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mercredi 6 août 2014

Chinese Tourist in the USA

Chinese Tourist in the USA 

It is the height of the summer vacation season, and the state itself as "Vacationland" is reeling in tourists this year. On the other side of the world.
At Bar Harbor, Maine, guests on tours lobster fishing Captain John Nicolai are all but eat from her hand.

"I used to get almost no Chinese tourists  and now I can say that I get about 15 to 20 percent." On average, it is 150 Chinese tourists per week. A big reason: Last month, the first direct flight from Beijing to Boston.
Most visitors will Boston-side-trips. And Maine is just up the coast.
Over the next five years, the number of Chinese visitors to the United States will more than double, from 1.8 to 4.3 million.
The average Chinese tourist in the United States spends more than $ 7,000 per trip - more than any other nationality.
So Nicolai is not the only one in the red carpet. The restaurants have menus in Chinese. Local businesses have even formed a marketing group to try to attract more Asian tourists. Nicolai customers appreciate that taking the trouble to learn their language.
"I like to take them because they are so interested in what we do here. And I think they bring the message back home, "said Nicolai.
Back home in China, where the word spreads about the great welcome awaits nearly 7,000 miles.

Nearly 100 million Chinese traveled the world

China is known in its production and mass consumption. Today these are embarking on the great adventure: to travel the world. Indeed, Chinese tourists are now number 100 million to travel the world. Chinese tourists very interested tour operator and destination country. With the arrival of the Chinese, they have seen their sales double or even triple in recent years. What is interesting with these new rich Chinese is that they tend not to limit their expenses while traveling.
Ahead in the ranking of the biggest spenders in the world tourists, the Chinese do not hesitate to pay a small fortune to live in the greatest luxury hotels. Which makes especially the happiness of tour operators is that the Chinese tend to travel in groups, which still generates more profit. Chinese tourists: new targets for thugs The influx of Chinese tourists in Europe provokes reactions in groups of thugs explain him.

Chinese: targets for thieves

Chinese today are their main targets and those particular because they tend to bring cash with them when visiting a tourist site. The case of aggression has intensified in recent years, which attracts attention of the Chinese authorities, but also the countries of destination. Indeed, if the attacks continue, the Chinese authorities will eventually remove some destinations which only means: a loss to the country of destination.

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