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mardi 11 mars 2014

Chinese shrine winter honeymoon

Chinese shrine winter honeymoon

 When you and loved her holding hands, walking in the air was filled with the love of beauty, a look at the most beautiful scenery, spend the most wonderful time of life, which is more than comfortable thing, it will be the most memorable of happiness in this life time, Xiao Bian Recommended Chinese honeymoon destination.

Where winter honeymoon election, to help you interpret the Chinese winter suit honeymoon travel honeymoon destination.

Sanya tour

Hainan, with its sun, sea, sand, palm attracts tens of thousands of tourists come here. Boundless expanse of blue sea, marine vessels shuttle, plow silver splash of jade; sun, sea, sand, palm side by side to form a beautiful natural screen.

Hainan Island coastline of 1617.8 kilometers around the island for quality sand. Rich coastal marine life, there are more than 1000 kinds of fish, 200 kinds of algae. Sea, colorful, mix of tropical reef fish and corals, sea anemones and other marine life, diving tourism sightseeing views.

Colorful Yunnan Tour

Lijiang area in northwestern Yunnan Province, 527 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming. Lijiang territory of rolling hills, mountainous area of ​​the region accounted for 95%. As is located in the plateau, the sun throughout the year strong, with an average altitude of 2400 meters.

Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain territory, Laojunshan two mountain ranges, the highest point of the snow peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain - fan steep elevation of 5596 m. Jinsha River, Lancang River through two from Lijiang territory.

Lijiang total population of 1.04 million, the region's main ethnic Naxi, Bai, Yi, Miao, about 58% of the total population of ethnic minorities, so different and colorful ethnic customs Lijiang, features very prominent, known "Chinese classical music living fossil" Naxi ancient music. The world's only "living" Dongba hieroglyphs Mosuo people still have a matriarchal characteristics of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge ...... so that China and the world's tourist hotspots.

Urumqi snow wind plot

December 20 this year will be held in Urumqi Silk Road ice wind plot. Urumqi use this winter tourist season, began to build the "Silk Road Snow wind plot" and the Northeast festival sing "opposing views." Compared with the Harbin Ice and Snow in Xinjiang has a unique advantage. Yabuli Ski Resort Harbin's most famous 180 km from the city, the road farther.

The snow attractions from the city near Urumqi, the latest lighting lotus Hills Golf Course is just 6 km from the ski town. And the temperature is not too low Xinjiang ski, wind unhappy, snow quality is good, very suitable to carry snow sports. Currently only the size of the ski area in Urumqi, there are more than 50, ample reception capacity.

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