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jeudi 23 novembre 2017

Chinese tourist to the USA

 Chinese Tourists like travel to USA

According to a recent survey, High-Income Chinese People (HNWI) - defined as people with the US $ 1.5 million or more in investable assets - over 50 percent plan or plan to emigrate from China. According to Bain Consulting and China Merchants Bank, there are about 1.6 million Chinese with investment assets of $ 1.5 million or more, up from 180,000 in 2006. For Chinese seeking to leave China, the United States and Canada are the most popular destinations, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia. Cities on the west coast of the United States are the favorite emigration destinations of the Chinese. These cities are of course the closest to China, increasingly served by regular direct flights and have large existing Chinese communities. If half of the millionaires in the United States were planning to leave the country, it is clear that we would like to know why.

The motivation wealthy Chinese to leave China 

 Education and the environment are the main factors that motivate wealthy Chinese to leave China. China's political and military elites have long since pushed back local higher education, sending their offspring to study in prestigious Western universities for better education than is available at home. The daughter of Chinese President Xi Jinping, for example, studied at Harvard University in the United States. For reference, in the Times Higher Education 2017 World University Rankings, the first Chinese university is ranked 29th. Clean air and water, healthy food and open-minded education are attractive to all - and especially to the rich Chinese. 

 The transparent rule of law

In addition, some 84% of participants cited the depreciation of the Chinese yuan as a major concern and a driver for seeking to move and buy real estate abroad. But there are other reasons that drive the rich to look abroad. The reality is in China, if you cross the authorities, everything can become very bad for you, and quickly. You will notice that the top 10 cities listed in the table above are all in countries with an open and transparent rule of law, which is lacking in China. An exit plan abroad provides an insurance policy, if a quick departure needs to be done.

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