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jeudi 17 avril 2014

Chinese middle class began to enjoy the fun of travel

Chinese middle class began to enjoy the fun of travel

China's middle class domestic travel . They have fun , they have the ability to enjoy all the sudden arrival of this, they are fun. This is changing some wonderful grand picture.

Chinese middle class has gone on to become the planet 's most important social groups on the road . How do they spend money, how to wear , where to live , what to eat , how to educate their children and to make many other choices will define this era - the first for China is so , then the rest of the world is also true . How the middle class travel and what to do upon arrival is particularly critical .

Reported that a large number of Chinese people around the country every year to play , booming domestic travel in identifying destructive , mediocre and vulgar behavior is an attractive thing. The potential problem is due to China 's economic growth and the consequent emergence of the middle class rose more money too quickly , so Ms. Hung Chinese domestic tourism or too late to figure out what they want from a holiday .

Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, about 90 minutes drive from Lijiang is one of China's largest domestic arrivals tourist destination . Lijiang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , but have struggled to maintain the original appearance . In awkwardly attracted world , " Ms. Hung " attempts, Lijiang has reinvented itself to become a gathering place for Standardization store , all stores are stocked with the same souvenirs : a comb made ​​of horn , red cape Naxi , jade bracelets and jewelry made ​​with yak bone .

Let a nation's culture as well as to cater to tourists a once beautiful place into a theme park behavior people instinctively feel angry , but did not grasp the essentials of this view . Chinese tourists are enjoy the Lijiang Naxi owns and growing domestic travel market share . Domestic travel accounted for 5 % of China's GDP , the proportion is still rising . Domestic travel market may seem small, but for China and the world this is a critical moment .

Domestic travel is bringing many Chinese people in the past almost never heard of common experience. The country is now ready to accept that people experience them rather than oral discussion , the point is to shift from survival to pleasure .


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