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dimanche 16 juin 2013

A graffiti in Luxor !

A graffiti in Luxor !

A graffiti of a Chinese tourist in Luxor stirs controversy 

These are seven characters that sparked considerable controversy in China, "Ding Jǐnhào dàocǐ Yiyou" (丁锦昊 到此 一 游),

"Ding Jinhao visiting here."

 The traces of the passage of a young Chinese tourist 14 years in one of the most famous monuments in Luxor Egypt. The graffiti was written on the body of the God Amon outside the shrine of Alexander the Great, which is itself inside the temple of Amenhotep III.

"It's almost like a graffiti in the throne room of the Forbidden City in the bedroom of the king at Versailles," said Renaud de Spens, sinologist and Egyptologist. This is the message from another Chinese tourist on his microblog account, with photo of the offense taken on May 6, which started it all Friday. ".. In Egypt, a sad moment of shame in not knowing where to hide I told the Egyptian guide: I'm sorry". The guide replied: "It is also the fault of the guide that should have prevented."

"We used paper to try to erase the shame, but it is difficult to clean, you can not use water, it is a monument of it 3500 years ago," said the surfer,

 who did not expect that his message could trigger such a storm. The post has attracted more than 15,000 comments and was retweeted more than 90,000 times.

The subject has since become one of the most commented on Sina Weibo, the leading microblogging site in China, which devoted a special page. Many comments stressed the millennial history of the monument, reports Renaud de Spens. Users are engaged in the hunt to find the author of such a sacrilege. This is a teenager Nanjing Ding Jinhao, a member of a wealthy family. According to local media, his mother apologized. But some critics an easy target that represents the teenager now under great pressure because of the media storm.

"What effect will this have it on his future
Who cares?
The boy made a mistake, but the main responsibility is for adults.
Who taught this guy?

 In most tourist attractions in China there (graffiti). Abroad, everyone knows it's a shame to do that, why do not we know in China. This is a problem that we need to think. Boy can be forgiven, adults need to wake up,

"writes @ Xingxu-Think. For Li Bo, a professor of Nanjing University and famous for his appearances on television, Ding Jinhao has certainly made a mistake, but not a crime.

This is not Tianyi Li, Bo Li exclaimed, referring to the son of a famous general implicated in a rape case at the beginning of the year. More generally, this case calls to date an old controversy over the attitude of some Chinese tourists abroad.

"This is the mistake of a child, but everyone has to think: Do not forget abroad you represent China!" Said one user. Most Chinese tourists to China even have the habit of leaving traces of their passage, especially the Great Wall. "It made me think about what I saw last year at the National Day October 1, this man took a stone to burn deep characters on the Great Wall

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