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mardi 11 mars 2014

Germany is not a land of dreams Chinese tourists

The lack of entertainment factor,Germany is not a land of dreams Chinese tourists

According to reports the French European Network compile times that of Chinese bulging pockets gradually , more and more people are traveling abroad . However, Germany did not her to be "Dreamland " outbound

According to the German website " Focus Online " reported that the 18 known management consultancy OC & C Research report on the same day they released come to this conclusion - Germany , Africa, and China is an ideal destination for tourists. In the eyes of the strong tourist demand of Chinese tourism in Germany , although there is a sense of security, has neat , viewpoints and conditions of purchase , but not to get a high score , so there is a choice for Chinese tourists to travel. OC & C in the report is due to this phenomenon : German lack of " fun factor " .

As we all know, China is the key target of tourists competing concerns of world tourism . It is estimated that in 2014 the number of Chinese outbound tourism will not exceed 100 million people in the next five years , this number will double . The Chinese travel abroad , not only scenic, "commercial" is what they think the focus .

Of course, the Chinese outbound tourism boom pump and strong purchasing power , but also for Germany is from a disc , even if it is not the situation as benefit in some other European countries. After one of OC & C , France and many other sights from the seats and beautiful nature and a wealth of luxury shopping , which has " Chinese tourist destination of the output rankings busy , which was published , while the United Kingdom and the United States is the second three .

In fact, the Chinese outbound tourists is not the first time by the rapid development of media attention Germans on 13 this month, the German newspaper "Handelsblatt " , he pointed out that Chinese tourists the future of cities ranking decide world of tourism , but also stressed that the country Chinese tourists to simplify visa process immediately.


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