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mercredi 30 avril 2014

This year's " May Day " , Chinese people will travel up 3%

This year's " May Day " , Chinese people will travel up 3%

China Tourism Research Institute at the National 60 key tourist cities on urban residents will travel during May 2014 survey showed that "51 " travel wishes of our residents is higher, is 68.12% , higher than the same period last year nearly 3 percentage points ( 65.53% ) , and higher than the willingness to travel during this year's Qingming ( 63.18% ) . Tourism market will be fully "warming ."

Unlike nearly outings during the Qingming main intention highest outbound travel during May . Walks Walks and semi -service menu as the main travel way . Tour prices, according to some tourism enterprises feedback message , tourism product prices rose slightly during May will appear . On the whole, China Tourism Academy considers the period May -rich tourism products , tourism market will fully "warming ."

From traveling type of view, the holiday tourism hotspot or preferences of tourists will continue Qingming holiday features to car , hikers based, outbound and inter-provincial travel around , Family Fun number or increased. The proportion of domestic provinces and cities and suburban travel tourism reached 33.46% and 35.22% . Travel abroad as a major travel type. Choose to travel abroad , the proportion of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reached 67.25% , respectively, tourism , 49.54% . The Palme d'Or booking data shows outbound travel May grew 30.72 percent during the period .

From the travel way , the heat Walks , menu-driven services by tourists like . More guests choose Walks Walks travel half way . Choose their own organizations, individual and group tour travel trips accounted for 46.69% , respectively , 15.52% and 35.74% .

From the travel destination, on the outskirts of the market , the shorter "day trip ", " two-day trip " popular , Hebei, Henan , Shandong, Shanxi and Beijing as "a swim " hot spots . Domestically tour , Xiamen , Wuyishan , Sanya, Hangzhou , Shanghai and other places favored by tourists . Outbound regard to Taiwan, Hong Kong , Korea , Bali, Japan, the most popular , Korea, Taiwan , Vietnam, Cambodia and other lines to heat up, the more obvious the Cambodian tour "warmer " sharp decline of Chinese tourists to Malaysia .

From the travel routes , the route favored team half free . In addition to the regular tourist routes , mainly to " Air + Hotel + Transfer " and other free combination team Portability product preferences by white-collar workers and families exercise tourists .

From the tourist point of view constituted , Sichuan, Chongqing, Yangtze River Delta city group , the Shandong Peninsula , as well as residents of the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration highest willingness to travel .

From the accommodation structure, the low-end mass tourism accommodation of choice . Choose budget hotels tourists up 49.07 percent , two , Samsung moderately priced hotel (33.33%) , choose four-star luxury hotels accounted for 10.93% , while 4.37% of people choose social hotel occupancy , 2.3 % chose other ways .


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