What’s their Agency Marketing specialization?

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    What results did they get for previous clients?

    Very important question...

    Do they look to the short, medium, long-term?

    An agency that knows their stuff will be setting out short, medium and long term strategies and the potential results to go with each of these time-frames.

    How do they mesurate KPI ?

    Any agency worth their salt will be able to provide any metric measurements you require over a given time period. This may include keyword rankings changes, search visibility,

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