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vendredi 7 mars 2014

Digital Marketing is very important to attract Chinese Tourist

To attract Chinese Tourists, you have to know that Digital Is very important,and today we can just get an overview of the interview of a Digital Marketing Expert in China, Olivier, from Gentlemen Marketing Agency.

Could you give us some examples of French companies working with china that you helped with their seo?

I will give you 2 examples:
Aiguemarine travelnews.aiguemarine-paris.com. We get Top rank on Baidu with the keywords France luxury travel, Italy luxury travel or Europe Luxury Travel. With this Top position, our customer can always get qualified quotations per week. Nowadays, the main turnover of this travelling agency comes from Internet,  and it is more profitable because the agency deals directly with the customer and avoid the Chinese partners cost, which can accounts for about 50% of the total travel fees.

Which sectors is the most promising for French in terms of SEO in China? Could you give some examples?

According to our customer’s feedback, Tourism is the number one sector, after everything about Food and beverage, luxury & fashion and Cosmetics.
All these services and products are related to the French life style... included Tourist

Digital Marketing is very important to attract Chinese Tourist, and Most popular destination is France so Olivier get used to work with French Travel agencies, most of their customers are in this Fields. 

more information in this post here

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