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lundi 17 juin 2013

US tourist were the most important

US tourist were the most important


and now time are changing... 

At this time, we also heard a lot about them and their behavior. They get the stereotype of being obnoxious, loud, ostentatious, and coarse. But today, it is the Chinese tourists are to the Americans, with all that that implies.

82 million Chinese tourists worldwide

Indeed, in late 2012, there were 82 million Chinese tourists worldwide. They are also the biggest spenders in the world with $ 102 billion in spending. The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations has said there will be 100 million Chinese citizens traveling outside the country by 2015 (more on Chinese tourists here).

 An interesting news about this trend is that the Club Med, a French operator station recently received a takeover by a Chinese conglomerate Fosun International named. The conglomerate said it is for the expansion of Club Med in China. This news proves the growing importance of the Chinese tourism in the world...
More information http://ins-globalconsulting.com/blog/content/the-supremacy-of-chinese-tourists

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