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samedi 2 novembre 2013

2 chinese tourists try to pay their bill with Coins of 1 euro !

2 chinese tourists try to pay their bill with Coins of 1 euro ! 

Two Chinese tourists were briefly detained in France on suspicion of forgery after trying to settle their hotel bill with coins of one euro. Police were called after a hotel owner in Paris became suspicious about two men and 3,700 pieces of one euro were then found in their room.

no counterfeit

But the monay were not counterfeit . The men said they had got the money dealers scrapyard in China, which are often forgotten in euro cars sent from Europe. The owner of the hotel in Bagnolet, in the east of Paris , called the police after the two tourists had again tried to pay the 70 euros (59 € ) of the hotel bill for the second night - all as they did yesterday .
"Investigators suspected they were dealing with a case of counterfeit money, " a source was quoted as saying by Le Parisien newspaper of France . But banking experts have verified the coins and confirmed that they were not wrong. It was later established that the two men - who were not identified - have friends in the scrap metal trade in China and purchased parts from them. Thousands of European cars are shipped to China for scrap each year. They are meticulously searched before demolition - and it seems that the most common values ​​are left inside parts of a euro.

sources http://touristchinese.wordpress.com/

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