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mercredi 11 juin 2014

Travelzoo: The world will greet the new wave of Chinese tourists

Travelzoo: The world will greet the new wave of Chinese tourists

 The world's leading online travel site Travelzoo Asia Pacific markets open up in 2007 to recommend Special features of tourism products, Travelzoo Asia Pacific CEO Ye Tiancheng those who want to help and guide the new generation of Chinese tourists began traveling around the world for the first time.

Travelzoo Asia Pacific currently has 3.6 million users, with offices in the Asia Pacific region 5. The difference is that the traditional travel agency, Travelzoo to provide users with a limited, high cost of travel and gourmet special offers every week. 叶天成 said Travelzoo Asia Pacific revenue was 20 percent of the current annual growth, so do the expansion in preparation. He talked with reporters Pacific tourism market prospects and the company's business plan.

Q: How do you see changes in the next decade, Asia-Pacific tourism market is going to happen?

A: Asia-Pacific tourism largely depends on the momentum of high economic growth. China itself is a very big tourist market. Chinese first-tier cities tourists generally younger, have a higher disposable income. They prefer to explore and adventure, a high degree of freedom of the individual tend Walks, by their own travel arrangements.

Tier city's economy is also rising, affluent mainlanders still swim team produced mainly by tour bus, in the Chinese outbound guided tours, group tours are also extremely concerned about this kind of price, 50 yuan for the difference will be very different.

Currently 70% of outbound travel team, 30% is a personal exercise. This is 30% of the population concentrated in the exercise of first-tier cities, and the growth rate than the team travel much faster. Number of exercise of 60% of the annual increase in the next decade but will show explosive growth.

Q: For this is being done overseas travel market to prepare?

A: Everyone is talking about Chinese tourists, who want to give the impression that the Chinese people to leave hospitable. Chinese tourists Hotel Group prepared a Chinese tea room, also has a large breakfast gruel, shops and reception Chinese people have the habit of Chinese staff, to facilitate the exchange of Chinese tourists. This is the case in Australia's Gold Coast, 80 Japanese tourists received another similar, however, and many shops and restaurants began offering Japanese prices and menu.

There are many tourists personalized requirements. Traveling by car, critically swim, especially to overseas study tours tours. These are clear, the purpose of a strong tourist types.

But national tourism destination if there is sufficient capacity to accept so many Chinese tourists do? We take Hong Kong as an example. Now you see more and more of a boutique hotel and serviced apartments in mainland greet visitors. Short rent serviced apartments in the past usually accrue at least three months, and now has been shortened to five days at least. These are the Chinese mainland tourists to make a response to market demand.

Q: How do other countries in the Asia-Pacific market?

A: Asian emerging markets will be the driving force for growth in the next decade global tourism. American and European markets have been quite mature. Information from emerging markets shows that people in these countries want to go out and see the world. How do we guide and help them travel? How to provide a convenient tool for them, let them travel easier?

We can give these Walks Chinese guests a chance, for example, can go to Madison Square Garden Arena to watch a NBA basketball game, and the United States Travelzoo users to enjoy the same price. Ctrip and eLong can also get a ticket, but because they are through intermediaries, the fee would not to our advantage.

Q: Travelzoo Asia is how to expand the business? What are the competitors?

A: We have 3.6 million subscribers in the Asia Pacific. Of which one million users in Japan Japan, China 1.1 million, 440,000 Hong Kong, Australia has 750,000.

From the revenue point of view, China and Japan each accounted for 33% of our Asia-Pacific business. Ctrip and eLong services in the Chinese domestic market services, we have some competition and TripAdvisor, but the amount they are run, and we are very precise. In addition, tourism is our rival Yahoo, OTA, although some other contenders, but they also buy traffic from us.

Q: How to expand your business?

A: Travelzoo development for 15 years and survived the previous global economic crisis. The reason we survived is simple: stick quality content.

We release products must undergo a rigorous evaluation, research and testing. We only publish high-quality products, in order to retain high-quality subscribers. These two basic principles, is the holy grail Travelzoo went today.

Large domestic Internet companies Sina and Ctrip and we are trying to do similar things, but they tend to no avail, they are difficult to grasp the key elements of these special offers. Every week, we spent 20 effort behind the product and the workload is huge.

The next phase of growth should come from Travelzoo strategic cooperation with local Chinese companies. Many Western companies trying to enter the Japanese and Chinese markets, but all ended in failure because it alone.

After eBay has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in China, the result is not a player worthy of attention. Google in China is not worth mentioning. U.S. online travel giant Expedia to form a joint venture to enter the Chinese market, the situation is not good. TripAdvisor TripAdvisor is in China. These companies are underperforming in China.

We do not intend to complete the next stage on their own alone. We look forward to seek further growth of strategic cooperation, and this partner will realize the value of Travelzoo bring Chinese tourists.


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