"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

lundi 17 juin 2013

Irland wants to attract Chinese Tourists !

Irland wants to attract Chinese Tourists ! 

A number of well-known Irish companies are heading to Adare this week for a course on how to maximize the opportunities offered by the rapid growth of Chinese tourism market. China recently surpassed Germany as the country from which most tourists traveling abroad, and 95 million of its citizens will be a holiday in a foreign country this year, spending more than $ 100 billion in the process .

 Tourism management !

Many will travel to Europe. However, according to a famous Professor, a specialist in Tourism Management has been visiting China since 1978, this cash-rich visitors but lack of time have special requirements. their hosts. In partnership with the local travel company Riordan, the Chinese Outbound Tourism Research Institute is organizing a two-day course at Dunraven Arms in Adare, Co Limerick, from tomorrow on how to adapt to these requirements.
 etourism in China is boomin accord to this website in French Webmarketing-com

Participants will include the likes of Dromoland Castle, Ireland Luxury, Brown Thomas and Guinness Store. Prof. Arlt explained that the Chinese have a specific trip abroad expectations, especially a long and costly. Although they do not mind paying for something they do believe that waiting is a waste of time. Luxury Travel
"To put it in a nutshell, Chinese tourists when they arrive in a European country, they do not come on holiday," he said.

 "They come to gain prestige, to learn something, to see something and be able to brag about when they go home.

Golf Top activity

They want to say they played on this or that famous Irish golf course.

" He warned they may also have particular sensitivities, and can sometimes take a bad personal service and interpreted as an insult to them or their culture.

"Their government has said they are ambassadors and they take it seriously," he said.

They are aware of the growing influence of their country and love to see the signs and information in Chinese, along with other international languages. Prof. noted that, as they come from a culture of 4,500 years, they will not necessarily be impressed by something that we, or other tourists, which also includes former.

"You need to understand your customers and treat them accordingly," he said.
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