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samedi 26 septembre 2020

Marketing of Museum to Chinese tourists

The concept of “museum” dates back more than 200 years; the museum is the ideal place to learn more about the culture and history of a country. The museum is the backbone of cultural life, it is the place where people can learn, and have various experiences. Over 2,000,000 Chinese tourists have visited French museums since 2015, placing France in second place after the United States.

Museum marketing

Foreign museums, in particular French museums, occupy an important place on Chinese social networks and the Internet.

KOL in China

Bloggers and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) are also very popular with Chinese internet users. Their storytelling and opinions are essential to have good visibility on the Chinese network. (example here) So after the arrival of the Chinese Prime Minister at the Palace of Versailles, requests on the website exploded. This demonstrates the strong presence of social networks in the daily life of Chinese Internet users.

Today, foreign museums are working hard to attract more tourists by offering many services in Chinese. In addition, they decided to make great efforts to develop all kinds of Chinese information tools, such as website translation.

Chinese Tourists

Chinese who travel abroad have very specific expectations of museums. A tailor-made reception is an aspect to take into consideration, Chinese speaking staff and audio guides are essential.

Wi-Fi is also important because China is the most connected country in the world. The Chinese being hyper connected, they want to be able to communicate at any time through their social network.

In fact, the Orsay and Louvre museums quickly understood this new wave of tourists, hence the development of new strategies, including the integration of new payment methods such as WeChat pay and AliPay. All of these new forms of payment make the visitor experience easier. They just have to scan the QR code and the money goes straight to the buyer's account, no language or currency barriers.

How can Western museums attract Chinese tourists?

With the development of new technologies, especially in China, the largest connected country in the world, there are many ways to attract Chinese tourists to the museum. You can use Chinese social media websites like Weibo and Douban. 

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