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mardi 26 novembre 2013

Chinese tourist murdered in Phuket ?

Chinese woman Jiang Ghengyne died shortly after 16 hours from blood loss with Phuket police investigation still causing the death of her husband in what is now a double tragedy mysterious .
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PHUKET : The body of a Chinese tourist was found in a room of Phuket splattered blood station today, after the wife of the man jumped from a balcony. The six-hour drama Broken plans for a group of 18 Chinese tourists who were visiting Central Festival Phuket and enjoy a city tour . Most of the group were about to sit down to breakfast when the woman jumped from a second floor balcony , bringing the staff and other guests on the run.

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Inside the room the couple, the staff found a dead man under a sheet on the bed , with blood soaking bedding and floor, extending into the toilet. An electric kettle was severely damaged and a reverse lamp. Upstairs was a piece of flesh. A note says in Chinese : '

We 'll be together forever ! 

The woman was transported to Mission Hospital then transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital , where she remains in serious condition under close supervision. The couple were named Li Ming , 42, and his wife , Jiang Ghengyne 43 . Their tour party arrived in Phuket on November 22 and was due to fly tomorrow.
It is believed they have a child , who remained in China. The brother of the woman was on the tour. Although it seems an intense struggle can take place before the man died , the police keep all options open. Packing for three sleeping pills were found in a trash can. It is possible pillow may have been used to smother the man, but he also had serious injuries to his forehead.
The woman suffered a cut to the throat and other parts . No knife was found in the room . Common access to the balcony was available from all rooms on the second floor line . In Thailand, the ground floor is considered the first floor to the second floor jump is not fatal. Station in the city of Phuket where the tragedy took place , the Pago Design Hotel Phuket, has only been open a year.

source : http://www.bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/381483/stranded-tourists-rescued-off-phuket

It is described as online newest hotel Phuket Town '' . . . unique design fashionable and luxurious comfort for your stay unforgettable. '' The tour party had spent several days at a resort in Patong and transferred to Pago 21 o'clock last night . Detectives are now trying to piece together what happened during the nine hours between arrival and the woman jumped from the balcony.
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