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mardi 18 mars 2014

In-depth understanding of Chinese tourists: match up

In-depth understanding of Chinese tourists: match up

According to China's outbound travel statistics institute , headquartered in Germany , in 2013 China's outbound tourists reached 97.3 million people, about 18% increase over the previous year ; from the number of visitors to the consumption abroad , China far more than Germany, the United States and other major tourist country for two consecutive years become the world's largest tourist source country .

    For the hotel and catering industry , attracting Chinese tourists, according to their needs to adjust and optimize the products and services have become more important. Institute at Alter believes that Chinese tourists want to be respected and special attention. " If you do not understand , it is impossible to meet the special needs of this important source market ."

    Duarte told reporters that more and more tourism-related industries to participate in the Institute 's training program for Chinese tourists. "We help them understand the cultural background of Chinese tourists and preferences and needs ."

    Turning to the specific content of example, he said : . " Chinese tourists tend to like those famous , featured or appeared in television movies over the place , as well as ' best ' or something, such as the highest, if the hotel has the oldest star or celebrity patronized , it is best to put these people's pictures hanging on the wall a lot of Chinese tourists are very interested in this hotel they are happy on the microblogging show : 'I and he / she lived in the same hotel '"

    Duarte also reminded of some misunderstanding. For example , " not all Chinese tourists are taboo 4 this figure , or must eat instant noodles and some hotels that the Chinese people do not drink, only tea. Actual fact the Chinese people want to see Chinese TV programs , but does not refer to CCTV-9 , but the Chinese channel . "

    Concerned about travel next generation : the future

    Chinese people travel abroad and gained rich experience and ideas are changing the way travel . For many people , traveling abroad is no longer of interest to visit and buy a brand , but a lifestyle and experience.

    Ge Ning shared his experience : "Now we received very few groups of Chinese tourists , mostly couples or small groups they like experiential tourism , such as many Chinese people are going to see the British horse racing."

    In Alter seems to grow " a new generation of Chinese tourists ' groups particularly interesting . He summarizes several characteristics of these visitors : relatively young, well-educated degree ; rich travel experience like according to their interests and needs of planning a trip ; many people to travel seen as a kind of " self- investment" when the travel experience as a capital , and happy on the microblogging and other social media show.

    He predicted that with the wealth of personal travel experiences and travel information , as well as more countries provide visa facilitation for Chinese tourists , Chinese people travel more and more self-service , become a trend.

    Duarte said: "More Chinese tourists choose personalized travel arrangements , which provide for the relevant products and some niche business opportunities emerging tourist destination compared to the first time Chinese tourists abroad , this group deserves special attention. ."


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