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dimanche 13 avril 2014

100 million Chinese tourists visited foreign countries

Nearly 100 million Chinese tourists visited foreign countries last year, and they are likely to extend their advantage, the largest passenger - expenditure on the planet , state media reported Thursday.
A total of 97 million Chinese tourists left the country last year, up from 14 million the previous year, the China Daily said, citing official data from the National Tourism Administration . The figures highlight the rapid increase in the number of Chinese traveling abroad , numbering only 29 million in 2004.

Chinese travelers spent $ 102 billion abroad in 2012, making them the world's biggest spenders ahead of Germans and tourists from the United States, and are almost certain to have surpassed this record last year, according to the report , citing researcher Rui song .

The Chinese economy has boomed over the past decade , expanding the ranks of its middle class , who are hungry for foreign travel after decades of isolation countries during the last century.source

European Union and Asian countries have moved to facilitate visa procedures for Chinese tourists in recent years , eager to take advantage of their big- spending habits .

"Chinese tourists spend abroad so that some foreign call us " walking wallets "," Song, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences , was quoted as saying.
Hotels and retailers around the world have stepped up their efforts to woo Chinese visitors .
Famous Harrods of London says he now has 70 people speaking Mandarin and more than 100 across China Unionpay for direct payment of Chinese bank accounts.

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