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lundi 4 décembre 2017

More than 610,000 Chinese arrivals to Canada

In the right place at the right time 

Last year, 610,000 Chinese arrivals to Canada peaked, up 24% year-over-year, placing China third after the United Kingdom and the United States. WE The apparent influx of Chinese tourists to Canada in 2016 contrasts with US Department of Commerce figures from January to March (-0.5%) and March 2017 (-2.1%). Anti-Chinese rhetoric and President Trump's travel bans are undoubtedly part of the reason for the decline. It's a leap in less than 10 years - in 2008, Canada welcomed only 160,000 Chinese visitors, and all major destinations around the world can claim a "me too" of growth when swarms of Chinese begin to surpass the rest.  

Canada's very popular

While the demand for flights from China to the United States is declining, it is increasing in Canada, which is experiencing new peaks in Chinese arrivals. No collapse of trump cards in Canada, which is easy to access for visas, welcoming and attractive for free millennials. The rapid growth of China's middle class has led to exponential growth in Chinese outbound tourism, making it the most lucrative market for those working in the travel industry. Fortunately for the best routes for Chinese travelers, it seems that many of these travelers want to visit our home and our homeland. According to the latest report from China International Travel Monitor published by Hotels.com, Canada's popularity among Chinese mainlanders has grown from 17th in 2016 to second place in 2017 - tied with Australia - with 16% of respondents visiting country over the next 12 years. month.

 The best routes for Chinese travelers

It seems that Vancouver and Toronto are the best routes for Chinese travelers, while the Rockies are the main Canadian site to visit. Our huge tourist peak is on the summer holidays, which is the same everywhere, "says Galpin. The turning point in young millennials aged 20 to 34 also from other key destinations in Asia, South Korea and Japan, 40% of all visitors to Canada in the last three years, is the key to solve this problem: First, they are more flexible and willing to try alternative seasons, which can also provide good value. Secondly, they are looking for adventures and outdoor experiences, which we have en masse. "

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