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samedi 25 novembre 2017

Branding is your Best Option in China

Branding Is The Best Option for your business in China.

In China, it is a different world. check this video to understand Chinese New Consumer society.


Chinese consumers like to buy things that are made by well-established brands, and they pay extra money for that rather than going for cheap things.

 To learn different things about the Chinese market, you must see China as a Continent Market. 

Things like Chinese are different if you offer them two things with same quality and different prices, they will pay a high price for just the name of the brand because they have this mindset that brand purchasing will increase there prestige in their social circle and they find peace of mind in it. They trust the big brand, and if you want to sell your product you must give the reason to buy it, and this reason could be branding.
source : https://www.toms-shoes.com.co/china-different-market-need-different-approach-successful/

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