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mercredi 24 juillet 2013

Do you speak Tourist ?

Do you speak Tourist ? 

Paris, one of the main tourist destinations in the world for Chinese tourists, has released new information to advise citizens on how to deal with Chinese tourists.

"A simple smile and a hello in their own language completely satisfied," the guide published by the Regional Tourism Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris is denominated.

"Roan ING gouang Linne" is how he tries to explain the subtleties to say "welcome" in Chinese. "They are eager buyers of luxury brands," he explains the habits of a million Chinese visiting the French capital every year. "They are picky about food and wine.

They appreciate suggestions ingenious shopping" he notes. Tourist guide entitled

Do You Speak tourist ? /doyouspeaktouriste.fr

Parisian hoteliers aid and taxi drivers, known for their rough charm, with audio on how to ask non-speaking tourists about their desires. The guide also includes 10 other nationalities. Under Chinese tourists come organized bus tours, as 84 percent today sightseeing individually. Chinese tourist spends an average of six to seven nights in the most visited city in the world and forks € 171 (HK $ 1,738) per day - which is 31 euros more than the average American and 15 less the average Japanese.

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