"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

lundi 4 novembre 2013

High-end British businesses

High-end British businesses with Chinese Tourists

In a move that should have upscale rubbing their hands with glee British companies , George Osborne unveiled a new visa system to make it easier for tourists and wealthy Chinese businessmen to visit the UK. Motivated in part by a study that showed Chinese tourists bought considerably more handbags designers in Paris and London , Osborne said: "I do not want us to try to resist your economic progress , I want Britain to share in ". In other words : " Hey Big Spender, spend a little time with me. "

Chinese tourists are one of the most dynamic of visitors to UK

But while Chinese tourists are one of the most dynamic of visitors to UK groups - a record 179,000 in 2012 , spending a total of £ 300 million - there is a well-trodden path that most visits down . In this case , it is especially indicated by the stores.

Blue Badge Guide Nai -Lin Yeh organized tours for Chinese visitors to the United Kingdom for over 15 years. Despite its efforts to encourage visits to go further , one of the most popular places requested by visitors is Bicester Village, an evacuation center for designer labels and luxury Oxfordshire. " In China, branded products are very expensive and they are worried about fakes ," he said. "When they go shopping , they want to spend much . I think they want the material things more than the spiritual. " Tour the historic sites of London such as the Tower of London seems to be less of a draw. Photo: Jack Sullivan / Alamy / Alamy
A visit to Bicester is usually preceded by a walk around the colleges near Oxford. Similarly, a visit to Stonehenge can integrate Clarks Village , Somerset , a factory outlet that Chinese tourists arrive by the busload to obtain a pair of shoes to a quintessential British fraction of the price at home. The fact that most Clarks shoes are actually made in China does not seem to be a deterrent . say Beijing apartement

 Windsor Castle is the most popular sites

When it comes to historic sites, Windsor Castle is the most popular , said Yeh . " Some want to go to the Tower of London , but tickets are expensive , so normally they just go around the outside of it and take pictures ," he says . "It's the same with Westminster Abbey . they want to avoid spending entrance, but they spend a lot of money buying . I took a group of eight to Harrods last week and spent £ 70,000 in two hours. the one of them almost bought a watch for £ 290,000 . "
Carey Fletcher , chairman of the China Britain Travel Group , said that returning visitors are more likely to visit sites outside the capital. " Now groups are in the Lake District , which previously they did not go at all. Brighton and Portsmouth are also becoming popular. "
According to Visit International survey of passengers in Britain , the three main activities " dream " for Chinese visitors to the UK are visiting Buckingham Palace , watching the sunset at Stonehenge and spend a night in a castle Scottish . But despite this, and the growing popularity of whiskey in China , travel to Scotland are less frequent , with most visitors stick to London. " The only place to buy the least expensive whiskey in China Duty Free "


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