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jeudi 23 juin 2022

New Way to develop Education business in China

 Analysts believe that the company's new live-streaming sales strategy may help it overcome a regulatory crackdown which decimated its education division.

This company was once China's largest private tutoring firm. But its fortunes changed in July last year, when Beijing imposed new rules that prohibited tutoring for profit. New Oriental's stock plummeted and it fired tens of thousands.

How to Market an Education in China

Any English education company's marketing strategy will be determined by the market and target audience. The following areas will be the focus of a company marketing English education products to China: - Market Research – This will include research into the preferences and needs potential customers. It is a smart idea to concentrate your market research on the needs and preferences of potential customers, given China's growing market for English education products. This can be done through customer interviews, surveys, and other market research tools. Targeting - It's crucial that you target the right customers in a diverse market. It's crucial that you target the right customers in such a diverse market. This can be done using a variety of targeting strategies, such as demographics, psychographics and behaviour targeting. Email Marketing - Email marketing remains one of the best ways to market EFL products and services in China. Email marketing can be used to promote many types of content such as ebooks, elearning courses, blog posts, and more. Advertise online to promote your English education products. There are many advertising options available, including video ads and display ads. - Word of mouth marketing - Finally, social media can be used to generate word-of mouth marketing. This is a great way for you to capitalize on the huge and growing market for English Education in China.

What You Need to Know About English Education In China?

English education is a big market in China and there are many opportunities for companies to market English education products in China. You should be aware of all the difficulties you will face in marketing English education to China. - Growing Demand – The demand for English education is increasing at an alarming rate in China. The demand for English education is expected to continue growing as more people earn more and there is a growing middle class. - There is a lot of competition in the Chinese EFL market. Many companies are trying to tap this huge and expanding market. This means you will have to compete against other companies for customers. Cultural Factors - It can be difficult to sell English products in China due to cultural factors. Chinese people associate colonialism with western culture, so they won't be open to western products and brands.



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