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dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Africa wants to attract Chinese Tourist

Africa wants to attract Chinese Tourist 

Africa is still the main destination for Chinese tourists , but their growing purchasing power attracts the attention of the Department of African Tourism .

African Tourism

The 20th Congress of the World Tourism Organization was established on 25 August in Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, on the border between Zimbabwe. According to senior officials of the African tourism industry , China is an important market in this sector. The purchasing power of Chinese tourists is also higher than that of the Americans. According to statistics from the World Tourism Organization , the volume of foreign purchases of Chinese tourists , an increase of 40 % reached 102 billion dollars in 2012 , compared to in 2011. The Chinese Institute of Tourism Research estimates that by 2020, two million Chinese will leave on a trip abroad.
"If we can travel 10% of Chinese tourists abroad win , we will be very happy," said Tourism Minister of Zimbabwe , Walter Mzembi . "The Chinese market is very important for us , so we plan to introduce direct flights and to facilitate visa formalities . " According to statistics from Zimbabwe, only 5,000 Chinese visited the country last year , a figure still far from its goal of hosting more than 50,000 Chinese in 2015.

 Victoria Falls

According to Mr. Mzembi " Victoria Falls as famous as the Niagara Falls in North America. Last year, 11 million tourists visited Niagara Falls and most foreign tourists were Chinese. However , very few Chinese have visited the Victoria Falls. "
Africa is an increasingly popular holiday destination among the Chinese . In South Africa , China has become the fourth country of origin of foreign tourists , followed by France . More than 20,000 Chinese tourists visited Kenya to see the spectacle of the wildebeest migration . However, few people venture into the rest of the continent.
"With Cape Cross and Red Desert , Namibia has two world famous sites. Around the Chinese market, we need to know to southern Africa to the Chinese. Are interested with the political stability and attractions offers , Namibia , the Chinese deserved," said Uahekua Herunga , Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism .

 Namibian  Tourism .

The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization , Taleb D. Rifai , said that " the future development of Africa together closely with the tourism industry. During the first half of 2013 , the income of African tourism sector grew by 5% . China and Russia play an important role in the development of this sector , but there is great potential to use .


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