"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Decidedly, everyone want to attract Chinese tourists!

Decidedly, everyone want to attract Chinese tourists!

Bali focus on Chinese tourists

Wiryanti Sukamdani, chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Promotion (BPPI) Commission recently said Kuta number of visitors from China, is growing every year, thanks to the stunning economic growth and rising middle-class ICT.

 However Sukamdani Indonesia was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the demand for many Chinese tourists. "Come in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and Bali for business and pleasure," he said. "Packages Promotion and attractive tourism should increase to allow more Chinese visitors Indonesia.
" I Gusti Ngurah Putera, secretary general of the Ministry of Tourism, Marketing and Creative Economy, said the number of Chinese tourists to Bali, was second only to Australians.
"Temporary relations in Indonesia and China and other ASEAN countries is positive, and we expect that this trend will continue to grow tourism," said Putera.
Department arranged for the development of tourism is growing in China in June last year with the participation of all stakeholders in the tourism sector in Indonesia.

Chinese tourists, a growing source of money

According to the Bali Tourism Organization, the number of Chinese visitors to the island reached 310,904 people in 2012, an impressive growth of 31.26 percent over the previous year 236868. Chinese tourists contribute 10.75 percent of the total number of foreign tourists to Bali. "China Mittal Japan with the second largest number of tourists in Bali in force in Australia," said Ida Kade Subhiksu, head of the Bali tourism.
 The analysis shows that the agency's nearly 31 million Chinese people travel around the world fell in love with holiday periods. About 91 percent of holiday travelers dissertation Chinese Asian-Pacific region and in most of them from the three major cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

How Chinese tourists spend their money in Bali

As a rule, the Chinese tourists stay in star rated hotels and prefer to spend their leisure tours, shopping and water sports. The agency has recorded average daily cost in Bali reached $ 150.34 per person.
I Ketut Ardhana, President of Indonesia, and the Association of Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali branch, shared their experiences in the tourism promotional tour in China in June last year, saying that it seeks Chinese tourists visiting Bali. "Many of them prefer to take charter flights

While some companies have opened direct flights from China to Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport," said Ardana. Ardana said the Chinese New Year has always been a popular time of the pulse to travel to the Chinese. "During the Chinese New Year, thousands of tourists from the country to spend their holidays in Bali for at least seven days," he said. Ardhana recalled that the Chinese market has great potential.
 "I expect that all ASITA that will improve their membership packages and mechanisms that can eliminate illegal activities detrimental to the image of Bali," he said.

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