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vendredi 28 mars 2014

America will become Chinese tourists preferred

America will become Chinese tourists preferred

Estimated that by 2020, the number of tourists visit USA China will increase more than 3 times a year, it is expected to have 5700000 Chinese mainland tourists arrived in American coast. In America, California is one of the most popular tourist destination China. CNN commented that, with more and more Chinese visitors to USA for their holiday "optimal choice", "Disney Park queues will be longer".

According to USA 20 cable news network reported, a new report at CLSA in Hongkong issued by the prediction sample survey of 1000 people, to 2020 China mainland travel abroad will reach 200000000 passengers. The number of mainland tourists to come, American will increase more than 3 times. Chinese visitors will become more confident, more astute in tourism. Reported that, if money is not an issue, more than 17% experienced Chinese visitors to choose America as the preferred them on holiday, it is higher than any other destination. For the first time traveler, America are the second most popular resort.

China tourists have formed a "generous" impression in all over the world, from China shoppers queue, often in Paris and other Western luxury goods outside a shop to see, this trend is likely to spread.

In addition to shopping, China tourists can also let the Las Vegas casino boss slobber. The CLSA report said, compared to other overseas visitors, Chinese mainland tourists is to Food and gambling to show greater interest, there is also an increasing preference for concerts and performances. But at the same time, entertain growth to 3 times the amount of Chinese visitors is not easy. The language barrier is a problem, CLSA survey once to New York a series of high-grade hotel telephone inquiries, the results found that only two hotels have a waiter will speak mandarin.


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