"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

lundi 2 septembre 2019

Top News about Chinese Market (Summer 2019)

Focus on Chinese Tourists Wallets 

really interesting article
Struggling US retailers are embracing mobile technology to help them open the wallets of visiting Chinese travellers, a market that reached US$33 billion http://www.amunraventures.com/business/chinas-e-commerce-giants-are-reaching-for-the-wallets-of-overseas-chinese/

From US retailer to Travel operator Caesar , the aim is to get a piece of the 10 of billions of USD spent by Chinese travellers in North american who often "shopping"  simply by tapping a QR code on their smartphones.

Shopping Trends Chinese Outbound Tourism Market 

According to Euro-International, China's total watch market sales reached 65.8 billion yuan (RMB) in 2016. The Chinese watch market is expected to reach 79.4 billion yuan by 2020


Smart Watches Market in China

In recent years, smart watches in China  have increased in demand due to lack of innovation and uniformity.
However, the growth rate of smart watches in China is still rising and demand is strong

Chinese Tourists are Real Estate Investors 


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