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samedi 4 juin 2022

Chinese Tourists top News post lockdown

 Chinese Tourists top News 2022

Partnerships With Chinese Travel Agents?

When it comes to partnerships, there are several types. Some partnerships will be between existing partners while others may be introductions based on mutual benefit. For example, a leading travel agency may launch an “introduction agreement” with a local travel agency that will allow the owner to use those eyes and ears in the market to attract top talent. In exchange, the owner will receive ongoing access to the best talent at that destination and assistance in recruiting and retaining them.


Chinese tourists 2.0 

Regional tourism is grappling with the absence of the prolific travellers and big spenders – the Chinese tourists. Cambodia, which has welcomed over two million Chinese tourists before Covid-19, is reeling from the economic loss despite being the first to fully open last November

‘To put it simply, tourism in Southeast Asia will not see a full recovery until Chinese travellers come back,” said Hannah Pearson, a Southeast Asia travel and tourism industry analyst.

Truth be told, it is not just Southeast Asian tourism but the world in general, given the fact that it is the largest tourism source market since 2012.


Travel was a new concept for most Chinese until the 1980s, before which even traveling within the country often required approval from one's work unit, which had a say in most aspects of people's lives in the pre-reformation era. They were mainly civil servants or managers of public companies who could travel abroad. But the era of private travel began after Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia became the top three destinations Chinese citizens were allowed to visit in the 1990s under tourism agreements issued, and passports became easier to obtain, at least for the Han majority.

In 2012, Chinese travelers spent $100 billion on international travel, making them the top tourism spenders in the world explained a travel agency in the Chinese Business Club. 

 In 2019, Chinese travelers made 155 million outbound trips, with Japan and Thailand being the top destinations, and spent about $255 billion, or 20 percent of all international tourism spending, according to the Organization. tourism world. But the pandemic has halted the country's outbound travel, with only about 26 million outbound trips made by Chinese citizens in 2021, according to industry association China Tourism Academy.

Freedom to travel has also not been uniform across China. Ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and Tibet have long faced difficulties obtaining passports, according to Human Rights Watch, which finds that most ordinary Tibetans have mostly been without passports since 2012.


The foreign travel restriction comes as Beijing appears to be increasingly answering to itself. In addition to its closed borders being closed, China has waived its hosting rights for the 2023 Asian Cup final, citing its covid situation; some Chinese universities have dropped out of international rankings; and the country seems to be experiencing a growing rejection of education in English.

Yet hundreds of thousands of Chinese students continue to study in the United States and the United Kingdom.

source https://qz.com/2165902/when-will-the-world-see-chinese-tourists-again/

“Given what appears to be a push by the party-state in China to cut off Chinese scholars, students, travelers, business people and others from international contact, it is important that the United States and other nations the Democrats don't do the same, but prefer to accentuate the reach and keep the doors open for the exchange of ideas and people-to-people contact," Millward said. "It will benefit people in the United States, in China, everywhere. "

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