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samedi 8 mars 2014

Chinese Tourism welcomed in Australia

Chinese Tourism welcomed in Australia 

The Australian Tourism is an ambitious goal - in the Chinese market in Australia for $ 36 billion, more than double the 2010 total tourism expenditure reached 100 million U.S. dollars, between $ 7,406 and $ 9,022, the total expenditure of one hundred million U.S. dollars, 2020 . This is forecast by Tourism Australia as the figures of the next decade. Overseas arrivals and departures of the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released data is what is likely to be necessary, the degree of optimism.
February's figures show the music in Asia but continued economic prosperity, more directly, the Chinese continue to boost China's tourism industry in 2011, despite the weakness in some of Australia's traditional markets and economic impact of global natural disasters.
source : http://internet-chine.blogspot.com/2012/12/chinese-tourists.html

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