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dimanche 13 octobre 2013

100millions Chinese tourists travel abroad !

100millions Chinese tourists travel abroad !

All destinations for tourism have eyes Chimene for Chinese outbound market. In a highly competitive international context, France is rather well placed. France demonstrated during one of his last technical events organized before the summer break In partnership with the firm Roland Berger, Trump France conducted a major study focused on affluent Chinese upper middle class / (Chinese Upper-Middle Class), a now estimated at 9.6 million households or 30.3 million segment people. view top photo

The study highlights a home CUMC must have an annual household income between 24 000 and 48 000 and a budget of 5 300-8 300 euros to provide a "standard" trip to Europe (4-6 or country for duration of 10 to 12 days).

As for the "additional costs", estimated at 30% to 50% of total travel expenses, they are among the most important source markets.


85% of respondents said they intend to make at least one trip abroad in the next two years. This represents a potential 26 million passengers which will be added the new Chinese rich are not taken into account in this study. Beyond its economic prosperity and financial capacity available to its nationals to travel to Europe, China feeds its tourism growth of urbanization (proximity to an airport), the increase in the level of education, youth of its population, the appreciation of the yuan, a strong propensity to save ...
According to the WTO, 100 million Chinese citizens should travel around the world by 2020. Already, one of 17 international tourist is a Chinese national.

Chinese Tourists already shocked international community with  that

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High competition in Europe !

In this highly competitive (137 countries designated in 2009 as authorized by the Chinese government tourist destinations) and ahead of the United States and Australia market, Europe remains the favorite destination for Chinese tourists. In 2010, there were 2.3 million to visit. Each tour to Europe includes France (source www.franceguide.com/. It is the main travel destination for 30% of Chinese tourists. At his side, four countries stand out: Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. According to estimates, 1.8 million Chinese tourists are expected to visit France in the 2013/2014 season.

A much more complex and complicated promising market, when we know that it is very sensitive to seasonal phenomenon.
The Chinese have in effect two major annual leave during which CUMC prefer to travel: New Year (January-February) and the "Golden Week" CUMC travel preferences evolve. The era of large groups who visited 5-6 countries in 15 days tends to disappear in favor of travel in small groups. The number of European countries visited were also reduced. In 2010 Chinese tourists visited 2-3 countries (France, Italy and Switzerland preferred) in 10 days.
By 2015, they will visit one or two countries in 6 days, France and Switzerland topping preferences.
This trend towards more individual trips should continue.

 new tourists wawe

"These new tourists are increasingly seeking formulas to measure. Beyond the beautiful landscapes and famous landmarks, the themes are going to grow as the castles, the wine, wedding ceremonies, golf, gambling is illegal in China, skiing, shopping oriented luxury brands, incentives ...

Shopping and luxury brands! 

This client focuses much more customization of travel at the price. The good price / quality ratio is not a priority, "said , Director of Maison de la France in China. Kettle in every room The survey of a sample of 400 Chinese CUMC (including 10 to 15% who have already made a trip to France) stressed the importance of the journey on board entertainment. He arrived in third position behind recreational activities (shopping, cinema ...) and time spent at home (reading, TV, surf the net ...).
France is a destination that meets the dream holiday of Chinese tourists. It is romantic, cultural and, moreover, it will bring the luxury "witness" who will win social prestige (4 of the top 10 most requested by Chinese brands are French him Vuiton, Cartier, Chanel and Dior ).

He will exhibit his return the sample photo that will matter as much as the tour itself. But the transition from dream to reality reserve him some cactus. Procedures for arrival and departure, the difficulties in obtaining a visa, the language barrier and limited services in Chinese, are some of the French weaknesses.
It also expects a warm hotel services, rooms of larger hotels, media and TV channels in China, kettles in the rooms because it can not live without hot water, hot buffets for breakfast, mastery of English by the hotel and restaurant staff, more flexible department stores for shopping hours, which is one of five key activities of the Chinese in France.

The fact remains that 86% of respondents who have already made a trip to France said they wanted to go back and argued a strong propensity to recommend.
The Chinese travel agency, almost obligatory passage CUMC tourists are mainly sensitive to channel promotions and information are the Internet and social networks.

Problems of VISA again and again

They would not book through their services, but the difficulties in obtaining visas lead them to appeal to the Chinese tourism professionals for export. In view of the United States and Australia, the process for obtaining a Schengen visa would be one that requires the most documents. It is also the longest.
"If the process of obtaining visas was simplified and streamlined in the French representations in China, embassies and consulates, the Chinese outbound tourism to France could grow by 30%," director of Atout France.
For their part, the Chinese tourism professionals are worried about the lack of uniformity of visa procedures from within the Schengen area, France is considered the most severe country, far ahead of Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
When choosing a travel agency with the Chinese consumer is based on credibility, trust, transparency, the "value for money" is coming in the fourth position. Chinese tour operators which combine the two activities (production and distribution) have developed greatly in 20 years. They were only 7 in 1990, they were 1246 in 2010. The most important are state companies.

Current regulations limit the ability of foreign competition!

Finally, there is the important part of the routes. Increasing the number of Chinese cities and intermediaries to diversify the new French cities would be most beneficial to believe a voice pros Chinese outbound tourism and receptive agencies.

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