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mercredi 5 novembre 2014

Why Chinese tourists are disapointed about Paris ?

Paris is a nice city but... not for every tourists who dream about a better trip.

Paris the dream of Chinese 

It seems that Chinese tourists are now walking the path already traveled by the Japanese, who were already a familiar sight in the palace, gardens and shops of Europe - while China was still too large for poverty mounted many of its citizens to go on excursions abroad. Now, however, Chinese travelers are increasingly found in these glamorous and glitzy places as Dubai, Venise, and, of course, Paris.

The city of love is often represented in China (as is often worldwide) as a place dripping with beauty, culture and romance. It seems that you can not lift a brick without hitting a grand old monument, an incredibly chic Parisian or Gregory Peck riding a Vespa (bad town, but you get the idea). That, at least, is what we are told in books, movies and billboards, and that is what many of us (in China, at least) have come to believe.

Impression about Paris

Having only been to Paris when I just peed, I do not have a lot of impressions of the city, and I recognize that I too am guilty of romanticizing a certain extent, so perhaps the predominant influences on I think the way the city is the old, old impressionist paintings produced there are more than a century. This is, of course, far from ideal.
Now it is true that it would be a little frivolous to suggest to me that most Chinese share my delusional fantasies of Paris as a city of gaslights and hansom cabs people sliding on top hat and voluminous dresses, but it will show how the places we get our information regarding the "City of Light" is, shall we say, less than perfect when it comes to glean a realistic impression of modern Paris and its inhabitants. And the gap between reality and expectation is often shocking.

Japanese experiences

Many Japanese have experienced this, much to their detriment. Having never met a victim of "Paris syndrome" now famous, I can not speak with authority on this point, but supposedly the condition is that the terms of the BBC a 'psychic collapse "in the face stress disillusionment and hope disappointed. After being fed the image of the city as a supremely beautiful metropolis, highly educated, rude encounter with a local or a block of rubbish strewn have the potential shock factor to trigger symptoms severe enough, and the Embassy of Japan to Paris supposedly a 24 hotline dedicated to people suffering from "Paris syndrome". Fortunately, there is only one average occurrence rate of 12 cases per year, but is still quite remarkable when you consider that the only reason seems to be dashed expectations.source

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Many Chinese tourists now seem to be the same.

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Chinese people idealize France

"Chinese people idealize France, they know the French literature and French love stories," said Tracy, president of the Chinese Association of travel agencies in China. "But some of them end up in tears, swearing that they will never return. "
Now, you might find it a little surprising, because, in a sense, the factor "shock" may seem intuitively to be higher for the Japanese, who, with their public spaces immaculate manners and social interaction often formalized might well find some of Paris' poverty, unrest and occasional fighting particularly disconcerting courtesy.

For the Chinese, however, who come from a nation where poverty, restlessness and courtesy are the bread and butter of civic life, one might think that such behavior would be less shocking.

Well maybe so, but the indisputable fact is that some Chinese are prey to the same syndrome. It should also be noted that Chinese tourists against crime was on the rise. On the surface, therefore, the syndrome may seem a little strange, even ridiculous, but to go in a city presented as an almost heavenly summit of Western civilization must be eliminated in an alley somewhere and robbed blind would, I think, something of a shock to everyone.

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It's not just Paris, either; or, at least, the "Paris syndrome" is not limited to this city in particular, as applied to similar destinations throughout Europe, or perhaps even Europe as a whole it -even. It is unclear, however, whether any cases of people suffering from Chinese syndrome Paris regarding other destinations took place, but with the volume of people who start to visit this part of the world, I would not be surprised.

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